6 October 2006

Well...if there is anything at all that Ive learnt being a Mother...its never think everything is going smoothly. Last night Brent and Jamie were heading over to Jamies girlfriends when Brent hit a Kangaroo with his car...... and Man!...its not a pretty car (and unfortunatly the Kangaroo didnt stand a chance either) ....he came home understandly upset by the damage to his car...and is now back driving Ians car...until his can be at least temporarily repaired. The damage extends to a complete passenger side headlight, bonnet, bumper and side panel...... in fact its huge! Typical me inflamed the situation instead of reassuring him but I was just cranky it had happened.....and for a change Ian was the calm one. Brent is still annoyed with me this morning......even after my feeble apology ..... but all I could think of was the cost of repair...his innability to save......the loss of one of our cars again..... and the fact that if he had stayed home it wouldnt have happened in the first place. I guess I should add that neither Brent or Jamie were injured so that is obviously a huge relief.

Oooh...on a far more exciting note...look what arrived yesterday...the studio photos from Prom night........ how gorgeous do they look....pity there is a bit of shadow on Brents face...but oh well.
I guess its really not ethical to scan and share studio photos.....but it may take my guilt away a little if I add they were taken by Photos by Visage ....and that Im the worlds most useless scanner I havent done them any favours in the scanning process.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Its still quiet in the house without Mitch and Briony..... Briony sends me SMS messages everyday...confirming that she still loves me...and to pass on loves to Dad and Brent.... I love it when my phone beeps to tell me I have a message...and it always beeps twice..because her messages are so long they spread over two messages..LOL. Got to love having a girl..... Im still waiting on a message from Mitch...fortunatly Im not holding my breath.

Brent brought me home some Rockmelon seedlings last Im going out to extend my Vegie patch this morning.....and as I plant each one..Ill be feeling guilty for being cranky last night...I guess thats pay back.

We have lost two of the baby bunnies.....they have just died..Im not sure why and all the remaining bunnies look fine......Im so glad Briony is away and didnt find them...although she is so practical it probably wouldnt have phased her.

I managed to finally get some scrapping done takes me all day to settle to it...I keep coming back to check the computer.. for news on the Scrapboxx DT challenge #2 results....its doing my head in with the suspense......LOL

So my share for today is # 1 in my EDM album - At Home
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I realise the journalling is very small so journalling reads as follows: Picturesque Lake Bonney..its not just an expanse of now signifies my home.
It is everchanging, peaceful and scenic and unfortunatly something that I often take for granted. I have lived in many places, some have felt like home...others not.......But when I travel away nothing on my return looks more special than the lake...welcoming me home again.

This photo was taken one evening a few weeks ago...and is of Briony and her friend Hannah on the Jetty..... what it doesnt show is that they had to sprint across the lawn with one eye in the sky...because the damn Magpies were swooping....LOL

Well thats about it from me today...
Mardi x


  1. Glad everyone is ok after the crash. Loved the page Mardi. Hope you get some good news about the Boxx dt round soon.

  2. o boy, wish money would grow on trees.
    Glad no one got hurt!

    Love the photo of the lake, looks so peaceful! And the LO is gorgeous too!

  3. How scary Mardi...lucky no-one was hurt - tell you what... kangaroos where haunting my dreams after our mammoth drive to rockie, they were everywhere!!
    Have fun with the rockmelons when they've grown....YUMMO - my absolute favourit fruit, can never have too much lol.
    LOVE the layout - the yellow really lifts it

  4. Those damm Kangaroos, we have a problem with them here too, the boys are very lucky they were not hurt. I am sure Brent will forgive you.....

    What a gorgeous prom photos....

    Great LO, love the photo, you are so lucky to live so close to the water.

    talk soon
    Cherie xx

  5. They look gorgeous. and scary, hitting a kangaroo...lucky they are OK. And by the way.....CONGRATS, you know what for!

  6. I am so glad eveyrone is okay. Hate to hear about the damage to the car.
    The prom pictures are stunning. WOW! I love that color dress...

    I hate to hear about your bunnies, hopefully the other ones will be just fine.

    What a amazing design! I just love the lake design! Gorgeous photo!

    hugs from across the pond...

  7. Anonymous2:17 pm

    LOVE this EDM bright and happy!

  8. Congrat's on getting through to the next round-BOXX DT.
    Glad they were ok& hey at least u apologised for being....well not calm shall we say.
    Doesn't Brent & Alex look gorgeous!

    *gorgeous lo BTW!

  9. gorgeous piccies and layout mardi. your comment on my blog cracked me up xx

  10. Oh Mardi - what have I got ahead of me with teenagers - so glad they were OK though, that is a relief.

    Love your LO - the yellow flower looks so much like a warm sun too. Your EDM album is going to be gorgeous. TFS x

  11. P.S. Forgot to say that the formal photos look gorgeous too. You must be very proud.

  12. What a peaceful layout. LOL at the magpies. I HATE MAGPIES! I have been swooped so many times.
    Lucky Brent and his mate are OK. It would be such a shocking experience for them! I hope you both patch things up real soon :)

  13. Anonymous11:20 pm

    So glad everything is ok.

    Cant tell you how much I have been laughing tonight, you are never ever working nights again!

    Thanks for the sore cheeks and giggles!