crazy crazy crazy week ahead.....

19 November 2006

...Mmmmm its going to be one of those weeks ....... 2 full days of training...starting tomorrow with inline extrication the 36deg heat.... cutting up cars and removing patients in simulation.....the memo was 'take hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and water'....its going to be a stinker.... then follows a nicer indoor training day...two day night shift....and then the scrapping day in the Riverland...Im so looking forward to it...... I have lots planned.

Well jolly Miss Jane has a lot to answer to...I read on her Blog the other day about how she has been inspired to try a new size...... mmmm...well ever since reading Jane's blog...Ive been musing this over..... and now Im totally confused as whether I should change my size..... I currently scrap mainly 12x12 but also a mix of 8.5x11 and 9x9 as well..... where am I heading with all these different sizes...why have I developed a love for mini-books....Arrghh....what should I do....... what does everyone else think...what shoud I do?.... hm?

Well...ths house is sparkling...Ian true to his word helped me...and we were finished except the washing and ironing by lunchtime..... I really appreciated his help ...the kids stumbled in at 12MD.....1pm.....and 4.30pm...not a lot cleaning in any of

The tomatos are still waiting to be planted....

Brent is all set for schoolies...Ive had the chat tonight...dont let each other out of your sight...dont put drinks down...dont drive....dont be silly....dont...dont...dont...and its still a week away.....

Idol...well what can I say... Jess is a doll and sings like an angel....Damien is great as well...and I think his teeth are straighter than when he that possible?

I finally got my November EDM layouts done...I wasnt fussed on the topic this here in the Riverland...there is no real division between the months...we dont have snow...we dont have avenues of autumn leaved trees....its really just much the same year round..... so I chose some fairly bizarre representations...... number one is winter ...and how the rabbits turned from 4 too 20 ... journalling reads "Well the saying's right...they really do breed like rabbits...the winter almost ends...and 4 rabbits turns to 20"
....unfortunatly Mr Blogger wont allow me to upload the the other two Ill upload them later...he peeves me at times...Grrr.

Hurtle and Myrtle Turtle are well...and going home again soon..... they have been very lovely house guests.

Ian has fixed the dish washer ...he can do wonders with cable ties..... Yay!

Well have a lovely week everyone ....
Mardi x


  1. wow ... how much stress would that be ... schoolies! But I do hope he has loads of fun, you only have schoolies once lol.

    Love the LO, very cute!

  2. ooops, sorry Mardi- but im just as confused LOL, but I love the new size, only have to work out which album to put them into.I think just work in the size that inspires you on the day. Im thinking of filing each diff size chronologically ie Chloes albums might be 12 x 12- baby to 5, and then i might have the A4 3yrs to 6 yrs......(shrugs the shoulders)
    have fun with the training, and good luck with schoolies (I have to say im glad that is awhile away for us)
    ps we are having troubles with our tomatoes- the leaves are going black- do you or Brent know what this could be?

  3. Mardi, love the new title photo thingy, the photo is fab.........

    Cute LO too....

    Still crying over not coming to see you, belinda, Cheryl and the other girls this weekend but we will have to organise something else, I maybe able to talk DH in to a few days away during christmas holidays.

    Take care in the heat today.

    Cherie xx

  4. Way to go Mardi with that GORGEOUS new blog banner!!!! What a fantastic photo:))))) As for scrapbook size - I agree with jane - just do whatever you feel like at the time. I only really do 12x12s now for class samples and mostly do 8.5x11 but I also love the 9x9 size!
    Love that bunny layout:)
    And schoolies - such a big deal and worry for mums hey - but he will be fine..he will have all those 'don'ts' ringing in his ears while he is up there:)

  5. Anonymous3:28 pm

    How fantastic is your new header!!!!
    Hope you have fun on the weekend :D

  6. I do mainly 12 x 12 Mardi but I can definitely see the attraction of the smaller size. One thing that would be great is being able to just run it through the printer for journalling. I guess though I'm doing most of it by hand anyway so who knows LOL. I am also a bit anal with lines etc so I think the square sizes suit my eye for design at the moment.

    As for Damien's teeth, I was thinking the same thing. I think that he has probably got Invisalign braces which are clear, "plastic" covers that go over your teeth. My dd got them (a thinner version as they were only temp) when she had her braces off. You couldn't even see them if you weren't looking. They can do great things these days - trust me I know LOL seeing as my dd got her first orthodontic stuff at 7!

    counting down the days now.....


  7. LOOOOOOOOVE your new banner Mardi....any chance of an order from me? Lol...i can do the basics...but your header looks AMAZING...

    yes SCHOOLIEs...luckily i never wanted to go to this...but i could imagine how worrying it could be...but im sure DS will be fine

    changing your size (of layout) is always fun...but i always seem to go back to 12x12...give it a go...its great for a change!

  8. Hiya Mardi - loooove the new banner, looks awesome!!
    As for layout sizes, I have done one 9x9, it was fun and easy to do but haven't been swayed by it just yet lol. Am tempted by the 8.5x11 size for a BOM, well is on the to do list, guess i'm just stuck on the 12x12's.
    Great job with the layouts, both look FABBO!!

    take care.......

  9. Love ur new banner Mardi!!! looks
    UR always busy buzzing around....but I'm sure u'll love ur scrapping day!
    Have only ever scrapped yeh boring hey!
    Sure Brent will be fine @ schoolies, he has a good head on his shoulders...I'm sure.

  10. LOL at the strategy for getting kids out of the housein your last post. And I am quite sure schoolies will be fine, he sounds like a responsible young man your Brent.
    Hope the training wasnt too hot for you!

  11. your sexy new banner..looks awesome. I love that pic!
    Not sure what size you should scrap..whatever goes with your pic at the time probably..LOL
    I'm sure Brent will be at Alex going with him?
    Rhiannon wants to go up the Central coast with a couple of her girlfriends but I'm still mulling it over. They are a great bunch of girls but she is still only 17 where they are all 18...makes a big difference.

  12. I LOVE your gorgeous banner! I don't even know how to change the banner on my blog!

    Hope your training goes well and the weather isn't too nasty! I'm not a fan of the heat.

    I almost always scrap 12x12. I'd like to do more 8.5x11 but I just like consistency too much! I only used 8.5x11 for my dad's birthday album. Sorry I can't help either!

    So tell me, when you guys in SA talk about "going to schoolies" what does that mean? Does it still mean going to the Gold Coast or do you go somewhere else?

  13. Anonymous7:34 pm

    i'm loving the new blog banner too:)

    i scrap mainly in 12x12 too but i've started an advice album for abby(haven't added anything to that in a while) and it is 8.5x11. it is so much harder to find an album in that size though

  14. How did schoolies go??? Hope you didn't stress too much!
    Love the new banner by the way..very smart! You are a clever little chicky aren't you!
    Seeya Saturday...yipee!!!

  15. Hi Mardi,
    Love your new banner, it looks fab.How did Schoolies go..I used to live on the Goldcoast and i so hated when schoolies were on, the kids used to run havic..Glad i'm not there any more..I'm sure your DS would have been well behaved of
    Love your layout..Very Cute!!

  16. Mardi?
    Any chance....i can commission you to do me a banner? Just love what you have done...