Retreat Layout share #1

15 March 2007

Far out Blogger.....I have just typed an enormous post...and phufft!! gone again..gRRRRRRR.

Well..... first up is my online class with the gorgeous Ali Stafford ..... I just loved meeting Ali.... such a warm personality...and a wonderful talent....I had the privilege of looking through her album and it is so perfect...with the most beautiful journalling....( you really are adorable Ali)

I should also add that Ali is a 8.5x11 scrapper and although the layouts adapt well to 12x12...they really look fabulous in the smaller size.

Now...I was originally booked into Ali's class...but when there was a vacant spot..I jumped at the I wasnt exactly prepared with I used what I had on hand.
This first one of Brent has journalling on the hidden tags.....I had each member of the family describe him in 5 is hilarious to read the results...and Brent has such a warped (sorry Brent)

The next one is a photo Ive scrapped before.... but I did love the cool journalling block made from stamping with cardboard....

...and the final layout is using the photo that adorns my blog banner..... it seemed to suit the papers and theme perfectly....and as this is the Beach where Ians parents alway makes me feel happy.

Oh well....If Blogger eats this

post...Im never blogging agian...its so frustrating to spend time typing it all have it just disappear...

....must get to bed ...tomorrow my boy turns......18 .... far out!!!

I dont feel old enough to have an 18 year old....I probably look it...but I dont feel

Mardi xx


  1. More awesome layouts, loving your work :)

  2. Naughty blogger needs a good hard smack!! How dare he do this to you - hope he starts behaving soon..

    LOVE your LO's Mardi - they are gorgeous!! So glad you were able to slot into the class.

    And you don't look old enough to have an 18 year old at all! Hope he has a great day. Take care xx Janelle

  3. Anonymous8:33 am

    Love your LO's finished Mardi. And you don't look old enough to have an 18yr old!!! Are you sure his yours??LOL The journaling was a terrific idea, Warning may scraplift!

  4. Anonymous9:21 am

    happy birthday Brent! you were a child bride were you not Mardi :)
    fantastic LOs mardi, you have used the BG papers so beautifully
    as for blogger, what i used to do, was get part way through a post, and then post it, and then continue with some more, and then post etc- that way if i lost anything, it wouldnt be the whole lot iykwim
    having said all that, i dont have the problem in wordpress, it saves as i go :) noice!!
    have a great day

  5. You DO NOT look old enough to have an 18 year old...not at all.

    Love your layouts and Happy Birthday to Brent.

  6. oh wow...Mardi
    LOVE your Retreat LO's...well done
    I hate it when blogger decides to delete...cos you never seem to write as good as you did in the previous one (well i have that trouble!)

    and dont look old enough for an 18 year old...

    Happy B'day Brent....

  7. Oh totaly gorgeous LO's Mardi!!! :)

  8. Anonymous11:47 am

    Lovely layouts Mardi, and the Scarlet Letter papers are just so gorgeous, Ali sounds like such a lovely person.

  9. Hi Mardi,
    Love your LO's, Ali is far too talented for 1 Lady hey but lucky for us she shares it. Keep up the great work, hope I look as good as you when my son turns 18!! Take care, Tracey.

  10. LOs look awesome Mardi love them all, you definatly dont seem old enough to me, Hope your big 'man' has a great birthday

  11. I LOVE the journalling block done with cardboard. That is so cool!