I survived work...but now the question is "can I survive our water?"

25 January 2007

Well....I returned to work...I survived......Im now totally robbed of the 'Im on holidays mood' ...and back into it full swing. "Did I have holidays?...what ya talkin about"

Mmmm.... its hot.... our water stinks!! .....we cant shower....we cant run the Evaporative A/C.....we cant wash clothes...... you see...we are on irrigation water as we live out of town....so our water is basically straight from the River..... usually its fine...the irrigators use enough that the water is never in the pipes long...so it doesnt smell....but is occassionally dirty....no problem.

...but....we had some lovely rain (and Im not complaining)..... beautiful soaking rain.....so the irrigators are not needing to irrigate..... so the water is sitting in pipes slowly cooking and all that fish manure, weed, fish guts and other things I dont bear to think of..are stewing...bubbling away...then coming straight through the pipes into our house..... and it smells like pig poo.

Last night was the first we noticed it...... Ian turned on the evap cooler...and this stench filled the house...... so no showers...just a wash in a bucket with rainwater from the kitchen tap..... and Im terrified to think of how long this could go on for.....hopefully only a few days....
oh...and Dad and Mum are coming for a few days.....so incase you are reading before you
leave..... fill up your water tank....and bring enough clothes to not wash.....sorry.
I seem to be so behind with scrapping lately.....I have lots of commitments and things I desire to do...and yet Im only just finishing these EDM layouts...and I bet someone will soon annouce that next months is already out....Arghh.
I was really happy with this months...I loved the colours.....and the photos were all taken on Christamas Day.... relaxation...family...christmas...Ahhh.

Well.....Im hot, puffed....and need to go and fill a bucket with rainwater and have a wash.....Bye
Mardi x


  1. Oh Mardi, so sorry to hear it's stinky at your place. Let's hope the farmers get some of that water moving soon, and clean out the pipes for you!

    Megan xx

    And gorgeous layouts too...I know you've got other commitments, but it's great when you do stuff you can SHARE with us!

  2. Oh Mardi you poor thing - that is just awful about the water. At least if you all get a bit stinky you can blame it on the water LOL.

    I hope it is all clear and sweet smelling very soon.

    Love your layouts too - your album must be looking sensational!!

    xx Janelle

  3. ugg, I know that smell only too well. It happened to us when we were living on a property outside of Mildura. Poor thing, can't you water the garden, like for hours and hours lol.

    Gorgeous layouts!!!!!

  4. Ewww stinky water! I hope you can shower at work!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely layouts! I love seeing your stuff :)

  5. oh i hoep the water prob gets fixed soon mardi...i cant imagine how horrible that would be

    love the layouts too..you are right the colours are gorgeous...love that blue

  6. ugh. You poor things! Hope it gets better soon.
    I adore this month's layouts. That blue! And the photos look so happy, relaxed and full of family :)

  7. Hi Mardi!

    Your designs are GORGEOUS as always. You are such an inspiration! I love it!

    Hugs from across the pond

  8. Anonymous8:43 am

    Oh I feel for you re the water!... we used to have a similar problem on our property... I hope they start irrigating soon.


  9. oh yuck! Amazing how much we rely on good old clean water!

    Love those LO's the colours are just sooooo gorgeous!

  10. I totally missed this post dont know how, love the layouts!!! and ohhh sosoooo gross about the water you pporr thing !!! Hope it gets better soon or well have stinky mardi hahaha,

    J (hehehe)