...what a fantastic weekend...

13 November 2006

...well we have had a house full over the weeknd...and its been wonderful. My Brother and SIL arrived Friday night and went home yesterday, with their four gorgeous kids....and Dad and Mum also arrived yesterday for a couple of days.....and we were also visited by Ians Brother and SIL..and their 2 kids...and Briony had a friend sleepover as well...and I musnt foget darling ALex......so it was standing room only all weekend...thankfully the weather was warm..even though it was a stormy...and the kids spent the entire weekend...soaking in the spa or swimming.....you should have seen their hands.....white and wrinkly.
I love lazy weekends...of long roast lunches.... coffees... chats....and a bit of shopping...lol

Here is a piccy of some of the kids lounging in the spa .... by no means a great photo...but Im sure you get the idea.

Well I went back to the Naturopath on Friday ...and I was pleasantly surprised..... my gut cleanse has been wonderfully effective..and even she was impressed....so operation gut cleanse is over...and operation gut repair is underway ....so for $190.00 I should be on the way to a very healthy gut....Ian is still quivering from the bill I think. She also reviewed my progress with the nutrition plan...and even with me being very naughty...and only following it religously for the first week....and then very loosley form there on...Ive lost weight and increased muscle mass....as she pointed out...imagine what I could acheive if I behaved myself.....so today I begin in ernest again.
Well....I know a few people have been wondering my progess...with the view of seeing a Naturopath themselves....and I have to say..... I think Im starting to feel better.... I am definatly less tired ....and if I could resist the urge to eat cakes and drink milky expresso coffees...I imagine I could feel even better.
Thats it for this morning .... bigger update later ....I promise...
Mardi x


  1. Anonymous3:14 pm

    Yay you for being ernest - nothing like a Monday for doing that.

    How about I will not have the cakes and coffee for you if you could please not have the chocky and Iced Coffees for me - deal?

    Im sure we would both feel great then :)

    Have a good week Mardi.

  2. Hi sweetie! Sounds like you have had just the best time with rellies and I am glad to read that!

    Good on you for completeing the gut cleanse and best of luck with the gut repair!

    Will be keeping an eye out for your progress with the weight loss, I am about to embark on a new regime...

    Love n Hugz

  3. Sounds like it was a great weekend @ ur house!
    Good to see ur gut cleanse is working & I think Glenn would be having a heart attack @ the price too but worth it if ur seeing/feeling some benefits.
    Stay well

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome time catching up with the family Mardi. LoL at the kids all being wrinkly, they just never seem to realise when enoughs enough hey?
    Great to hear the visit with teh naturopath went well.

    take care.......

  5. Hi Mardi! Good job on your clean gut and your weight loss! You are obviously doing a fantastic job even if you are a bit slack at keeping with it ;)

    Looks like you had a brilliant weekend!