Well...I hope you all had a wonderful christmas.....

27 December 2006

Mine was fast ...over too quick.

I didnt get to really talk to anyone.....

We travelled back home ...and in no time we were climbing back in the car to return home here again.

Father Christmas found us ....

Brent spent the entire weekend with us..... mainly wrestling with Mitchell..... but he was with us nevertheless.

I made my annual blackforest cheesecake.....and it went down like a treat.

We had the most delicious roast lunch ..... with all the trimmings..

We had a beautiful stay with James and Kelly and family ..... baby Evie was so gorgeous...and made every moment special.

Mum and Dad and my Grandmother came out and stayed the night before..... it was so lovely to all be together.

We...would have loved to get around and see some friends....but time was limited and unfortunatly we didnt.

Mitch lost his retainers...... so there goes $540.00 and a trip to Adelaide (Oops shouldnt be negative...it is christmas after all...lol)

I did however receive the most wonderful gifts from friends I have made through scrapbooking.....Im overwhelmed and so grateful to have been blessed with such gorgeous friends.....thankyou!

Well..... I guess I better share a couple of christmas photos..... here is Brent and Evie...the biggest and the littlest in our family.

Brent with Grandma Lorna.....

Briony with Charlie.....

Briony with Mum.....

and as usual..... blogger wont allow any more photos...... so Ill have to upload Mitch, Brock, Kurt, Jack and Cooper later

I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas ...and is all prepared for a busy and creative New Year......

Mardi xx


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic time Mardi......

    I can't believe christmas has come and gone already!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a great New Year......

    Talk soon
    Cherie xx

  2. glad you had a great chrissy mardi....mine was much the same - over too quick

  3. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Looks like you had an amazing family christmas Mardi. Some fab pics to scrap there.
    Have a great new years!

  4. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Sounds like you had a great Christmas with your family. I love this time of year :)

  5. glad you had a lovely chrissy- did you get the wreath done?
    time to gear up for NYE now!!