Ianie's having a birthday...

20 September 2006

Today is Ian's birthday...he's turning 21 + gst.
We dont have huge plans ..... it wil be a quiet night at home. We have a tradition in our house that the birthday person gets to choose their birthday dinner ....I asked Ian what he would like and he replied "Lambs Fry in Gravy'......Eeeeew that just isnt happening. Today is also Alex's birthday (Brents girlfriends) .... I would imagine Brent will head off to Waikerie and spend the night with Alex...... we were laughing...imagining....in a couple of months time.....Brent will say something along the lines of "Yeah Dad .....when is your birthday anyway?" It would not surprise us at all..... its busy in 'Brents World'.

Yesterday was finally the School canteen meeting day....we spent an hour in the morning shuffling through all the options....and working out what the best plan of attack would be for the school. Last night was the Governing Council meeting where I presented our decisions to school council....now we just have to put all plans into action......and hopefully employ a new Manager. Its great to finally get this happening...its been on my mind......and I couldnt wait to cross it off my 'brain space' list.

It really has been a quiet couple of days for a change...I have had a chance to scrap some pages and Im loving it. I was reading on Belinda's Blog the other day...about her scrapping a page out of non-matching papers.....now Belinda's layouts are the most gorgeous, and coordinated layouts usually...so this was a break from her normal and something she really needed to challenge herself to do. This made me realise.... I never co-ordinate papers...what would it be like to co-ordinate everything?...... so I hope you dont mind me using you as an inspiration Belinda...I had a shot at it... and to be honest I found it a bit limiting but I was happy in the end. Oooohh...and I get to catch up with Belinda today...and see the gorgeous bub Makenzie...and beautiful Madelin. We havent had a chat for ages...so Im looking to that......and also catching up with Cheryl from RSS.... its going to be a lovely afternoon. Anyway this is my Belinda inspired co-ordinated layout...hehe

I promise to have a huge layout share later....I have managed to finish another five layout's ....even though I ran out of my adhesive on the second one...and have needed to use photo tabs and double sided tape to adhere EVERYTHING....so darn time consuming. I have just been finding it so easy this week...my head is full of idea's...and the layouts are coming together really well...Im so pleased with them. (are you allowed to say that.....or does it sound non-modest...lol) I promise to photograph and start uploading some today.

Not a huge amount of other news..... those bloomin varmints (rabbits)..have dug a hole in the bottom of their hutch...it does have chicken wire in the bottom...but they've found a teeny hole...and turned it into the Sydney tunnel......Im not sure if we will even have rabbits when I go out there this morning......they may have burrowed to freedom.....although Im sure the first stop will be my darn vegie patch again...Grrrr.
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Well I must go and get organised.....Ive got to whip up a birthday treat....... and the trillion other things planned for today.......how cute is this cartoon though..... I just needed to share...hehe
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Happy Birthday Ian and Alex......hope you have a great day!
Mardi xx


  1. Wish Ian & Alex a very happy birthday...hope it was a good one!:)
    I find as soon as u put limitations on something/lo ya tend to find it harder....well that's what I find but then again I am no expert....lol far from it.
    Hope ur not cooking "lambs fry"....gagging @ the thought of it.
    Have a great day

  2. Hope Ian had a great Birthday and got spoilt..........

    Love the LO's.....

    How cute are those bunnies with the flowers in their hare... (LOL)
    Even if they do are trying to do the great escape.....

    Take care

  3. How cute are those bunnies. Hey it looks like you've been doing some Photoshopping on that pic. I thought you said you were a Dummie!
    Happy 21+st to Ian :)

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ian and Alex..hope you both had wonderful days!! xxx

    Mardi...very neat LO..I LOVE IT!!
    I am glad that i inspired you to scrap in a differnet way, you inspire me with every stunning LO!!
    It was great to catch up today..your one in a million!

  5. LOL I AM SO DARN STUPID it took me so long to get that joke lol. im a bit slow. That layout looks great, and oh those bunnies are cute the naughty little buggers lol.

    AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ian and Alex.

    Ohhh and i have been looking at accomodation in berri at the berri hotel i am just trying to convince sam to go,i mean he would have to spend a day by himself lol, thats not really funny is it. Though it would be lovely to spend the wekkend out there. I hopefully will have just finished my exams.

  6. Wonderful job on the coordinating everything. Can't wait to see your other LO's. Isn't it nice when the ideas just come without any problems? Glad your mojo is working for you!

  7. Hope Ian had a great birthday - Lambs fry was definetly an interesting choice. Great job on the layout Mardi - nothing better than when it all comes together soooo easily, cannot wait to see your others. AND THOSE BUNNIES ARE JUST SOOOO DARN CUTE LOL!!

  8. Loving the layouts Mardi. The bunnies look so cute.

    OOOPS I forgot to pop in and let you know I tagged you. Sorry.