.....home again!

15 October 2006

Well here we are home again...in fact ..so much has happened since Friday that it doesnt feel as though we have even been away.

The kids had a fantastic time in Ardrossan... and it was so lovely to arrive on Friday night and see them. They looked taller.....scruffier (like they need a damn good haircut).... but seriously they just looked great to me. We spent Friday night with Ians Mum and Dad.....and left again on Saturday afternoon...we had time for the ritual of walking down the street for bread and the paper.....this photo is of Ian and Briony walking on in front of me.....
and then later in the afternoon we made time for a walk to the jetty....

Yes...I know...nothing like the posed dorky tourist photo......but this is the beloved Ardrossan jetty.....with a flurry of fishing activity in the backround...although Im sure that there wasnt many fish being caught.

Anyway...we arrived home last night....Brent was under a threat...and seriously the house wasnt too bad.....if he could just manage to put dishes in the dishwasher instead of stacking them on the top.....but all in all it was ok.

I went back to work today..... Andrew (who took our Bunnies) was finishing night shift as I started...and he assured me the Bunnies were all fit and well and being loved half to death by his kids...so that made me happy.

Ian played in a golf tournament today... he played really well...and actually won...he is now the proud owner of a luggage bag.....a very very flash one...only trouble is...its for golf clubs!! So if we ever want to fly somewhere and take the golf clubs...we have some very classy luggage.

We had a little bad news on the weekend too....my darling little nephew has broken his leg...in fact he has broken both bones below his knee and is in plaster from thigh to toe...so we are thinking of you and wishing you all the best Charlie.

I have continued on with my gut cleanse.... in fact one day into it...and my face was covered in a rash.....and my stomach was decidedly uncomfortable....I think the rash is easing...but Im still off in the stomach....but Im not giving up! Thanks everyone for your comments on Naturopaths...even though I have been before... I think this was the most sobering time...I actually felt like I had no choice but to follow her instruction...like I would be ignoring an important health warning not to ....so I am determined.

I really enjoyed Idol tonight...particularly liked Damien, Jess, Dean and Chris....... I still wasnt impressed by Lisa.....Bobby is weird.....and poor Ricky...I dont think anyone should attempt Robbie... and I know Ive missed someone but my brain is tired and wont function.

Well.....I know there was more to say....I just cant think of a thing other than my bed....Im soooooooooo tired and need to be up early again tomorrow.......I just want to thank everyone for their lovely comments on my Blog...... it really makes my day to read your comments...and I guess its so nice to know that Im not just pratteling away here to no-one.... thanks for reading.

More later....when Ive got some cerebral fuction happening...

Mardi x


  1. Wow Mardi,

    You sure are a busy girl aren't you? Congrats on the golf pro. That is so cool.

    I love all the pictures. You are so cute.

    I wish I could see your Aussie Idol. It will not be until January til our American Idol starts over here... that is a long wait.

    hugs from across the pond.

  2. hope you had a good sleep Mardi, and the cleanse is getting better. Must feel great the have the kids home!
    Take it easy, and have a good week!

  3. He he Mardi the "dorky" photo doesn't look that bad!
    Buggar about the upset stomach & rash, hopefully all will be betta soon. U just need to make sure that u need the golf club's on ur next holiday....lol is that such a man thing to say????....lol
    I think Lisa & Bobby are unique too but Bobby is a bit weird...lol did u see his dancing the other week....ROFLMAO!!!! Lisa didn't totally live up to her expectations with me either.
    Have a good day!

  4. Anonymous1:07 pm

    I hope your nephews leg heals up ASAP, poor little guy.

    Good luck with your gut cleanse, great to know your so determined.

    Hope you have a great week :)

  5. Busy busy!
    Glad your kids are back home for you. I LOVED the photo of you with the jetty in the background! Great shot.
    Loved Idol too. My favourites are still Dean, Jess and damien but Dean is my absolute fave. Yes Bobby is weird!
    Good for your with your cleanse diet!!!

  6. Anonymous10:33 pm

    WTG on the cleansing diet. You are a very strong lady (I don't hink I could do it...though come to think of it I probably really need soemthing like that too) so Keep up the great work ;-)
    I love your Jetty photo and the photo getting the ritual bread LOL.

    Hope your nephew heals quickly.

  7. Anonymous6:23 am

    Hi Mardi, it sounds like you had a lovely time, and very pleased to see everyone again. No you don't look like a dorkie tourist, actually what a gorgeous place it is.

    With regards to idol I was sad to see Bobby go, I really like his unusual style. Lisa is out the door for me.

    Have a great week Mardi.