I dont think I could possibly be more proud!!!

13 December 2006

...... Yesterday was Brionys Year Seven graduation assembly and dinner...... this was a day we had looked forward to and was a milestone in her schooling years....also a sad day as we said our official farewell to a wondeful caring school.

...... I am going to add at this point that Briony has had the most wonderful year...she has been successful beyond our dreams....she has had such amazing oppurtunites...which include SRC Coordinator .. chosen to represent the school and accept the KESAB award in Adelaide, attend the River Health Conference (late last year)..... and in general has shown maturity and leadership..... so Ian and I headed off to the assembly to watch Briony in her capacity of SRC Coordinator speak on behalf of the Year Sevens ....and of course to be presented with her graduation certificate.
This photo is of Briony and the other SRC Coordinator addressing the school....
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..... we were not prepared for what happened next though !

....each year, one student is chosen by the school staff to receive a very special award ..... it is an award for the most 'Caring' Year Seven student ........ its not for academic brilliance ...or sporting ability ..... its just for the most 'Caring'.

This award is presented in honour of a former student of the school who was tragically taken in an accident approximatly 5 years ago. This childs family made the decision to dedicate an award each year to the most caring student in their sons honour ..... I have been to graduations over the years and welled up as this beautiful Mother presents this award.

I didnt expect in my wildest dreams that Brionys name would be called out and that she would be the recipient this year .... I knew she was caring ...there is no doubt there.... she always has been ...she is mature and loves her friends and all the younger students at the school..... I just thought she had been so successful already throughout this year..... that someone else would take out this award.
We were so proud of her and the gracius way she accepted the award.... and I have shed many tears both during and after this presentation.
I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with this Mother who described her son as being a very caring little boy ...who would have been graduating himself this year .... it would be such an emotional time and Im still tearful when I think of how courageous she was making this presentation.

Briony and I have spoken since about how wonderful this award is ...and how we will treasure it knowing that we will always remember this little boy when we look at it. Briony came to the conclusion that she would have been great friends with this boy if he were still with us..... and Id have to agree.

The graduation dinner followed in the evening ..... and Briony finally got to step out in her new dress.... hair done.... and she looked absolutley gorgeous...and yes..Im biased....and I dont care.
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Well ...thats it for tonight ....Mardi xx


  1. briony does look absolutely gorgeous...just love that dress - beautiful

    and that is wonderful news about the award...a true treasure to reflect on for years to come

    well done briony
    and well done Mardi....on raising such a wonderful person....

  2. i agree with Fluerie- you and Ian have done a great job as parents- I hope Chloe will be like Briony too.
    I was thinking, in the time ive been reading your blog, Briony has grown up so much
    what a beautiful award to receive

  3. Anonymous10:42 pm

    You must be so proud of Briony.

    You and Ian have done a great job in raising her and the boys.

    Seen your page in SC today to. Looked great.

  4. Briony looks beautiful as she always does. She is growning in to a beautiful young lady.

    Briony must take after you, as you are a very caring person too Mardi, you and Ian must be proud as punch and so you should be.....

    Love your work in SC.....

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  5. yay for Briony! That is such a special award to receive! Congratulations. And such a proud moment for all of you! Well done:)So exciting!!AND Briony looks gorgeous in her graduation dress!!

  6. Anonymous8:15 am

    Mardi, you must be so proud. She is not only gorgeous, but intelligent, compassionate, kind and selfless. What a great Mum you are!
    Well done Briony!!!!!

  7. Anonymous8:25 am

    Woohoo way to go Briony!!!!! Thats an awesome award to receive and well deserved. And briony looks aboslutely gorgeous in her graduation dress.

    Well done Mardi, you have every right to be proud! :-)

    Have a fabulous week!
    Love n Hugz

  8. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Mardi that is just wonderful! I can imagine the tears you must have shed - I think I would do exactly the same. What a terrific award.

    Congratulations to Briony, and she just looks stunning :-)

    Megan xx

  9. Anonymous3:50 pm

    I totally agree....Briony is such a gorgeous soul & it shines from the inside.
    I would've been a bumbling mess, & that would've just about the award little lone if a family member one it!
    Maybe just a bit biased but she does look a stunner all dolled up!
    Briony is such a credit to U & Ian Mardi.

  10. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Oh my eyes are welling up reading this! What a really special girl you have raised :) And she does look totally gorgeous.