...and today its Brent turn...

23 September 2006

2006 for Brent ........

and 2005 ......

Well thats it for me today ......Ive slept 13.5hours overnight and Im still sooooooo tired...I have no idea why. Im about to have a shower and go to work...it better be a bloomin quiet night.

Ill update more tomorrow.

Mardi xx


  1. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Gorgeous layouts Mardi.

    Hope you have a quiet night tonight :)

  2. Mardi, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Brents 2006 LO. It is so striking!
    Hope you have a good, quiet night at work.....although its saturday night.....hell night, fingers crossed for you.

  3. WOW! I love this! Great work on it! Your kids are gorgeous!


  4. Great Lo's Mardi, I love it...

    I hope you had a quiet night at work, take it easy today if you are not working....

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  5. Anonymous9:22 am

    What a fantastic idea! You can see the changes already in both your family's growth and your scrapping style! In just 1 year!!
    Won't it be wonderful in the next coming years to see where you all?!!

  6. Your style really has evolved and I love it! But to be honest I think your 2005 layouts still look pretty good!
    Sorry I haven't been commenting - I loved the Kermit cartoon!
    I've discovered bloglines but have found it hard to work out how to comment. So now I'm doing an old fashioned round!
    You are a busy person, scrapping heaps - no wonder you're tired! xxx

  7. Fantabulous lo's Mardi.
    Hope u did have a quiet night @ work.
    take care

  8. Have loved seeing the comparison layouts Mardi.....its always awesome to see how much a style evolves over time. All three are FANTASTIC!!

  9. It's fantastic to have a favourites layout for each of your kids for each year. I love what you've done.

  10. Hi chickadee :)
    Lovin' the LO's at the moment. That pic of Mitch is really nice..think I've said that before??
    Hope you're feeling better and not so tired soon.
    Sharryn :)


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