A 'Heater of Fame' update...

18 September 2006

Well this has certainly been a busy weekend......and very productive in a 'heater of fame' way....lol I guess the joke needs to be explained......so read about it here . Saturday night was HUGE in the Winen social calendar.....not only did Briony have her second Ballet concert performance......Ian had his 8-ball presentation night (and they had won their division)......Brent and Mitch had their Football presentation night...and Bum it all!...I got to go to work!.

Ill start with Briony first ..... she got a lift over to Renmark for the concert with a friend....she took her camera and took a few photos...unfortunatly a lot of them were blurry....but this one gives you some idea of the awesome costumes they were wearing for their Monster Mash dance at the end. Just to set the scene ..... at the last scene change.....the curtain rolled back and the backdrop was a spooky theme....there was coffins all lined up against the back wall....they were laying flat on the floor ..... a couple of dances went by...all in this spooky theme...and then the lights dropped.....and out of the coffins in the back rose these skeletons....they sat up...then lay back down....then they sat up...and slowly climbed out of their coffins...then they completed their dance which looked absolutley fantastic...they got a huge applause....and was without a doubt the highlight of the night (even if Im slightly biased as the mother of a skeleton...lol)
So thats two concerts down ...one more to go this Sunday.....then Ballet is over for Briony.

Well on to Brent and Mitch and their Cobdogla Football Club Presentation night....thank goodness Brent now has his licence and they can take themselves off...otherwise it would have been almost impossible to coordinate everyones movements. Now going on the account of the evening from the boys...Mitch got 5 votes.....he was happy...seeing as he is really only starting and at least 2 years younger (and 2 foot shorter..lol) than most of them. Brent got 50'ish votes I think...he was 10 votes off the winner..... and scored a trophy for 'Best Utility'....and by all accounts was very pleased with himself.

Ian was picked up by a bus ( good thinking 99)..... and headed off to his presentations.... they all got a trophy as well as a monster trophy to be displayed at the club.

So when I arrived home Sunday morning...we had some additions on the heater of fame.... even though Brents trophy had the footballer teetering and un-attached (apparently he broke it 5 sec's after receiving it...not surprising)...and Ians trophy was missing its 'balls'...apparently they are going to send some 'balls' out to him...hehehe. That didnt stop the my 'trophys bigger than yours' rivalry.... typical boys.

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So heres an update on the Heater of Fame.....I would like to add.....that they will not all be living here for long...they will look MUCH better somewhere else ...but we will bask in the sight of them for a little while at least.

Sunday was spent very lazily.....I did some scrapping...Ian slept lots ( bit of a late night..hehe).... Brent and Alex were out all day and Briony and Mitch played with the Rabbits, played board games, cooked biscuits and even had their first swim in the pool ....Brrrrrrr.

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I might also share a layout from the other day.....I have always loved this photo......and as the journalling says...some things never change...Brent is definatly more dominant in their relationship...Mitch is just sooooo placid. Pity about the cruddy scan...it makes the cardstock look dirty ....its a lot brighter IRL.
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Well...thats about it for today.....I did have a moment of panic this morning though....I went outside to put some washing on...and thought "what is that black thing in my vegie garden?" ...it was the black rabbit....and then as I looked around the garden...there was rabbits everywhere..Aghhh.... I must have looked a sight....running around...trying to shoo them all back into the hutch....a board had come off near the bottom...Im not sure if a dog has been over and scratched it off...or if it mysteriously came off (similar to my exploding iron).....anyway...all bunnies are accounted for an safely back in their hutch. I still dont understand how a rabbit can know Ive planted a vegie patch ...we have a huge expanse of lawn...and the bloomin rabbit finds my brand newly planted vegies.

Have a great week

Mardi x


  1. Looks like it was a fun night/concert. Bummer u had to work.
    Fantab. lo as usal Mardi....

  2. Oh Mardi I was ROFL at the comments about the balls or should I say no balls on the trophy......LOL

    Your kids are keen swimming already Brrrrr....

    Glad the concert went off well.

    Talk soon
    Cherie xx

  3. LOL at the rabbits. I would love to have seen it!

    Love your layout too :)

  4. I would sooo love to just spend one day at your house Mardi....... there's just always so much goin on, you guys always seem to be havin a blast. LOL at those rabbits again.

    take care

  5. I love popping in to read up on your happenings as they always bring a smile to my face. The layout looks great and I love the photo too.

  6. LOVE the heater of fame - how funny is that!!! I think it is great to showcase all of the trophies that way. My DD has two dance concerts in a row and that is SO full on, I am glad your DD's went so well.

    Oh those rabbits, how did they know about your new veges. I hope they didn't do too much damage.

    Thanks for your comments on my LO too - you are gorgeous x Janelle

  7. Mardi, I am exhausted just reading about your everyday life. Its just jam packed! Love the heater of fame, what a great story!
    And watch those rabbits.......they multiply pretty quick, as you well know!
    have a good day, Dxx

  8. LOL at Ians trophy having no balls.
    I have to say..I LOVE that pic of Mitch in the pool..it's great. Taken with the Fuji Finepix no doubt..great little cameras aren't they?? :)
    The MM dance looked awesome and I can just imagine it after you setting the scene.
    Glad to hear you caught all the bunnies and sent them packing..LOL
    Sharryn :)

  9. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Wow Briony's concert sounds like it was great fun :) and I also had a giggle over the trophy not having any 'balls' LOL!!
    Glad you caught all your bunnies before doing to much damage and wow your weekends sure are full on aren't they?! *phew* I just need a breather reading it PMSLOL.
    Take care and have a great week!

  10. Briony really does suit braces. LOL about the Rabbits those Darn rabbits@!!!@ Your kids are luck to be talented and have trophies lol i only have on from when i was 5 lol.

    I ALSO love reading your blogs Mardi!