Mmmm Saturday....

9 September 2006

Ahhhh...what a lovely feeling to finish work this morning and come home.....only to realise that Id swapped a shift...and will have to go back again tomorrow morning...waahh! sleep in this week.

While on the work topic....MY NEW PANTS........came!!
So now my legs are all contained within the pants again...and I look shmick!.....Im actually pleased that they fit perfectly...even the length is spot sometimes luck shines upon us.

Ian and Mitch have trundled off to golf........Brent and Alex are play wrestling as usual.....Briony has stayed over at Hannahs house (after the school disco)...and Im pinching this quiet moment for a Blog update.

I grabbed the new edition of SM last night....and was surprised to see I had a layout in there...I really loved this layout and had completley forgotten which edition it was going to appear in.
The photo was taken by my dear friend Donna (who is a wonderful photographer and has been all her life) is of Briony and Donna's daughter Kate....I just love how their love for each other shines......and they find it so easy to be together.

I am really struggling to think of anything else news I think Ill head off to the shower...and then try and finish my CJ entry...."whats in your handbag"....which will be interesting seeing as I dont really use a handbag.....Im more of a wallet, keys, sunnies and phone in the hand kind of person (no wonder I constantly lose things...LOL) Ive decided to focus on my work bag.....that I use to carry magazines, food ect to work.......I think I may even 'find' a couple of things I had lost...its been awhile since I delved right to the bottom.....hehe

Take care,....and have a great weekend everyone

Mardi x

oh: lastly I subscribed to Bloglines...I added peoples Blogs..but I have no idea what happens next....can anyone enlighten me?


  1. I adore that LO.
    Bugger..I forgot to get my copy yesterday. Never mind....i'll get it Monday.
    Glad the pants fit, but it's a bummer about work tomorrow!
    Hope you get your CJ entry done today.

  2. Glad to hear you got your new pants Mardi.

    LOVE the LO, it is just beautiful.

    Take care


  3. Anonymous9:01 pm

    congrats on the published layout!!!i don't really carry a handbag either. has been carrying a nappy bag for the last 2 years!

  4. love that LO Mardi
    wheres the photo of the pants LOL
    will have to check Bloglines out, sounds like a great idea
    have a good week

  5. Love that LO Mardi, but really ROFL about you forgetting it was being published. If I ever get one published I will get the issue tattooed on my forehead! Well done, its a great LO.
    Love Deirdrexx

  6. Not too sure i'd ever be game to totally empty out my handbag lol, usually anything missing is hidden away in there somewhere.
    Love the layout, looks fantastic.... am such a fan of white backgrounds.