10 December 2006

Well Im slowly coming back from my own private Robbie land ...Ive had a few moments where to onlookers I may seem to be totally vacant.... a blank expression on my face..... glazed eyes ....and a fixated smile...these are my little private Robbie moments.....LOL
Im still on cloud nine.... he is so totally awesome.

Well .... how can this be right? ...... I spent two hours solid at the Robbie concert only a few metres from speakers as high as the grandstand..... the sound was perfect and the noise level was perfect ... ...then last night we went out to a band locally..... I spent the night jiving on the dance floor..... making a million embarrassing 'Mardi Moments' .... caught the courtesy bus home and complained a little that my ears were ringing. Well Ive woken this morning and they are just as bad......Im totally ringing still...... Ive probably sustained permanent ear damage....Argghhhh!

Well .... just a super quick update now......

*Napisan does NOT remove fluroescent green glow stick form white Billabong fades it a little.... but it does NOT remove it.

* Teenagers are damn inconsiderate .... the 13-16 year olds are ok......its those other ones...Ggrrrr.

* Brent has finished his job.... next week is 'search for new job week'.

*Mitch's exhibition went well.... he passed and Im so glad Brent and Briony went for a I felt so terrible for not being home.

* Kims online "Christmas Extravaganza" was a huge success this last week...and I was so proud to have been able to provide some class samples as well...... Gee... there was some absolutley beautiful work in the gallery.

* The Scrapbooking Memories 'Masters' were announced this week..... Im still having a BTP item got an honourable mention.....and Im thrilled.....
but ...Im also a tad embarrassed.... this was my least favourite item...I loved my layouts...and I thought my monogram was unique ... but my BTP was not my style and from the minute I posted it I was wishing I could suck it back and change it...... but they liked this confirms what Ive thought for ages.....I have no

* Layout share..... just cos I liked the papers and although Briony hates this photo...I though it captured a moment ....sorry babe.... (and the journalling strips are straight...the photo is

* Its been so hot here this week.....yesterday the temperature reached 42 degrees and smoke was hanging in the air from these fires that are still burning...... the diameter of the fire is about 400km or fact its absolutley huge...... but hopefully it will remain burning within the containment lines and not pose any danger.

*Carly (niece) has spent the week with us doing work experiance locally.... I think she has probably left thinking we are a totally crazy has been so hectic this week.

*Briony has her Year 7 graduation this Tuesday night ...we are finally prepared (apparently she was the ONLY girl who didnt have a dress yet!).... we have now bought the dress and she looks gorgeous...... it will be a very sad night Im sure...Ive loved this Primary School and it will be sad to leave.

Well ...thats enough for one morning ...Im off to listen to my ears ringing....Mardi x


  1. Anonymous11:47 am

    Mardi congratulations on your honourable mention!
    Perfect of course that it is your least favourite, tis always the way. But rest assured YOUR taste is fine :)

    Had quite a giggle at the thought of you staring off into space. I think the phrase having a 'Robbie moment' just might stick around.

    Hoping the fires stay away from you.

  2. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Hey Mardi, I've been the same. Have been playing his stuff non-stuff and I'm sure my family is OVER it! Oh well, why can;'t us over40's act like teenagers again LOL.

    You know, I was thinking that I haven't thanked you properly for the other week. I had such a good time and really hope we can catch up when I'm there for a few days at New Years. And I'm going to put myself out there LOL and say that I miss you! I enjoyed your company so much, I think this could be the start of a beautiful friendship "-)


  3. Anonymous4:56 pm

    Hello Mardi
    (Ive come out of blog lurkdom)I would like to add my congratulations for yor HM.
    Cheers Louise

  4. Anonymous7:36 pm

    Congrats on your HM. If you have no taste, I have even less, lol.
    Isn't it so hot!

  5. Anonymous9:18 pm

    *Hugz* Mardi and congrats on the honourable mention darling, although I too thought you were a Master for sure...

    Hoping the fires are well away from you and please stay safe!

    Enjoy Brionys grad night on Tues, Lukes is on the Thurs night.. yet to buy his outfit!

    Have a great week hun
    Love n hugz

  6. Anonymous9:38 pm

    CONGRATULATIONS MARDI. You deserve so much more than an honourable mention. I think your work is amazing and very inspirational for me. And you dont have bad taste at all, you have gorgeous taste, cant wait to see it!
    Enjoy your Robbie induced glow for as long as you can!

  7. Anonymous5:34 am

    Hi Mardi!!!

    Well I LOVED your BTP in the Masters book and I came over here to tell you so :0) VERY stylish indeed!!!

    Stay safe in those horrible fires ok....take care


  8. Hi Mardi, I had a quick read to catch up... but I have a lot more catching up to do. You are one busy little family that is for sure! Love everything you do. Keep inspiring me, cos one day I'll have time to scrap again LOL
    xx k

  9. YAYYY, congrats on the honourable mention for the Masters Mardi!! Awesome work!!!
    Great pix you got at the concert and it sounds like you had an absolute ball. Can imagine the energy levels were hyped to the max.
    Hope you all have a lovely time at Briony's graduation night, it's always a sad moment when we realise our little ones are growing up.
    Take care and stay safe - hope those fires aren't anywhere close by. We've had a shocking time last few days with the smoke here in Victoria as well.

  10. Anonymous10:48 am

    SPILL.....spill those "mardi moments", particularly if they are recent!
    Teenagers...don't have n e of them around...but I have a 5yr old that think's she's 21....That's bad enough. Can't imagine when she is a teen....HELP!
    A big {{{CONGRAT'S}}} to u Mardi, on ur honerable mention... U do have taste! If u didn't I wouldn't be so envious of ALL ur lo's & BTP.
    Ringing ears?.....ahhh that's a small price to pay for RW...I'm sure.
    Have fun in ur own little ringing world

  11. Anonymous10:51 am

    Ahhhh a Robbie moment sounds great *wink*
    Congratualtions on the SM masters honourable mention!! Woohoo...way to go matey ;-) That's fabulous. As for being deaf? Well at least your fingers still work PMSLOL!
    I hope the fires stay well away from your place. We had a fire here at Onkaparinga gorge and when I checked on the online map it was only 6k's from my place OMFG!!! How scary and it wwas only a small fire.
    Stay safe and enjoy Briony's graduation on Tuesday. They grow up way to fast for my liking...darn kids LOL
    Tammy X

  12. Anonymous12:41 pm

    I always manage to have a fw giggles over your posts Mardi. Thanks Hunny.

    Like the layout. Great pics and I can see why your dd isn't too keen on the pics though.

    Congrats on the HM in the Masters.

    Stya safe in the fires Mardi.

  13. congrats on the HM...that is FANTABULOUS...woo hoo...
    cant wait to see what you entered....

    bummer about the napisan!

  14. Anonymous8:22 am

    Mardi congratulations on you HM that really fantastic !! but I had to laugh with what you said, so typical it is always the things you least expect, can't wait to see it in the mag.

    BTW I hope you get your hearing back LOL !!

    Best Wishes