another quick rambly update.....

28 September 2006

Well really quick update this morning...... I have a couple of hours of scrapping time and I want to acheive something...... although its not likely.
1.Went to the Dr. yesterday with the side pain...... and its.................... any number of a million things! Could be blah, blah, blah..... but its not likely to be a hernia more of a man thing apparently..... the most likely is ovarian or endometriosis .... so Ive got an Ultrasound referral...which Im not using unless Ive still got the pain in a month..... Im going to tough it out!
2. Ians Mum and Dad are coming to stay ...arriving today sometime....the kids are wildly excited about having Grandparents coming to stay .... it will be nice to see them again.
3. I really have very little else happening .... the weathers great ...the kids are well....... the rabbits are breeding...... Mum and Dads plant Im babysitting is still alive ..... I mean really....what more can a girl want!
I guess Ill just finish off with a layout share from last week..... theres nothing happening in that department this week ....Im brain fogged.

Ive just thought of something else Im grateful for...... Blogger uploading my photos!! ..Mr are the Man!

Enough Blah Blah rom me!
Mardi x


  1. I hope that scrapping time is being used wisely Mardi!! We all know you like to just "pop into the Boxx" for a quick fix..lasting 1/2 hour or more. *grins*
    Get the u/s done hun, if its endo you need to get on top of that real can become very debilitating.
    Great layout as always, am so loving your style!!!
    Have fun with the in-laws, make sure you take heaps of happy snaps!
    Take care and glad your computer is behaving nicer for you, not inheriting anymore viruses..
    Love n Hugz

  2. Well Mardi, you always amaze me with how you get everything done you do and then still always manage to share a LO on a regular blogger update ...
    I'm just LOVING that LO, totally gorgeous!
    And I hope they figure out what that pain is

  3. Love love love that LO Mrs...very nice.
    I get to scrap a 'girlie' LO next..LOL and I'm excited!! (I have a new' scrapping' strategy)!!
    I hope you get that pain sorted soon...sometimes it's the dull aches that annoy the most. Hopefully it will go away on it's own.
    Sharryn :)
    P.S Enjoy your visitors!

  4. thanks for your comment on my blog loving your layouts atm...great!
    love the circle looks great
    and as for the should definately have a look at the online catalogue (could be if you decide to get some (*g*) contact Jayne (you will find her link on my blog)

    hope the pain goes away too...

  5. ROFLMAO at YOU!!!
    I'm quite puffed after reading that!! lol
    Have a great weekend!
    Oh, LOVE that LO too..just beautiful.

  6. LOL - is always a bonus when blogger co-operates isn't it?? LOVE the layout Mardi, you have a fantastic fresh style and cannot wait to see what you come up with next.
    Have fun with the family while they visit!!!

  7. Beautiful LO Mardi! Love how you did the journaling.

    It's so great when life is good! Glad things are going so well for you. Maybe you could send a little of that my way.

    Hugs from the states,

  8. Love the layout as usual Mardi. Hope you get the U S done sooner rather than later as it probablly would be better to do so.

  9. I am coming out of hiding. I found your designs due to my dear friend Carole Janson. I have been lurking for a while. You designs are just amazing!

    Waving from across the pond!

  10. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Another gorgeous LO Mardi. Thanks for sharing them ;)
    I hope you have a great time with your visiitng rellies and yes get the US done. Better to get it over and done with.

  11. Anonymous7:09 pm

    hope the pain is gone by now. another great layout.

  12. Hope the pain has eased some? I'm with Bec u should get it done(us) betta to know what's going on rather than being in the dark about stuff.
    Beaut. lo Mardi. Love ur flare! Good to hear u haven't killed the ur dad's plant, hope there's no more nasties lurking in ur comp.
    take care

  13. LOL at the rabbits are breeding comment!

    and that LO is gorgeous Mardi, hope the brain fog clears and you get some scrapping done.

  14. Gorgeous layout Mardi. Had to laugh with your comment "rabbits are breeding" LOL. I hope your side pain gets better and heals on its own IYKWIM. Take care and rest up :)

  15. lol mardi you make me laugh..

    just wanted to pop by and say hi

  16. hi Mardi
    i thought i commented here the other day-hmm either Mr B(logger) or my brain is malfuntioning LOL. Hope you change your mind and get the ultrasound done soon-
    absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your LO yu have posted!

  17. I LOVE Briony's layout. So beautiful. Love reading about your life too :)