Christmas Extravaganza...

12 December 2006

Well just quickly first....

*I can hear ears rang for about 48 hours and now I think they are back to normal...whatever that was...

* Brionys Graduation is today ....the assembly is at 2pm and the dinner this evening ...we are prepared....dress (check) ..... leg wax (check) straightened (check) underwear (check) ....... just the make-up and nails to go.

*Well its time for me to share my experiance of being one of Kim Archers Christmas Exravaganza Elves ..... I was an elf..along with Janelle, Yvette, Julie Love and Roz James ... and it was SOOOOOOO much fun....Kim is amazing...she put so much work , thought and preperation into this class.....and the projects were fun fun fun. I was amazed by everyones different creations and Im sure all of you that did the class would have been in heaven.

#So first up was the little mini felt books...... I made three initially and now have made a few more..... so easy....totally cute!

# Then was the layout which included using a page protector containing photos and another little felt addition ...the journalling was partially hidden by the page protector but still peeking through....

My layout was titled 'Joy...well most of the time'

...and my journalling reads......"How typical is this...... as usual a total rush...... I need some Xmas photos ..... I rush and buy just one hat. After school I try to nab you all for a photo......reluctantly you all arrive......Mitch in his dirty uniform.....Brent covered in potting mix and Briony in a 'nice' old T shirt...ready for a swim. You wrestle, poke, pull faces, whinge, generally be yourselves...thankfully I get a couple of keepers..xx"

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# The next project was the mini drawers..... I made two sets.... one for Mitch...with a little corkboard on the side ...and another set for Briony..... so easy but look great sitting in their rooms.
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# Then came mini gifts ..... I made a quickie christmas magnet for the fridge....

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....... a notebook for Alex.... which I thought was so cool...and she LOVED!

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...and my absolute favourite...CD covers.
This one to hold all the Christmas 2006 photos.......

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...and one for Brents photos of 2006....
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..... one for Mitchells.....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting for Brionys.....

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...... and some Christmas cards.....boy, Im crap at these....I am so NOT a card I copied Kim and just used different papers....

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Well...thats it for today ....... but before I head off ...I want to THANK everyone who has been leaving me such lovely comments .... I do try to get arounds as many Blogs and emails as I can...and if I have missed you or not made contact....please know I truly appreciate your kind and encouraging words.

Hugs to all ...... MWAHHHH! Mardi xx


  1. Mardi, you are so talented and a insperation, keep up the fab work girl, you rock........

    talk soon

    Cherie xx

  2. Love that mini felt book'll have to give me instructions on that one. Or was it Kims idea? Love it cute!
    Love all the things actually. :)
    Have fun tonight...Jedds' Graduation Mass and dinner is tomorrow night. I still have no idea what I'm wearing. Might have to go shopping tomorrow.
    Take it easy
    Sharryn :)

  3. Anonymous6:09 pm

    oh I love checking in on a huge fun post like this one :) Congrats on the HM, i was for sure expecting you to be a SM!! love what you made here, so clever you are :)

  4. Anonymous9:16 pm

    Oh wow Mardi you sure have been a busy little chook!! Your work is so totally, totally gorgeous and I love coming here for a vist :)
    I can't remember if I posted before so if I have never mind but a BIG, CONGRATULATIONS for getting an HM in SM that is just sooooo awesome.

    Mardi your in SA, Riverland aren't you? I was thinking maybe next time your in Adelaide we could met up for a coffee. I'd love to met you...especially now that your famous and all PMSLOL ;-)
    Have fun at the graduation tonight.


  5. Anonymous9:18 pm

    I just love your projects! Great to see them all together. I don't think I'd seen Alex's notebook before tho and it's just gorgeous! She's a lucky girl :)

    And congrats on the HM - can't remember if I've said that already but it deserves a second mention anyway lol. Don't be embarrassed by your BTP. I thought it was gorgeous. And unique!

  6. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Love all your projects Mardi. Awesome work.

    Hope the graduation goes of ok.

    Chat soon

  7. WOW oh WOW... Mardi...fantastic

    thats all i have to say....

  8. Your are so talented bring tears to my eyes!!!
    We will have to catch up soon!
    Have a fantastic Chrissy if i don't see you before!!
    Luv Belinda