Ths first of my layout shares....

21 September 2006

This is the first of my layout shares....... last year I had a bright idea of recording the kids favourites of 2005 ....I asked them a series of questions and then created a layout to record these favourites. I found it really interesting to compare the differences this year....especially in music, TV and their favourite flowers.

I also noticed an enormous difference in my scrapping style ..... I was shocked looking back. So I thought if I just uploaded this years may be wishing to check out last years as Ive been kind..and Im sharing last years as well...hehehe

So here goes 2006

and here goes kind please.

Well...Im tired....brains not Ill just dot point the rest.

1. I had a tearful moment tonight.....Briony has decided to no longer continue with I took a card into Ballet tonight and informed Miss Rosie that Briony would not be returning.....Miss Rosie was shocked...and speechless.....and I just burst into tears. Briony just kept saying 'Im sorry' ...but she is always so composed .....I love that about her.

2. I had a lovely afternoon with Belinda and Cheryl yesterday at RSS...... it was lovely to catch up...and Cheryl has made me even more excited about the Riverland Scrapbooking Spectacular thats coming up in Novemeber. Ill definately be posting more information on that soon.

3. Brent ended up staying in Waikerie last it was Alex's birthday ..... yeah!..poor old Ian wasnt even a look in, compared to Alex. Brent did realise it was Ian's birthday just as he was leaving for he left Ian a subway cookie with a candle sticking out of the top..... I dont think it had much potting mix on

4. Im sure theres something else...but I cant think of stay tuned for Mitchells favourites layouts coming soon.

Take Care

Mardi xx


  1. I'm really happy you posted last year's layout. I was wondering what it would look like! Your style has changed so much. No WAY am I gonna back your 2005 layout. We are ALL in the same boat as you - styles constantly changing and evolving. It's part of the process.

    I'm a bit embarrassed about my early layouts :)

  2. what a great idea to record the Favourties each year...i will definately have to do something like this....

  3. your style has changed a little :) but your daughter looks like she has changed alot too :)

  4. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Yep, your style has certainly changed. Isn't it funny when you look back through your old layouts. And yet, I still love (nearly!) all of them. For the memories they contain.
    Sorry to hear about the ballet. And poor mum gets to break the bad news once again.

  5. Another superb layout Mardi!
    Great to see how far you have come in just one year!
    Sorry to hear about the ballet...your little girl is growing up. Poor you to ahve to break the news though!
    hugs to you...

  6. Ok hmm a hint, its called Savanna Jean lol.

    AND OMG GUESS WHAT i think i am comming! I think sam is going to let me! Am i gonna look like a dorkus driving from here to go there lol!

    How exciting, how many people are meant to be going? and do u know where its been held yet?LOL I want to know EVERYTHING

    AND those layouts loook great i think i commented at scrapboxx, i better have, and its funny to see how peoples styles change too. I so have to get my mojo lol what a funny word mojo back to do something i wnted to do it today but i got called into work 1 til 9.30 ahhh. Hopefully tomorrow!.

  7. I LOVE your lo! It's always interesting to see where we've come from. Your style has certainly evolved into something wonderful and in only a year! WOW! Wonder where you'll be next year!?


  8. Love the idea of the favourites.

    Your style has changed but so does everything over time, just like Briony deciding not to do dancing :-(

    Poor Ian, at least he got a candle.....LOL

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  9. LOL @ Brents least he made an effort.
    I love this LO and might even try something similar with the darlings myself this year. Your style has changed big time hasn't it?
    Sad to hear Briony has given up Ballet. Thats' how I felt at the beginning of the year when my boys gave up footy even though secretly I really wanted them to 'cos it's too rough.
    Sharryn :)

  10. Fantastic layout Mardi....and i love the idea behind it. So much changes in a year and a layout shows just how much - from likes/dislike, how much they've grown, to even a scrapping style .... and LOL at the candle - too cute.

  11. O I think both LO's look great! But it certainly is interesting seeing how much you have progressed!

  12. Oh Mardi, what a big change in your style. Sometimes it isn't untill we see two side by side that we actually See the change.
    I started a book with things I have asked the kids and plan on asking them the same question each year. To date I haven't done a layout on it, I must do that though. Thanks for jogging my failing memory :)