Quick Questions??

26 January 2007

I have changed my Blog over to the new format..... I honestly can only notice a few differences...one obviously that the font colour can be changed......

....but one thing I have also noticed..... is that everyone who was subsribed to my blog using bloglines...is no longer subscribed!...... (Now for the bit that bothers me) does this mean also...that I am no longer subscribed to blogs that I love to read..... Mmm.... I guess Ill work that out in time..... I dont tend to use my links at all anymore..... I rely on Bloglines 100%.

..... next question....for someone with SC38 ...do I have a layout in there?...... I want the mag. and have been waiting for a contributor copy...... but then I thought maybe my layouts were bumped to a different issue..... and I need to actaully buy this one (does that make sense).


Mardi xxx


  1. Mardi, my Bloglines updated you :-)

    And yes, you have "Simple Pleasures" in SC 38. And it looks fabulous!

    Megan xx

  2. Ok Mardi some answers to your qucikies.

    Yes you have a page in sc38- Simple pleasures. Looks great by the way.

    I'm with bloglines and still get updates here about new posts on your blog. I too now rely on it and don't even got to my links anymore. May have to update them sometime soon though as I've over 100 in my bloglines.

  3. LOL at megan she must have been typing at the same time as me.

  4. Okie, so theres an easier way to keep track of your fav blogs??
    Will have to try and track down this Bloglines, i need a way to simplify things lol.
    Loved the layout in the mag Mardi, i remember when you put it up here, thought it was awesome.
    Loved all the layouts in your last post as well - gorgeous!!

  5. mardi...you prob wont get a contributers copy...SC dont generally send out one...
    I think they used to a while ago...but the last couple ive had pub'd in SC ...i havnt received a copy...

  6. i managed to add you to my bloglines mardi:)

  7. hey Mardi, had a catch up on ur blog....lots happen'n as usual...do u ever slow down?
    Buggar about ur pipes...hope that goes real soon. Love the lo's!
    My bloglines went funny a little while ago....I just re-entered the links/subscribed again & sorted itself out.

  8. You're in my Bloglines too :)

    SC still send contributors copies - I got #38 on Wednesday, but I know it's been out for maybe a month already! Maybe you'll get it early next week. I haven't even started reading it yet but I'll look out for your layout :) I see Megan said you're in there.

  9. Yep, gorgeous layout in SC. I got my copy on Wednesday? I think, yours shouldn't be too far away.

  10. I use blogarithm, and you're still comin' thru on that!
    I'm still waiting for SC38 too. I think I have two in it. Ooh, I just saw Mel's comment and she's got hers, so ours mustn't be too far away. I be they're together!

  11. Love the Simple Pleasures LO btw. It's absolutely stunning...the design is definately original and I'm totally taking notes on how you used all those photos and still made the page look uncluttered. TFS, chicky!