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18 November 2006

kfor parents of teenagers ...... if you are wanting a quiet night at certainly worked for
I made mention this morning that tomorrow (Sunday) was going to be having a family cleaning day...and that everyone could help clean the house ....Mmmmmm well it dawned on me a few minutes ago...Ian and I are totally alone tonight...somehow they have all managed to score sleepovers at friends houses.....and Im willing to make a bet...they wont wander home to they think the cleaning is safely completed....ha ha ha...I should leave it until they all arrive home.....but I cant stand it a minute longer.
Ive usually got all my cleaning done on my first day off...but we were so busy last night at work (and its not even full moon)....that Ive spent most of the day doing absolutley nothing and crawling on and off the bed...too tired. Ian is such a sweetie....he has promised to help with the house tomorrow...although Im still annoyed with myself for wasting an entire day...I didnt even scrap.
I did finish my BOM layout for the Boxx the other day..... it was about childhood memories...and I created a layout all about my love of dressing up...and in particular ...the plaited panty hose that I loved to wear on my head representing long plaited hair....I thought I looked so beautiful and loved to flick my 'hair' around...I can still remember thinking it looked very realistic...Mmmmm what was I

Now I must add that this layout is not crooked...... I apparently photographed it a little crooked and then when I cropped it it looks terribly Ive noticed since uploading it into the gallery...I guess Im just hoping people realise Im not this

Well...thats it for tonight ...think of me tomorrow cleaning my messy house...planting my tomato plants...... ironing 78 baskets of ironing.... watching my gorgeous Jess sing on Idol ..... maybe even scrap for a minute.... (and yes I am still considering the cleaning lady...I just keep spending too much money and feeling guilty about spending even
Have a lovely Sunday...
Mardi x


  1. loove the layout Mardi- good luck with the ironing :)

  2. Anonymous2:17 pm

    Ahhh yes the old I'm cleaning the house today works every time!! PMSLOL. At least while they are all out it makes it quicker ~ no interuptions. Although a housekeeper/cleaner would be fabulous!! Hmmmm!!
    As for Schoolies week.It is a very scary time for any parent but all we can do is talk to them and let them know the dangers that are out there and then hope that they are mature enough to handle the situations that come along!
    Good luck Mardi.
    Tammy X

  3. Anonymous5:26 pm

    I'll see you at my place when you are finished there Mardi - you can pour drinks and cheer me on because I am sure I will still be going.

    Who's idea was it to work every day this week???


  4. Cleaning..BLERK!!!!
    Love the LO per usual.
    Hope to catch up soon,
    Luv Belinda

  5. Anonymous5:32 pm

    I'm a lurker to your blog, but I've bitten the bullet and here I am commenting.
    I too used to wear plaited stockings on my head ROFLMAO I remember an elderly neighbour asked my mother if I had cancer and was that the reason for it.
    I just loved flippin' my hair around too. Sheesh, talk about imaginations, and thanks for a trip down memory lane.
    Good luck with your cleaning.

  6. Anonymous8:07 pm

    LMAO at your kids!!!! I'll have to remember that for when I have kidlets.. hilarrrrrious. GORGEOUS layout too by the way!

  7. Anonymous5:28 pm

    Georgous pages as usual Mardi. Can't wait till Asher is old enought to help clean. Not much help comes from my dh.