This is going to be quick....

29 December 2006

That Mardi girl is a bad blogger!! .... I feel so out of touch...I havent visited and caught up for weeks it feels...but Im slowly working my way around everyone Im awfully just gets too jolly busy.

...well we have a weddng in the family tomorrow....Ians sister is getting married.....we have Ians family staying with us , his parents arrived yesterday and his sister and family arrive today or in the morning....I guess I should check.

...I am to be the official photographer..... I must admit Im a little nervous....Im by no means an expert.... so Ill definatly be trying hard.

....Im also the maker of mini-quiches and pin wheels.....Im supposed to be cooking them now.....but any excuse to avoid stepping into the kitchen ..... and my excuse is Briony has biscuits in the oven at the moment. I love helping out for the wedding...but beleive it or not...Im not fussed on Ill be gald when they are made and Im cleaned up

..... I havent shared the little mini-books that I created for christmas gifts..... I filled them with favourite photos from 2006...and I made three in total.....they took forever to make.....and I was so happy that both Mothers and my Grandmother were happy with them....

Well.... the biscuits are out of the it looks like my excuse has tun out ...I better get these goodies made.......

wish me luck with the photography tomorrow.....any tips would be appreciated...if you have taken wedding shots before and something worked particularly well.... let me know....otherwise just send 'camera dont fail'

ooohh...and just lastly...and how could I forget darling Ian has suggested I can go to the 'Creative Edge' in Adelaide in January...... so I have booked in to a couple of classes......and hopefully there will be no hiccups. I know the Scrapbook Station is closed at the I cant confirm if my classes are ok, but fingers crossed.......Ill be crying if I miss out.

Have a great weekend everybody....

Mardi xx


  1. good luck with the tip is...make sure you get the 'candid' shots too....not all staged...
    I LOVE my candid photos MORE than my formal ones
    enjoy the classes too...cant wait to hear about them

  2. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Lovely little albums, Mardi. Cute little flowers.

    Good luck with the photography tomorrow. I'm sure you'll take beatiful photos.

    Cool that you can get to Creative Edge. I'm doing a class too. Wouldn't it be great if we were both at the same one?

  3. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Well you certainly are going to be VERY busy! But how exciting busy!
    Your mini books looks wonderful as always!

    Enjoy the classes, awesome!

  4. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Firstly what's creative edge? I've heard of it before but have no bloody idea LOL
    Secondly I love your mini albums. Just beautiful ;)
    Thirdly your DS sounds like mine with the slop PMSLOL...are their such fun teenage boys. NOT!
    Take care and have a great New Year. I look forward to chatting with you in 2007.

  5. love those little mimi albums!
    good luck with the wedding photos- im sure you will do a great job. Just make sure your battery is fully charged, and you have back up if possible, and your card is empty b4 you start(and you have extras of those too if poss)
    Ive got some really nice photos in my album of details ie back of the dress, shoes, flowers,the rings in Als hand, the cake etc. and candid shots of the guests is good too- cant wait to see what you do :) will send you lots of vibes, have a great day

  6. Anonymous8:54 pm

    Ditto to the candid shots and detail shots. I love those. Sending you 'camera dont fail' vibes :) Hopefully you'll get to enjoy the day.

    Great job on the mini albums! I'm sure they adore them.

  7. Anonymous9:15 pm

    You take gorgeous photos Mardi, I'm sure tomorrow will be no different.

    Can't wait to scrap with you at C/Edge! I've got everything crossed that we can get in to our classes!!


  8. Anonymous10:06 pm

    Ooooo Love those mini album's girly!
    Hey don't beat ur self up over not getting around to blog's I think it's goes without saying that xmas is busy!

    Hope the wedding went well & just to let u know...I wanted more candid shots(like Fleur said) but only got formal "posy" ones....just ask them what they want.
    Although I'm probably already too late.
    Have a great New years!

  9. You take such fantastic pix Mardi...... you'll do an awesome job with the wedding ones.Can't wait to see what you came up with.

  10. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Goodluck with the wedding shoot! And those mini albums are just gorgeous!

  11. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    I've linked you to mine on my blog. Hope that's ok. If it;s not, let me know


  12. Anonymous12:32 pm

    You lucky girl, going to creative edge!!!

    Have a fantastic NEW YEARS Mardi!