Im Back....and life is 'peachy'

2 September 2006

Well its about time I blogged.....Ive gotten over my immediate 'drowning' crisis...and temporarily have caught up with things again.

I want to thank everyone for their supportive really did make me feel lots better reading that everyone has days / weeks like this...... I think sometimes we do feel a little sorry for ourselves and lose sight of all the positive and good things. I have since felt a little embarrassed that some people unfortunalty are suffering real crisis's and Im worrying about housework and 'details'.......but thats how I felt at the time and it was 'real'. Ohhh.....I loved all those Cyberhugs too .....keep 'em coming..LOL

...and then there was the after effect...when Ian read it ....I was in DEEP trouble for actually writing that on my Blog....but.....I dont regret it at all....and Im amazed at how much better I felt for just getting it off my chest.

Now let me see......Grandma is back in hospital...they have changed her medication...and she was actually feeling a little better.

I spent the entire day in Waikeire at SAPSASA sports...I took over 150 photographs of all the Barmera Primary kids competing on the day...and then put them all on a disc for the school. This photo is of Briony competing in the 200m.....she was exhausted by this race as it was her last event of the day. She had run in the 800m, long jump, relay heats, relay final, relay re-run(because they mucked the lanes up)..and then finally this 200m fact OI think she was totally over SAPSASA by this stage....LOL

I managed to get to Mitch's subject choice evening....even though I filled in the slip requesting the 4-4.30 appointment because I needed leave for work by 4.30pm sharp...and the silly school sent back a note saying our appointment was at 4.20....they are dead set hopeless sometimes...but nevertheless I put on my 'peachy' face...and put in a 5 minutes appearance before leaving it to Mitch and the teacher and rushing off to work.

Mitch got his haircut in time for the school photos and looks like a handsome man again.

I got the Ballet Bodysuit...and paid for it.

Ian is more than happy for me to get the fact he is pushing for it...Yay

Ian made a few of the phonecalls that were pending...ah!

I managed to scrap a couple of layouts...that had deadlines looming.....and Ive made a start on this months EDM layouts......which makes me realise I dont think Ive shared any on my Blog here is layout 1......from the first month
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and here is layout #2
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
and layout #3
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Lastly before I trundle off to prepare my self for Fathers Day....Brent and Mitch played Football was their Prelimanary Final and unfortunatly they that ends the season for them was a real shame as it would have been nice for them to play in the final...but as they say...there is alwyas next year.

Good night all.....thanks again everyone for all the lovely messages and emails.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads

Mardi xxxxx


  1. good to see things have cleared away for u Mardi....a cleaner sounds like a fantab. idea!
    u have talent girly...ur lo's -fantabulous!
    Have a fab. Sunday, glad everything's "Peachy".

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit brighter mardi :-) I knew you would feel better with it off your chest, no good keeping it bottled up and getting stressed out.

    Bring on the house cleaner.

    Great LO's

    We have got our inter school sports on this Friday, we had our school ones last Friday and I forgot to taken my camera so I better remember to take it this week.

    Take care and talk soon

    Cherie xx

  3. Great to hear you are feeling better chicken. :) So,etimes it really helps to get things off your chest. Don't feel embarrassed. There will always be people in this world worse off that yourself but that doesn't mean our worlds are perfect and we're not entitled to a whinge.
    Sharryn :)

  4. Thanks for your message on my blog Mardi, I really appreciated it. *Hugz* right back at ya.
    I'm really sorry I wasn't around when you had your vent the other day, but just remember that it felt real to you and therefore was real and each of us react to things in different ways and no feeling can be dismissed.
    Am glad you are feeling better though now.
    Love the layouts. Take care my dear and have a good week.
    Love n Hugz

  5. I totally know what you mean - I wouldn't dare writing anything like that on my blog cos if DH ever read it he would never speak to me again! Hopefully Ian understands and has moved on :) And you needed to get it off your chest - the post wasn't a mistake.
    I love those layouts. Your EDM album will be so coordinated but still so interesting. It will be a fantastic keepsake.

  6. Glad that you're feeling better. LOL at being in deep sh*% with Ian about the post. So glad that you can get a housecleaner. You'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel with having that extra bit of time, not to mention a tidier house!

  7. Anonymous1:18 pm

    sorry to hear that you had a bad day the other day and glad it is over!! glad to hear grandma is feeling better too:)

    just look at your layouts. they are gorgeous!!! you are so talented:)