Mum and Dad arrive today.....

17 October 2006

Well I havent much bews at all really.....

Mum and Dad are arriving here today...and staying a couple of days before finishing their galavanting around Australia.... they have been travelling for 6 months...and Im looking forward to seeing them...... they should be arriving here in the next hour or so.....Woo Hoo.

The kids are back at school...very uneventful.....although Briony was up to 9.30pm last night working on a project of the 1956 flood, which is due ..... so poor Ian is flipping through back issues of the paper...clipping out articles...and she is panicking away at the computer.....and I was calling support from the lounge Idol was on.....and thinking to myself...wouldnt you think some of this could have been done during the two week holiday?...apparently not...its far better to have the last minute panic. I guess half of the panic is because she is such a perfectionist....she cant have anything just ok...which I suppose is a good thing...but terribly frustrating when its late.

Idol last night!!! ...... I was so sad to see Bobby go......Yes..I know...he has never been among my favourites...but as he was leaving I felt really sad...Im going to miss seeing what he comes up with...he was great entertainment value...and I think he seriously was a unique star.

Well as Ive got no other news....Ill finish by uploading this layout of Brent with the baby bunnies....its an older layout...but not one Ive shared before....and Im still missing those bunnies..

Thats it from me today.......Mwah

Mardi x


  1. hiya Mardi, hope you enjoy the catch up visit from your parents - am sure they have heaps of stories to share with you all.
    loooove the bunny layout, great design and just the cutest pic.....will miss your bunny stories for sure.

  2. Have a great time with your Mum and Dad. Nothing like family time.

    What a sweet design Mardi, those bunnies are just too darn precious.

    Hugs from across the pond.

  3. How cute are those bunnies!...sorry making u miss them but a gorgeous lo none the less.
    Have fun catching up with ur parents, I bet the kid's will love the time with them too.
    Catch ya

  4. Have fun with your visit from your parents!
    Love that LO, totally gorgeous!
    Also thought your latest DT LO was a stunner! I knew if anyone could pull off these colours it would be Mardi! You go girl!

  5. Mwah to you too ;)
    Oh I love those baby bunnies. They are the cutest.

    I shared your disappointment about Bobby! I was surprised by how sad I was at him leaving. I will miss his performances.

    Sounds like Briony has a similar study/assignment strategy as my husband. Nothing like leaving it till the last minute :)

    Have fun with your parents! I can imagine your excitment!

  6. how exciting to see your parents after such a long time. Hope you have a wonderful time catching up!

  7. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Love the little collection of goodies in the top RH corner of the LO, Mardi.
    Enjoy catching up with your parents.
    Yeah, I was sad to see Bobby go too (I've only just started watching, lol, after having resisted for this long). He is certainly unique!

  8. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Hi Mardi....that bunny layout is just superb....had a quick snoop through your blog and checked out your layouts!!! You are just sooo talented! Thanks for the inspiration

  9. Anonymous8:24 pm

    Ah isn't it great having the kids back at school. They love it!!
    Have a great time seeing your parents...they must have some fabulous stories to share after 6 months.
    Great bunny LO. They are just so adorable!!! I so want to cuddle one...awwwww

  10. Hmmmmmmm...seems like Briony has the same study pattern as my Jayden!! He went away with the neighbours and didn't get home till yesterday but I'd asked him a number of times if he'd finished his 2 assignments to which of course I got the 'yeah' answer to. Last night I got the 'Oh Mum can I print out these assignments?' Grrrrrrrrrrrr....
    Love the bunny and Brent LO...cute. It's great to still have 'cute' LO's when they're big boys isn't it? LOL
    Great to hear you're finally catching up with your Mum and Dad..enjoy the time.
    Sharryn :)