Well the pants fitted!

1 August 2006

Well Ive been back at work three days now...holidays?..what holidays...feels like I havent been away. The pants fitted...actually I think they fit better than when I left....so thats a plus.
No scrapping happening here at the moment...Im working and BB over the last couple of nights has had me glued to the TV. ...I was so utterly thrilled Jamie won..and what a gracious winner he was.

Just thought I d share this page that I did on holidays. I had been wanting to do a layout with lots if buttons for ages...I guess it is a bit Elsie inspired...although Ive seen many many others use the 'heaps of buttons' technique....personally I dont think its for me...but it was fun trying something different.
Nothing else really happening here at the moment....Mitch is having another Blood test tomorrow morning to check his iron levels again...fingers crossed they will be ok this time. If they are still low he has to have further investigations....I just want the levels to be back to normal...and we can shut the page on this.

I took this photo on Saturday night...Briony was invited to her twin friends, Kelsey and Taylors, for their birthday party...and because it was a disco.....she had an opportunity to get dressed up. I managed to con Brent and Alex into the photo as well....even with a smile on Brents face.
Briony just adores Alex....and I think she looks up to her a bit like an older sister....she loves discussing clothes and hair...and admiring all of Alex's accessories and shoes.
I think we are very lucky to have Alex who is more than happy to spend a little time with Briony...even bringing her a gift home from Adelaide last time she went.
Thats it for me tonight....take care everyone...Mardi x


  1. Wow that is a looooooooooot of buttons! It looks awesome. And I really love the pink and orange flowers together. BB - dh won't let me watch it. He can't STAND it! But I have managed to catch bits here and there so I know which one Jamie is.
    Cool that the pants fit so well! You must have been well behaved on your holidays :)

  2. How great is it that Jamie won and not Camilla?? ROFL She was seriously grating on my nerves!! Glad to hear the pants fit. Mine are starting to get smaller after giving up the fags. :(
    Hey.. you know the LO I told you about that I scraplifted of yours? Well I won the challenge I did it for..ROFL

  3. Wow love what you did with the buttons on the LO
    And work ... I'm just loving being at home on maternity leave, but you have get money from somewhere to buy all the gorgeous scrapping gear :)

  4. HI Mardi,

    Love your LO, actually all of your LO's are awesome. I still can't believe you scrapped like that on holidays. I struggle enough with scrapping at home.

    Thanks so much for your support and encouragement. it means SO much and I am glad the pants fitted too.

    x Janelle

  5. Fantastic LO Mardi...very Elsie!!
    I got her new book today..I'll have to pass it on to you for a look if you haven't already got it!
    Great photo of the kids too...Briony looks HOT!! lol
    (she'll have all the boys after her) :)
    Congrats on getting in your work pants... hehe

  6. hi Mardi
    love your layout- hope work is going okay- it can be hard getting back into the swing of it sometimes after a good holiday!

  7. Loved your page Mardi. Looked AB FAB. Your daughter looks as though she was ready for a good time. Hope she had fun.