3 October 2006

Quick post for this morning....Ive got heaps to do.
Ive got to clean this house again...Im excited, I can hardly wait...I mean...who doesnt love to just get stuck into the cleaning ....Im so blessed to have house that requires so much cleaning.....Not!!
Well Ive finished my night shift this morning ...and we had a lovely quiet night....a huge improvement on the night before...thankgoodnes....I even got to watch Idol and see Mutto leave. I must admit I wasnt all that fond of him in the beginning ...but he had grown on me and I was dissapointed to see him go...he seemed like a real gentleman and I think his graciousness at the end endeared him to me even more. Watching Marcia perform her song had me giggling.... she really has got a fantastic voice...but what are those moves?......she looked like a dancing thunderbird..... all awkward and goofy. (Sorry Marcia...I know you read this....I dont want to hurt your feelings...lol)

Well I havent a lot more to add....... but reading my comments on my 'What fish would you be' layout...Tammy mentioned that the journalling was too small to be readable.....so Ill add the journalling now for anyone who was interested in what fish we all were.

Journalling begins: It all started while we were waiting for our meal at the Tasman Hotel in Port Lincoln. You decided if Dad were a fish......he would be a Snapper because he 'snaps' when you misbehave. You then kindly gave us all a fish and a reason why.

Briony would be a 'redfin' because she blushes red.
Brent would be a 'rock' fish because they are incredibly lazy.
You said you would be a 'rock' fish the dark dot on their body looks like the mole on your face.
Mum (me) would be an 'Angel' fish...but you later chancged me to a 'Carp'.
Shaun (your Mate) also got a mention as a 'King George Whiting' because they have freckles.

He was so funny this night.... and I should just add ...when he says Dad 'snaps'...he means tells him off...he doesnt mean his Dad flips out and alters his personality..LOL.

I really should capture more of these conversations.....Mitch is a classic.
Well thats it for this morning...I can hear the washing machine calling my name....dont want to keep it waiting.
Have a great week everyone.
Mardi x


  1. I love reading all the journaling. I love it! I need to do some like this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. fab journalling Mardi, and yes, do record all that funny stuff!
    good to hear you had a quiet night at work! have a good one, dxx

  3. I loved the layout Mardi, and is such a fantastic story to go with it so thanks for sharing it.
    Funny how wash machines call like that, am sure i can hear mine calling my name as well LOL - doing my best to ignore it!!

  4. The LO was wonderful and add the journaling and it's just too cute for words!

    BTW...what did you do to go from Angel fish to a carp? LOL!