Sunday means.....

28 January 2007

... its the day after Mitch's 16th birthday...... more on that later.

... Mum and Dad are still visiting..

... Ian is home from Adelaide (after a trip with mates to help set up the Semphore fireworks ...thankfully he came home in one piece)

...our water is smelling a little better.... thats certainly something to crow about. house on the other hand is due for a good clean...that stinky water is hanging around.

... we had a lovely visit from some friends yesterday who were in the region holidaying.

... purchased the last of the school neccessities yesterday..... Briony has new shoes and new stationary.

I know I havent received it yet...but its coming (thanks girls!...for letting me know).... Scrapbook Creations #38.... I have two layouts

This one is titled 'Simple Pleasures'.......
and this one titled 'Mardi'..... both layouts were additions to my BOM......
Well...its time to get ready for the day.....
Huge Happy Birthday to..... Brock...... for the 24th
...and to Kate and Ron for the 27th ...... as you can see...Im fashionably late as usual.....
Mardi x


  1. Hi Mrdi, I just posted here and it disappeared so if I double up, I am sorry!!

    I am so glad your water isn't stinky anymore - I bet you are relieved about that one.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your LO's they are both fantastic...

    Have a great Sunday
    xx Janelle

  2. Glad to hear your water is better now! Love your layouts!

  3. Mardi your layouts look fabulous in the mag. It's always great to see your work around the place!

    Megan xx

  4. I to love seeing your work in the mags Mardi. They both a great.

    I fdo hope that the water is smelling better now.

  5. I love those layouts, glad he water is gettin better now!! and happy birthdays ! lol

  6. Mardi, I love both of your gorgeous layouts in SC this month.

    Glad to hear your stinky water is improving!!!!

  7. I just LOVE the Simple Pleasures layout. I remember seeing it on your blog when you first created the masterpiece! I still haven't read the mag yet!

  8. Love the LO's Mardi, beautiful as always.

    Re your LO done in Zina's class, It turned out so cool and how chuffed was I to see my photo on it...........You rock girl

    I will update you later in the week with what is going on with me.

    Glad your water is a bit better...

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  9. Anonymous5:40 pm

    OoHhhh I LOVE THE LAYOUTS MARDI!!! can't wait to see them in print....I have heard that SC is a ripper this month :0)


  10. Oh yeah, I heard about the Semaphore "riots". Can we call it that. It is only Adelaide after all, lol. Glad Ian got home in one piece.
    You sound like you've been busy. But then, you always sound like that.
    I remember seeing your Simple Pleasures LO a while back and I adored it then. In fact, it's saved somewhere in my folder of favs. I'm not at all surprised it got pub'd and I can't wait to get SC and pore over it all over again :)

  11. They both looked awesome in the mag Mardi!!
    Sounds like your keeping busy - glad the water prob is clearing up.
    take care