Not much happening in our household.....

6 September 2006, school, sport...the usual.

Funny thing happened at work today....I have had my work pants for almost three years...I know you will probably have read many conversations on my Blog about my fear of not fitting back into them after holidays...LOL ...I have re-ordered some new ones back in June and have been patiently waiting for them to arrive...our supply department works at snail pace.....well my pants have been getting thinner daily...and today Ive finally worn through a 3" hole in the inner thigh area.....not a good look to have skin showing through...Aghh..

Luckily Im a night shift tomorrow so Ill have to patch the hole until my new ones come....they just dont understand the desperate need Im in. ...anyway I found this picture of our supply department courier on his way to our Station with my pants...LOL

Ive been tagged by Fleurie
The rules are : List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets. Tag 5 friends and list them. Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people. Dont forget to let the people you tag know by posting a comment on their blog!First I will Tag: Yvette, Sharryn, Moi, Kathie, & Janelle

Weird Things about ME
1. I dont like to be the last one to bed...I hate to have to turn everything off....the first hint of me being the last one into bed and I drop what Im doing and sprint.

2. I hate to cook..... I do it under sufferance, but it is my least favourite thing in the line of household chores.

3. I lose things often...usually my car keys, sunglasses and wallet.....if I phone work after I arrive home.....they dont even say "hello"......they say "what have you forgotten today ?".

4.Im totally unco-ordinated at sport...I cant hit, cant catch, can throw....used to be able to run ok...but I dont think I could do that anymore either. I was always the one in Aerobics that was going left when everyone went right and I was jumping up when everyone was jumping down!

5. I sing constantly to annoy the kids...I cant help myself...I know I cant sing for nuts...I know they hate it...but I still do it...Weird huh? favourite is "did I tell you today that I love you"...sung in a very un-melodic voice...Mmm..might have to stop.

Well thats about all my weirdness....not much more really.....until nest time
Mwahhhh..Mardi xxxx


  1. Had a giggle over your little wirednesses{if that is a word} Loved the layouts in the other posts too. Enjoy your house keeper when she starts. Lucky you.

  2. LOL You weirdo! :D You always make me laugh :)

    Thanks for tagging me! I will get on to that tomorrow. I'll have to come up with something to say...

    Hey good luck patching your pants. Don't forget! :)

  3. :D love your weirdness, rofl.
    Now I have to think of something. Thanks. Not.

  4. What a great Tag "5 Weird Things" :-)

    LOL about the pic of the courier, things always take forever when you really need them.

    I will do the other tag tonight or tomorrow (hopefully!!!)

    take care


  5. LOL @ the pants. How embarrassment.
    Thanks for the tag..I love tags..I feel like a celebrity when I answer them..ROFL Actually..keep an eye out for an answer like that when I answer the tag.
    Take Care

  6. great answers mardi...loved reading the one about rushing to bed....roflmao