Warning...this is going to be pure GRIZZLE!!

30 August 2006

Im drowning at the moment!!

I have been trying to avoid Blogging because I know its going to be one huge whinge.....but I cant carry this 'sorry for myself' lump in my throat around any longer.....I need to have my whinge, so I can get over it.

I guess before I start I also need to mention...I love Ian very much and none of this has any bearing on that fact. (...and yes I know when he reads this...he'll probably speak to me less than he is now...but its my Blog...its my stress...he can deal with his however he does....probably by hitting golf balls around the golf course instead of being home to talk to me)

Why do husbands just not get it?
Why cant he see...that I need his support?
Why cant he see how much is on my plate...and that just an offer of help would make all the difference?

I know he is angry with me because I 'did my nana' Sunday night ....but it wasnt him who waited an hour for Ballet rehersal to finish (when it ran over time).....had 4 baskets of ironing to face...and came home to the BBQ gone out and the comment "The roast may be a little later...the gas went out"(and yes I know the Collingwood game was very exciting...and it would have been hard to leave to check the meat)... I just feel like my whole life is rushing to keep up with things ..... and when I get angry the standard answer is " what do you want me to do about it?" ...well Sunday night when he asked that, I suggested "fold the towels" or " fold the socks"...Mmmm...yeah..like that would happen!!

So in his defence...he finished off cooking the roast...which was lovely....and he gave me a lovely compliment for the cauliflower in white sauce and gravy that I managed to do in amongst the 4 baskets of ironing...NOT!!

I dont think he realises the amount of work and stress that go into things around this house....like
My Grandma is not well .... although Im sure she is will be fine... I think she would be better off taking a respite bed and having some love and attention for awhile...at the moment she is just in and out of hospital and the situation seems never ending. Dad and Mum are away....and I know this worries them as well ....and if you read this Dad and Mum.... keep enjoying your holiday!
I desperatly need to find some days off that I can visit her.....but its 4 hours away and my life just has so much happening at the moment.....I feel so damn guilty about not visiting.

Brents girlfriend Alex has been staying this week....and feeling a little unwell ...so Ive needed to organise Doctors appointment for her....and whangle work so that I could be there to show her where the doctors surgery was...... and she is fine now.

Brionys Ballet concert is coming up fast ...I needed to organise a bodysuit and tights from the Stage shop in Adelaide....another Ballet Mum was visiting there in person...so I said Id phone ahead and purchase on my Credit card..and then she could just collect them and bring them home.....but as usual, my work is unpredictable and by the time I got in from a job...I phoned and she had already been and gone. I did manage to get the tickets to the concert yesterday though...Ive booked us all in , including Brent and Alex......Brent is utterly thrilled....NOT!
.... one last thing I do need to rememeber is to buy some black lipstick for her last dance...they are wearing skeleton suits......and dancing to Monster Mash...and it looks awesome.

Mitch has school photos tomorrow...and its hard to tell if he is male or female at the moment...his hair is so long ....so I finally managed to get him an appointment tonight.

Briony has SAPSASA on Thursday in Waikeire...she is competing in 800m, long jump, relay and 200m or something like that ....all the kids in the 800m cant catch the bus because they need to be there earlier than the bus will arrive...so guess who has to car pool kids to Waikerie after her night shift...Mwah! ..I suppose it will be lovely to see her compete...Im just hoping we dont have a busy night...Ill be the parent snoring under a tree on the oval somewhere!

Brents first employer still hasnt mailed him a group certificate ...but has asked for a Super policy to pay super into...guess whos trying to chase that up !

Mitch has an academic night to choose his subjects for year 11 ...Im going to try and attend that for 30mins on my way to work on Thursday night...he is hoping to get an apprenticeship as an electrician ...so will need to make sure he covers the subjects required..Id assume Maths would be high on the list.

I need to arrange another Governing council sub-comitee meeting for the Primary school....we have to look at replacing the canteen lady as she is retiring after 17 years ....this is a huge job....as we need to look at the food choices offered in the canteen as well. I organinsed one meeting....which was then cancelled as we wanted to involve the current canteen lady in the process and she was away.....Ive already had one sub-comitee member complaining that we havent had enought meetings.....its just crap I dont need really...Aghhh!

