17 November 2006

Why do I have to work ?..... I far rather be at home.... lady of leisure...totally caught up around the house.... freezer laden with home baked immaculate..... cupboards lined up an organised like a home and garden store..... funnily enough though for all the years I was a SAHM .... probably only a couple of years total ....I hated every minute of it...and was far less organised than I am now working full time.... lifes funny sometimes.

I have been busily organising a scrapping day to be held on the 25th Novemeber wont be the
wonderful day that was planned with Tracy W, Sam D and Donna W and their fabulous classes.... but its a scrapping day nonetheless....and thanks to all the wonderful support from the local (and not so local, Allie) girls.... we are going to have a great day...and I plan to SCRAP! I also have offered a tiny class on the day (a poor replacement).... I know a lot of the girls locally have asked about sewing on layouts so this will be an oppurtunity to let loose with the sewing machine..... and create a quick and simple layout....... here is a little peak.....

Since I arrived home from work this morning I have been cutting out alphabet stencil letters and highlighting them with faux see Briony is working on a school project ..this is in total contrast to my boys who's goal throughout their school life is to avoid as much work as possible ...never extend themselves and scrape through with the minimal amount of work that will still enable them to pass..... sorry boys...but its the truth..... and I am proud of you both for always passing....Id just love to see a bit of dedication every once and a while.
Briony on the other hand is a striver ...she wants great marks..... and she succeeds....Im proud of her as well.

Just finally .... something im a little sad about..... apparently their has been some nastiness out there in the cyber scrapbooking world..... this absolutley PEEVES me ....why anyone would want to intentionally talk about...or make anyone feel bad is beyond me....... my goal always is to support and compliment the wonderful friends I have made...and rejoice in their success..... I have made THE best friends ever.... and infuriates me that anyone could be so downright nasty. I should add that I have atually no idea what, where or what ...Ive (typical of me)...had my head buried in the sand...and would never have noticed if I hadnt read that some of my friends have decided that they will no longer be blogging as a result.....which saddens me.
I thankfully have the greatest bunch of friends....and I am extremely grateful.....

BFN Mardi x


  1. Anonymous10:35 am

    I love the sneak peek of the page Mardi. Wish I could hope on a plane and join you for your scrap day. Sounds like fun.

    I too am sadden by what I've been hearing about nasty stuff on blogs. Makes me sick.

  2. Lovely sneek peak! I'm sure the day will be totally fantabulous Mardi....would love to have the $$ to join u ...but u know that's not gonna happen n e time soon!
    Briony sounds a bit like u....striving for that bit extra!
    Sounds as though we've both had our heads in the sands...because I have no idea what the nasties that have been said's a saaaad world when u can't have ur own space & i think people just shouldn't bother reading the blog's of people they don't like or have some sort of gripe with IYKWIM?
    Have a great weekend

  3. Anonymous11:04 am

    Cheers Mardi, You always know the right words to say!
    Have a wonderful scrapping day, I wish I was coming just so I could meet you and do your class.
    Have a great weekend

  4. Love the sneak look Mardi. Sounds like Briony is going well at school too :).
    It sadens me to hear about what is happening on the net. I am sorry for the people that it is happening too.

  5. I don't know about the nasties either - I only read something about it on Nic Wright's blog, but don't know any details. I don't understand why some people have to be like that - so sad. Anyway - YOU are always such a sweetie and always encouraging and gorgeous :)

    I'm so impressed with you running a little class on your scrap day. See - always so encouraging and helpful :)

  6. so wish i could scrap with you on the sure you will have a great day....and i wnat to see loads of pics
    Will have to catch up and scrap..when up next

    take it easy....

  7. Anonymous11:13 pm

    looks like a yummy LO you have there my dear!!!

  8. Have fun at your scrapping day Mardi! Sounds like it will be great! Love the sneak peek and cant wait to see the rest of the layout!

  9. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Can't wait for next weekend, even though it won't be the same as we were expecting I'm planning on having a ball :-)

    Now I just have to get started on my swap tags and I'll be right!


  10. Hiya Mardi....i cant wait for with allie tho...i havent even thought about my tags LOL....

  11. Was sorry to hear that the scrap day was cancelled..but good on all of you for organising something yourselves. :) That way you won't totally miss out and you'll probably have just as much fun!!
    The sneak peak of your class looks fabo...I bet you have a ball with that!!
    Ditto on the nasty to them I say. :(