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14 November 2006

Quick post tonight .....

* Its lonely in the old house tonight...all the visitors have left....and its quiet....Mum broke my dishwasher too...Im sure it was a ploy so I wouldnt forget her ...LOL...just kidding Mum..
* Brent is cleaning out his room....OMG...I m not sure if he is coming down with something.....lost something.....or perhaps he has turned over a new leaf.
*I want to scrap...I just want to sniff the paper...and make a mess.... damn work...Grrrr!
*Briony played basketball again tonight ...and they won .... apparently in her words "the other team were feisty"
* Dean left Idol ..... I was a bit sad to see him go.... he was so gracious .... now its "GO JESS" for me...I know Damien has a great voice... but I love Jess.
* I made it through to the next Scrapboxx DT round....Im honestly shocked.....I had a really bad feeling this round...and procrastinated over my layout so much...I chose a quilted wall hanging as my inspiration.... and really struggled ....I couldnt seem to Mardi'fy my layout at first... but when I came back to it for the second attempt...I was reasonably happy.
I actually had a funny feeling was as if Id stolen Kathie's paper piecing technique and I kept feeling guilty that I was using her style ...but there was no other way of interpreting the wall hanging..... the paper piecing was the whole inspiration thank you Kathie ...for landing a little of your inspiration to this layout as well...... although yours always look so much better.
This made me think how I seem to avoid certain techiniques...even colour combos....and styles....if I feel they are a signature of another scrapper ....I always feel guilty using scalloped edges....they are Janelle's litte trademark ..... I wont use Kim's funky circles from my last online class..although I so badly would love too...because they are Kims....... and so I go on.... I think I make scrapping so hard for myself sometimes...... please tell me other people are like this....Im not a fruitcake am I?
I was also dissapointed to see that some of my dear friends did not make it through this round.... this makes it a little bittersweet to be honest.... I just wish we could all be on a revolving DT schedule.... and each take a different month...easy fixed!
* I did also scrap an alternative layout ...this one of Ians Mum..... and the inspiration for this one was a handpainted bangle........
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but after deliberation and a final ruling from my scrapping critic (Briony) ..I went with the first one...which Im quite happy about ...good choice babe.
*oh..we are babysitting two turtles....named Hurtle and Myrtle.... they are so cute...I must get photos before they go hime.
*Brent has booked a ticket to Schoolies .... should I be nervous....I jolly well am....!!
*Lastly a huge thanks for all the visitors that leave me a message really does make my day to read that youve been ...and I know that sometimes it is time consuming to stop and comment...and far easier to read and leave.... but it is appreciated...hehe
Thats it from me tonight ..... take care....
Mardi x


  1. G'day Mardi,

    Congrats on successfully getting through to the next round of the Boxx DT comp..and I understand what you're saying, but I am just so proud of you!
    And I am starting to believe that your middle name could indeed be "fruitcake" lmao!!! I get what you're saying, and you do have your own unique Mardi style, but you are making scrapping harder for yourself in some ways by not wanting to do the can do the same and alter it to your own style you know. Make any sense? Prolly not!!!

    Have fun with Hurtle and Myrtle.. cute names!!!

    And now that I have left my comment and bored you to tears... I am off to annoy someone else!
    Love n Hugz

  2. right back at ya Mardi-thank YOU for taking the time to leave comments on my blog- it is appreciated my end too!
    well done on the next round- love the lO you chose!
    have a good one

  3. Hi Mardi..

    Well im sure by now u know how i feel about your layouts "im in love " hhhehe, i am just so stoked that u got though! So so so happy for you!

    Hhhehe so cute about the turtles, and i so know what u mean about reading and leaving i am guilty of that :-(

    Well i will be off by the wat the other layout if goreous too!

  4. Anonymous8:05 am

    Hey Mardi, Yep, I put my hand up to being a reader and leaver!!! Congrats heaps on the DT Boxx comp so far. You're one awesome scrapper. (even if you are a fruitcake ROFL). Keep up the good work matey and keep blogging - I'm a reading!


  5. Hi Mardi,

    Huge congrats I loe reading your blog and love these two pages. It's a craft and we all bounce off each other and turn other peoples idea's into our own. I don't think any one owns an technique buts thats just my thoughts. I defintly see 'Mardi Style' in all your LO's your style if fab!

    Have a great week,
    Lauren x

  6. how are the

    Congrats on making it another step further...your work is so gorgeous - there is no reason why you shouldnt have made it...

    chat again soon

  7. Anonymous10:10 am

    Hey Mardi. Huge congratulations on making it through to the next round!! I thought that layout was yours but wasn't sure so I popped in here to check LOL.

    I know what you mean about not wanting to do something that someone else has. I have big trouble scraplifting and even when I set out to do it, my layout never turns out anything like it because I change everything LOL. I think that Kim or Nellie would be very happy for you to "do their thang" and would be very flattered that you wanted to. Just adapt it to "Mardi style" and you'll be laughing. Yes sometimes being "funny" about this sort of thing can make like hard - I mean how many truly original ideas are out there?

    Can't wait to see what the next round challenge will bring. Good luck - you are my big tip to make it :-)


  8. WOW, you go girl! Hope to see you on that team!

    Love your LO's, they are sooooo pretty!

    All Mardi therer!

  9. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Congrats on the round win in box dt comp.

    Love your pages Mardi.

  10. Congrats on getting through Mardi, although I never doubted you would. And you shouldnt either....your work ROCKS!!!!!

  11. Mardi I'm stoked that you got thru and I'm backing you all the way! I want you to win!!!

  12. congrat's on getting through to the next round of boxx DT. Love the lo's; I never really thought of how someone uses what style etc...Briony has great taste u'll make a scrapper outta her yet!
    Yep be very afraid of schoolies week!

  13. CONGRATS on making the next round Mardi - love the layouts..... I always do,you have such an awesome talent for creating.
    I know what you mean about others 'styles' but i kinda think lauren summed it up well, we all seem to bump against other's ideas and 'tweak' it to make it a little different. I really think thats how scrapping evolves.
    Anyhoo congrats on making the next round, not sure how many more rounds there are but fingers crossed for you (nto that you really need my stubby little fingers crossed LOL - your work is fantastic!)
    take care.......

  14. Hi mardi,
    congrats on making it through you so deserve to win..
    Have a great week

  15. Hey there Mardi, Seems I am always late in posting - sorry!! I just wanted to congratulate you on getting through - it is so wonderul travelling this journey with you. Fingers crossed for the next round.

    Now about your style!! I think we are all inspired by someone else and very few people are unique. I think they way we interpret something puts our slant on it and I think if we use something that is just like someone else, just credit them for it. So what I am trying to say is - go use the scallops or the funky circles - they will be Mardified anyway. I would love to see how you use them - your style is unique therefore your use of them will be unique too.

    My Nanna used to have a pet Turtle in a bath sunk into the backyard. They make the best pets - Enjoy Hurtle and Murtle!!

    Sorry, this was long wasn't it!! Have a great week and I hope the dishwasher is fixed too! xx

  16. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Hey there Mardi,

    Congratuations on the next round at Boxx! I am over here cheering for you! Can you see my pom poms? Go Mardi GO!

    I love your two designs... Gorgeous as always...

    Cheering for you across the pond.

  17. congrats on making it through to the next round Mardi. Your layouts are brilliant. I really love the quilt inspired one.

  18. Anonymous8:08 pm

    mardi, i LOVE that paper piecing layout!! congrats on making it to the next round of scrapboxx dt.