My roster isnt fair at the moment either .... Im working on the day that we need to be in Adelaide to have Brionys bands on her teeth...Im working on the Friday night of Brionys ballet concert...and Im working the Saturday night of Ians 8ball presentation, Brent and Mitch's footy presentation and Brionys next concert ....Ian says "you'll have to swap these shifts"...what he doesnt realise is...its bloody hard to swap ....and not only is it hard to chase everyone up to swap with....I then need to pay back the shift somewhere without it interfering with anything else.

Boy...what a whinge eh! .....not to mention all the letters ect I need to write.....and sorry Shaun...there is a birthday present coming soon.

...and on top of all that...Im battling to stay on top of the housework...Ians answer "dont just tell me!...get onto the kids" ..... yeah!..but that takes more time and effort...and these are the two things I dont have!!!

Ive just re-read and thought...should I actually delete all this...and write a nice "all is rosey" post...and then I realised "Nup!...this is real...and if anyone thinks I whinge too much....tough!"

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Just thought Id better add at least one thing to this post...thats not a whinge...so heres a couple of photos taken over the weekend.....my guys just cant help being silly when the camera comes out ...but they love each other ..Im sure they do.

Quick add before I publish this:

I attended a truck rollover the on Monday ....there was myself and the only other female on our team working together that day ...and the local paper reported "The driver was removed by Ambulance men" ...what the?? ...my claim to fame...and they cant even tell Im female!

last add"..Grandma has just phoned and she is feeling really lousy and being re-admitted to hospital today ...Ill phone her again tonight.

Take care everyone...promise Ill be all peachy again next time I Blog!
Mardi x


  1. Being able to vent is what gets us through i reckon - so vent as much as you wanna Mardi, like you said this is your own space to do it....so go for it! As for males.....well no help to you there sorry, still trying to figure my own one out after ten years lol. Just don't think males understand 'details', its not about going to work and then coming home to eat and sleep - there's all the other 'details' in between as well - maybe one day they'll get it lol.
    take care

  2. Oh Mardi you poor thing - please don't ever feel bad for sharing how you are feeling. That's what friends are for and if anyone has a problem, then they aren't relly your friends are they!!! I wish I had a magic wand or some solution for you - all i can say is vent all you like - a problem shared is a problem halved. Maybe let the washing / ironing pile up and when everyone is looking for some clothes maybe they can get their own ready - maybe appreciate mum a bit more.

    Thinking of you and wishing there was something I could do xx Janelle

  3. well, I think you need that housecleaner asap- at least that would be one thing off your far too full plate! I think youre amazing to do all you do as it is,(and still get time to scrap, blog and email!) and an amazing person to do the kind of job you do to, you are an asset to both your family, and the wider community,but unfortunately as most mums will agree, you get taken for granted- and i know when you have worries about other too (like your grandma) it makes everything worse.Anyway, i dont have any solutions (except maybe delegate that ironing urrghh!), but i hope your 'whinge' has helped make you feel a bit better, and you know we all know what youre talking about ( those hubby's grrrr sometimes!) take care m'dear

    ps - and dont get me started on what those b****y newspapers sometimes report...........

  4. Oh Mardi, I wish I was closer so I could come and help do something for you or at least give you a great big (((hug)))

    Men just have no idea. If they could be female for just one day I bet they would all change their attitudes and help out us women a lot more.

    Don't worry about what they write in the paper, at least we all know that it was you. LOL

    I hope you feel a bit better now that you have got it off your chest.

    Talk care Mardi

    Cherie xx

  5. Mardi I officially hand over my "busy bee" crown to you LOL!

    Every bit of that sounded totally justified, and I bet that everyone of your readers (OK maybe not you DH) will understand, and can picture their own family exactly as you depicted. I know I can (except my kiddies are a bit smaller). Now here's an idea for DH - HE could get on to the kids to help out, while helping himself ;)

    Hope things get easier soon and everything falls into place.

