Finally an update ....Sheeesh !

16 September 2006

Sorry everyone..... life just got hectic for a moment...but Im back and if I can actually remember anything from the last few days...I should have heaps to tell.

I guess one of the biggest events this week was our trip Adelaide for Briony to have the bands put on her teeth. Briony was really looking forward to this day....and finally it arrived.
Ian and I both took the day was a student free day in the Riverland because of the field Mitch came as well. Poor Brent went to work as usual...although Im sure he preferred that to being crammed in the car next to his brother and sister.
Brionys appiontment was at midday.....and she was out in less than an hour. Dr Stewart said she was a fantastic fact he said that once in every 100 patients he gets someone who makes his job easy...and she was his one in a that was very kind. (Maybe he says that to, although I dont recall him saying that when he put Mitch's bands on..and he did seem sincere.) Im not sure if its possible or not...but bands actually seem to suit Briony. It doesnt look odd at all...and when Alex arrived for the first time after Briony's banding..she talked to her for awhile.....and Briony was saying "can you notice anything" ...and Alex was looking around the room.....she hadnt noticed, until they were pointed out.

I even managed to get a bit of shopping in before we came home.......I bought us all new towels...lovely thick Canningvale towels....which were on sale. We replaced our cruddy toaster with a new model...that actually cooks all the way to the top of the bread......Im not sure we will know what to do with that extra inch of toast on each more toast with a strip of warm bread at the We also replaced my iron....just as were leaving in the morning..Briony asked me to iron a top for her....I picked up my old faithful iron...and half of it stayed on the ironing had miraculously and unexplainably exploded into one dropped just did it itself ... so I now have a mickey mouse iron.....high wattage.....light to handle......super steam ... far from the cheapest ...but apparently the 'BEST ' so the salesgirl said ........ I just hope it irons on automatic pilot. So now we were all shopped out we headed home...... and I arrived just in time for the tail end of my Kim Archer online class......I sat down at the computer...with all my scrapping supplies that Id prepared earlier...and left everyone to 'just arrived home' chaos......they were test running the toaster.... arguing over what colour towel they all wanted..... and checking out Brionys thanks Kim...lovely diversion..hehehe Beleive it or not...I started and finished this layout that night....amazing.
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I also managed to get my BOM layout done for this months BOM challenge at the Scrapboxx. This was a tough one this month....I found it very difficult to define my style....and I didnt want call myself something I wasnt. I googled for 'scrapping styles'...I searched Blogs...I read scrapping resumes....and finally I came up with some potential descriptions ....I would be really interested to hear from anyone who thinks they know what my style would be....its not easy to define your own....and I may be completely off the mark.
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Last night was the first of Brionys ballet concerts..... a huge night. I arrived home from work....quickly put her makeup on and braided her hair....Ian then drove her over to Renmark...because she needed to be there an hour before it commenced. Mitch and I got a lift over with Brent and Alex and we all went to watch. Brent did have a little snooze during the concert......I saw his head slumped on Alex's shoulder ....but he was awake for all of Brionys dance's...and it was a long night...well worth it to see Briony dance.

Well I cant think of anything much to tell...Im sure Ive missed heaps....but Ill add it next time. Briony has another concert performance Ive got to arrange for her to get over to Renmark and back. I am working a night shift tonight...Ian is going off to his 8ball presentation bring home a trophy for the 'heater of fame'....Ians team won their division on Wednesday night. Brent and Mitch are heading off to their football presentation night.....Im not planning on any 'heater of fame' additions from them.....but I guess they will have a good night.

No more news...have a lovely weekend.

Mardi x


  1. You certainly have beeb busy haven't you? Briony looks her gorgeous self with the bands on..they really do suit her. She's such a beautiful girl.
    Glad to hear the concert went well also.
    Sounds like you all need a break now..LOL
    Sharryn :)

  2. Those bands sure do suit Briony. Been looking at the rest of your blog too and you are doing such lovely layouts Mardi. Adore the family ones. :) I think your layout on your scrapping style is adorable (Only saw the top half as my computer wouldn't let it down load) but it is gorgeous, love the colours you have used as well.
    Take care
    Bronny :)

  3. Loved your layouts Mardi. I think you pretty much discribed your style.

  4. Mardi, your daughter is such a pretty girl, and yes, I agree, the bands do suit her. She is going to be a stunner!
    I honestly dont know if I could describe you style, I just know that I love it. I only have to look at one of your creations and it makes me want to scrap. I will say though that each piece seems different. The same but different. I think you add a new twist to each piece, and thats how it should be I guess. But thanks for the inspiration, love your stuff! And I also wish I had foung your DT stuff at MB earlier!

  5. What a busy week you've had Mardi!!! Great pics of your daughter - she looks so confident and happy with them.
    Love your layouts, awesome job with the scrapping style one,you have a terrific knack of picking the right colours/pp's to sit together perfectly.
    take care

  6. I've read your blog entry and now my weekend is complete! Everytime I read your blog, I get caught up in it all. I seem to get right into it and block everything out (even my screaming son next to me.) So thanks a
    WOW, you have been busy. Tell Briony she looks as stunning as ever. She could have two heads and still look beautiful. She is one good looking gal'.
    Sounds like you had a few good buys...gotta have a good iron!
    Seeyou soon...

  7. O well your daughter can even pull off wearing braces and still look gorgeous!

    Saw these LO's up at scrapboxx, I love your style, I can usually pick your LO's without seeing your name ... love the colours you have used on both of them!

  8. Mardi, You have had another busy week, you just never stop girl.

    Briony is just gorgeous and the Bands do suit her.

    Love the LO's, beautiful as always.

    Any updates on a house cleaner????

    Take care and talk soon
    Cherie xx

  9. love your take on the Kim archer looks fabulous
    and the braces definately suit Briony

  10. Hi hun! Well I got exhausted from reading your blog you ever stop to take a breath???
    Briony looks just beautiful and like everyone else has said, those bands just suit her! (they def. did NOT suit me)
    Sounds like a good spot of retail therapy was had as well.
    And the only way I can describe your 'style' is 'Mardi' pure and are your own unique style.
    Have a great week!
    Love n Hugz

  11. Busy bee, Adore the LO's very inspiring!!! I'm gonna go scrap now! lol

    Enjoy your week,


  12. Anonymous11:19 pm

    I love your BOM LO Mardi, but then again I just adore all your work. You really do have your own style and I can pick a Mardi Winen LO out of the gallery instantly now ;)

    Briony is just lovely and the braces don't hide that beauty at all. All your children are gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing your piccies with us :)