A gift from my boy!

12 October 2006

Im going to try and make it a quick post for today.... Im having one of those last minute..kids are coming home...cleaning frenzies....although I have no idea why seeing as it is as tidy as it ever gets.....and is about to be totally destroyed by beachy, just been to Grandmas place.. kids.

I had the most lovely morning tea at RSS yesterday...I caught up with Cheryl..... and Belinda came in with Madelin and baby Makenzie....who is just too cute. I actually stayed about 4 hours....chatting and shopping...although I was incredibly restrained and really only bought cardstock.

Just a quick thankyou to all the girls who have left blog comments and emailed me with help on photoshop tutorials and 'the font thing' .... I still havebt been able to get the font thing to work...but after reading Kathie's email...I think I may have downloaded the wrong version. ...so stay tuned on both counts.

Well my darling boy arrived home from work last night.....covered from head to toe in potting mix as usual.......he walked in calling out "Hey Mum...come outside and see what Ive brought for you".......well my mind obviously started ticking..I was thinking how lovely...a nice tray of Petunias (to replace the ones he gave to me....and then like an indian giver...took back and gave to his Grandma..LOL) ...or maybe some vegetable seedlings.....or another lovely plant of some description...... but nothing prepared me for this...........

I mean apparently this is 'top quality sh$t'.... not just everday mulch...its THE BEST!! Bless him, I tried really hard to look appropriatly excited and Im sure it will be very handy....I guess my vegies will be thrilled to bits with their new mulch...... but I just cant remember the last time I said ..."what I wouldnt give for a bucket of Top Quality Mulch"..LOL

Well...lastly Ill just upload my layout that appeared in SM this month....Its an oldie...but I still smile when I remember how excited Mitch was with this new rod.....and the joy at catching this fish..... we actually fish a lot (well...at least Ian and the kids do)...so catching a fish in its self wasnt that exciting...but apparently when it is on the end of your new rod...that makes it VERY special..LOL

and while Im at it.....this is my layout in SC this month............. I was particularly sentimental about this layout....it was our beach shack......sold earlier this year after being in our family for may years....so its really lovely to have this keepsake and reminder.
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Well thats it for me today........ one more sleep and I see me babies.....Yay!
Mardi x


  1. Anonymous2:23 pm

    LMFAO!!!! That's TOO funny!!! I was thinking he must have bought you something BETTER than the list you put before the pic.. but no such luck huh!? LOL!!!! How funny!

    Love the layouts!!! I only rarely buy mags so I always miss out seeing whos is where!

  2. LOL, what a lovely thought, well atleast he thought of YOU lol, hahha its cracking me up,

    Those layouts aare great too! ohh how lovely to have had a beach shack!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA...what I'd give for a bucket of shit!! Oh God love him!! :)
    I bet he was really happy and proud of himself too.
    Glad the kids are home now and you won't be so lonely..LOL..still can't get over that present!!
    Sharryn :)

  4. Great Lo's Mardi,

    Cant wait to catch up with you all at RSS next month..........

    Good luck with the S#%T I am sure the vedies will love it ......

    Take care

  5. woo hoo
    every mother longs for the day when their son brings home a bag of that stuff:)Enjoy your pressie LOL
    Loving your layouts:)))

  6. Both layouts are gorgeous Mardi and a big LOL on the pooh

  7. Oh what a sweetie you have there. How did you get him to pose for that photo!?

    I missed the beach shack layout cos I rarely buy SC (actually... I pretty much only get the contributors copies... and I'm not a very regular contributor!). It's a lovely theme for a layout - a lovely way to remember it.

  8. LOL at the present Mardi, i guess its the thought that counts.....and the vegies will love it lol.
    Saw the fishing layout in SM, looked fantastic!

  9. Anonymous11:52 pm

    LOL at the poo. How lovely. And practical :).
    Love your layouts - I've been thinking a lot this week about using more photos on my pages. So these grabbed me.

  10. ROFLOL, gotta love the mulch, but at least he thought of you.
    Hope you are being smothered in kisses now that the kids are home, just think of all that beachy washing, LOL!
    and well done on your 2 published LO's, gorgeous as usual. Love the beach shack one!

  11. ROFL! How cute - as long as its the top quality stuff LOL!
    Hey great lo's in both mags Mardi - love em!
    Lus x

  12. hi Mardi
    youre a lucky girl to get that mulch- he is a good boy!!
    love the fish Lo, and I will have to get SC to have a good look at the beach shack Lo- Alisters family sold their beach house 2 yrs ago- it had been in the family for 50 yrs- it was gut wrenching, but they had to do it unfortunately

  13. LOL over the Sh*t as a pressent. At least you can't say he he dosen't think of you.

    Loved the layouts. I noticed the fishing one too.