    ... and don't be afraid to say NO if you really can't do it. You are only one person.


  6. Mardi BIG hugs and kisses to you Mwah..xxxooo
    You poor thing, you sounds so snowed under. Whinge all you like..it's your blog and we all love to listen and offer you support!
    I know that your busy and its the last thing you have time for, but if you need a ear to whinge into, mines free. I promise I won't talk..the conversation will be all yours..lol.
    Seriously, if you need to have a stiff drink at the pub, I'd be more than happy to escape from reality with you for awhile...lol.
    OK...I've babbled..again.
    Take care..chin up

  7. Super cyber hugs are coming your way Mardi. Vent away as that is what makes us all feel lighter. If we held it all inside it would all just boil over and make one major mess instead of a small one. You do a great job to do what you do and still put out some great pages.
    As for suggestions. Maybe if the house cleaner is a no go at the moment maybe try for an ironing lady.

  8. You poor thing, no wonder you're going out of your mind, you have so much on your plate at the moment.
    Your DH sounds just like mine ;), totally clueless about running a household.
    I know you're really worried about your Grandma. I'm sure she understands that you can't get there at the moment - the phone's the next best thing.
    Sending you huge hugs.

  9. I hope you felt better for venting :) It can be therapeutic, hey. I was more than happy to read your post and I'm with you! Is it in their genes or what? My DH thinks I do nothing around the house. Of course he only notices when things *dont* get done. They never notice what actually gets done "behind the scenes". And because he works and I'm a SAHM, I do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Even fetch him drinks and make phone calls for him. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. He just cmoes home from work, eats dinner and plays on his PC all night. I can't imagine fitting in shift work like you. You're a legend :)
    Rolling my eyes at the newspaper. You can't believe everything you read! I was at the local pool a few years ago with some friends and one of the friends' toddlers had a fit and went underwater. The mum froze and I pulled the toddler out and in the paper it was all about how the lifeguards had been there to rescue her. Thanks very much!
    I hope things improve with your Grandma.

  10. Oh Mardi! Hang in there! Life gets like that sometimes and no men will never get that and will never offer will they!

    they just relax, mind is always in front of the computer playing games while i'm finishing everything for the day ... when do we get to relax?

    i do hope you grandma gets better real soon!

    And good luck with all the other exciting things happing soon!

  11. Anonymous11:00 am

    Hi Mardi, I have been a bit of a slack blogger, you need to vent sometimes, where are you when I need you, I am going through the venting stage at the moment, but no one to vent to LOL !!.

    Great photos, can't wait to see what you do with them.

    Males are males, I don't know what else to say, from Mars aren't they.

    Best Wishes

  12. whoa
    I'm exhausted just reading your post:)
    I have told you before I admire you for working the hours you do (and the demanding job you have)and running a household plus scrapping and all the other things you do! I hope things settle down for you very soon.
    Please get that house cleaner organised:)))

  13. Mardi - Get a housecleaner ASAP - you won't regret it!! It will really tke an enormous load of your shoulders. I struggled for a few years before actually deciding to have one, and after the first month I couldn't understand why I waited so long!
    Enjoying your family NOW should be your 1st priorty as they are all growing up so fast and you don't want to look back wishing you had had more quality time with them at this stage of their lives.
    And when you do finally decide to have one - DON"T clean up before they arrive!! LOL!!
    I'm here if you need xxx

  14. Hey Mardi, i can meet you at a pub for a drink too...lol
    Seriously i know where you are coming from and sometimes our guys just dont *get it* do they. Daz has a heart of gold and i adore him to pieces but sometimes,,,,sheesh i could give him away....but im doing the next best thing LOL.....im training the kids and i dont iron LOL.....
    CHin up buddy and see you at some stage soon...

  15. vent, vent, vent, all u want Mardi....we all need it @ times otherwise we'd go insane. U really do have a lot on ur plate Mardi...ur a superwoman...don't know how u do it.
    & it's a "men" thing I think, they just don't think!...full stop.
    sending {{{good vibes}}} ur way, hope evrything sorts itself out....& remember the word NO....use it occasionally
    Take care