Whats happening......Mmmm..nor much!

12 September 2006

Not much happening in the Winen household this week...Ive managed to get the house caught up and Im hoping to catch up on emails, mail and some scrapbooking today.
I had this brainwave yesterday to wash everyones bedlinen...nothing strange about that...but I decided to wash doona's, pillows, throw rugs, throw pillows...in fact anything that was on their beds....I was having a lovely time...stuffing it all through the machine.....la de da...then at about 5 o'clock...I realised AAghhhhh...Ive got to remake all those beds.....Aghhh....what was I thinking?....why had I done them all at once......but it was nice to wake up to day and just pull up the beds knowing they are all done...Ahhh.

I even managed to plant up my vegetable garden yesterday....and I checked this morning and they are still all there....I was worried the snails might move in for the feast of their lifetime and there would be nothing left.

We are off to Adelaide on Thursday for Brionys teeth ...the bands go on...and we pay 'one miiiiiiilion dollars"..in my best Dr Evil voice. I know Briony is looking forward to this so much....and I guess I am too....she has always hated her teeth and it will be nice to see them straight.

I guess I dont have much more news really......so Ill just share my next three EDM layouts...although I hope they are allowed to be shared on Blogs.....Im not sure if Ill bother entering or not....but would be bummed if I couldnt if I wanted too...LOL
The first on is of me and my Ianie...as I call him...he is my gift!
The following two are of Briony and her brothers....I have used the theme Brothers and they sit side by side in the album....Im really pleased with how they look IRL...pity my scanning doesnt do the colours any justice.

On a last note....does anyone know why my scans are so bright and blurry?.....I like to cheat and scan them instead of photographing and cropping...but the colour quality is always so poor.....I need to read my help manual I think..LOL

Have a great day
Mardi x


  1. Loved the layouts Mardi. They look great. I use to scan my pages but now just take pics. As I'm a bulky scrapper my scanner used to leave shadows on the layout.

  2. Hi Mardi,

    Love the LO's, love the bright colours against the black.

    The great weather must be getting us all in the washing mood as I did heaps of bed stuff too.

    My DD will be needing braces in a few years, better start saving now!!!! Hope Briony get on ok.

    Can't help with the scaner as I don't hardly ever use mine.

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  3. lovin the colours against the black backgrounds Mardi, really makes them pop! No help with the scanner though, wouldn't even know how to use mine, its a great dust collector though lol.

  4. I HATE making beds at the best of times! I'm sure you all slept like babies last night in your yummy clean bedding.
    Lovely layouts as always! They all scream "MARDI." You style is unique, I love it..xx
    Sorry, I'm not help with the scanner thing either. I just pop mine in, press a button and thats about it.

  5. Hey Mardi,

    You sure are luck you did all that house work OR ELSE lol. Just saying hello and I LOVE your layouts as usual! well just quick or ELSE im gunna be late for work.


  6. LOL with the beds!! Don't you feel just great washing all that linen then to realise..hey hang on..I've gotta make all these beds again now?? Gosh I hate that reality after such a high..ROFL
    Good luck to Briony getting the braces on. I also have a DS that will need them. My DD could've done with them also but her teeth turned out OK.
    I adore these last 3 LO's..they look fantastic against the black background.
    You make sure you send that album in missy...you're a shoe in!!

  7. LOL - I take photos of my layouts and I thought THAT was cheating!
    I've already commented an ALL these layouts (on Scrapboxx I think). I'm such a Mardi groupie :)
    I love your layouts.
    And I love your posts. You always make me laugh, Dr Evil.
    I'm happy to hear Briony is looking forward to having her teeth done. That is a great attitude cos it's such a big thing and so many kids hate it!

  8. Anonymous7:55 pm

    those layouts are gorgeous!!!

  9. LOL Mardi, I do the bed thing too....and I hate making beds, which is even funnier considering I am a nurse, ROFL!
    and I love those LO's, so bright, but I love your stuff anyway!

  10. Love those lo's Mardi....do you ever have a moment of...."i don't know what to put where"????? probably not I'm guessing.
    Good luck to Briony, hope all goes well.
    Hate to make a stripped bed too, but so gorgeous to sleep in those clean sheets that night though.
    see ya

  11. Mardi, your layouts are stunning! Love them all. You have to be one of my all time most inspiring scrappers - just love to see your work!

    As for scanning the LO's...I think that's not the easy way out at all! Especially if they are 12x12. I scan smaller ones, and photograph 12x12's cos I'm too lazy.

    Have a great day Mardi

  12. Anonymous1:00 pm

    Great layouts Mardi. I too do the bed thing each week, I wonder why I bother with it all, I have to do it all over again and again.LOL...

  13. I love your LO's so much Mardi. I missed commenting on these at the boxx I think - but I REALLY LOVE them and would love to sit with you and look through your albums one day. x Janelle

  14. Wow Mardi, the cleaning bug really doesn't hit me all that often.

    As always I just love your LO's, love the colour on the black and love the way you incorporated that stamp each time!

  15. great Los Mardi- my scanner does the same- cant helpyou with fixing it thoughLOL
    good luck to Briony

  16. Anonymous8:15 am

    I hate catching up on the household duties, Yuk, how are you Mardi, I have been a slack blogger, I love all the layouts so bright and funky looking, I don't scan so not sure, just use the camera.

    Have a great weekend Carole.

  17. Love those LO's on the black backgrounds they look so bright and fresh...can't help with the scanner I always photograph my LO's
    Have a great day