Busy weekend..

2 October 2006

Well its been a huge weekend and its not even over yet.... even though today is a public holiday it really is life as normal for us. Ian doesnt get public holidays and nor do I ...so we are both working while most other people are having another sleep in...Waaaa!

School holidays started this weekend..... Yay!....love them.
Ians Mum and Dad have been up staying for the weekend...I always love it when they come to stay and so do the kids. The usual Pool (8-ball) tournament started almost immediatly and they played their last game with the kids just moments before they all got in the car to return home. It really is a Winen tradition.......that and playing cards. The purpose of their visit was for my nephew Rikki's 21st ...which we all attended on Saturday night. ...well, all except Mitch who was on his footy trip...and no way was he going to give up a night out without Dad and Mum watching to attend a function under our eye..... who said 15 yo's are silly?
What else has happened?
Brent spent all day Saturday wiring a huge stereo and speakers into his car.....it is so loud...I just hope he is sensible about the noise level when he is driving....we have explained the 'hoon' law...and I guess the rest is up to him. I dont know what was wrong with the other stereo...but apparently this is 'way better'...and quite essential.
Mitch attended his footy trip as I said...they were going on a bus trip but it was changed to a camp out...at the back of the lake...they took Kayaks and canoes and just did what boys do.
Brent and Mitch both went for the Friday night and then Brent left Mitch and came home to wire his stereo and attend Rikki's birthday.
Mitch arrived home yesterday looking like he'd been 6 rounds with Mike Tyson....his face was sunburnt....his lips were swollen and dry..oh..and cracked...... his hands were full of millions of tiny prickes where he had tripped over in the dark.....his clothes were all wet, sandy and smelling of campfire, his swag was soaked with sticky pineapple UDL..apparently someone kicked a can over near his swag while he was sleeping...Mmmm ok I hope he is telling the truth.
I made him hose everything off ...and once he had a shower and put cream on his lips he looked much better.
Ummmm other things...
The pain in my side has sub-sided..lol(excuse the pun)...it is still there a tiny bit but really is much better...so Ill just see how I go.
Brent brought me home a beautiful tray of petunias...I was so thrilled with the thought and was looking forward to getting them planted....obviously I wasnt quick enough because he then gave them to Grandma Hazel as a gift....muttering he can always get me some more.... how sweet is that.
I managed to watch idol at work last night .... I thought that Mark and Kyle were very harsh with their judging .... for the very first time I actually liked Rickys song and Mark just slammed it....I was horrified. I felt that he was so critical of them all ... I got tired of hearing him. I really liked Bobby again last night.... and Chris...and I thought Lisa did a great job of that song and looked a lot more comfortable on stage. I am going to enjoy reading others thoughts on last nights show.
As for who would be going.... its tough.... I really have no idea.
...well its nearly time to crawl into bed for me.....it was a busy night shift and considering Ive got to do it all again tonight I have to get a bit of sleep.
The house is nice and quiet .... Ian is at work, Brent is watching a movie, Alex is asleep. Ians Mum and Dad have said their goodbyes and headed home....taking Mitch and Briony with them. How spoilt am I, two less kids for a week...silly thing is...Im already missing them and I will be counting the days to get them back again.

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Well finally before I toodle off to bed... a layout share......this one is an oldie that I scrapped in the caravan while on holidays in January.....but its grown on me and the journalling was all about a conversation that Mitchell had one night while we were out for tea.
He decided that if we were all a fish..we would all be a different one and then preceded to tell us what fish we would be..... typical Mitchell...quirky as!
Anyway as Ive waved goodbye to Mitch this morning and he is travelling toward the beach and fishing it seems like the perfect time to share this.
Thats all for this morning...too tired..
Mardi x


  1. WOW! Talk about a busy weekend. Just reading it I got tired. But loved hearing all of it. I hope you take a few moments for yourself.

    I just love this layout. Just goregeous. I love the colors. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Thank goodness for my friend Carole Janson.. that is how I found you.

    Waving from across the pond.

  2. Anonymous4:12 pm

    OMGoodness Mardi, what a weekend you have had, I agree with Jeanne I am soooo buggered now. You need to rest up a little.

    The layout is lovely, looks amazing.

    Have a great week Mardi.

  3. Another busy weekend for you guys...Any wonder you are tired...

    Love the LO. Love "conversation" journalling

    How is the pain in your side???

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  4. LOL at the journalling on that layout.
    I only saw half of Idol cos we were out at dinner (on holidays). Hopefully I'll get to see a recorded copy.

  5. Anonymous6:35 pm

    Oh now its MY turn to have a big smile on my face - thank you!

    NO more crazy emails required - now it will only be crazy comments!

    Hope work goes quickly tonight.

  6. Absolutely brilliant layout Mardi!
    Had a chuckle over the petunias :-)
    Enjoy your week minus 2 kids.. lucky thing!!!! Get some rest!
    Love n Hugz

  7. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Wow I love your fish LO (although I can't read your journalling ~ and I really wanted to know what fish you all where PMSLOL.
    I would miss my kids terribly also, over the course of a few days.
    Take care

  8. Hi buddy,
    Busy bee weekend for you too I see...although that doesn't suprise me in your house..LOL
    Love the LO as always..and I've just finished looked at your LO you have in this months SM..I actually remember that in the Boxx gallery..LOL (I'm sure it was there..wasn't it??)
    Glad to hear the side pain has sub-sided...LOL...pun intended!!
    I haven't had a chance to watch Idol this time 'round but will towards the end.
    Hope you don't miss Mitch and Briony too much.
    Take it easy
    Sharryn :)

  9. My goodness Mardi you really do lead a busy life.

    Love the layout.