any given Saturday...

30 March 2007

Well...there isnt much to report here at all....

My Dear Dad is recovering well.... his surgery is out of the way now...such a relief for him and all of us. His surgeon was very happy and doesnt expect that it will be anything but positive thats another tick in the relieved box. Of course.... after any surgery the immediate week recovering in hospital is awful.... and we are hoping that by the time we visit him at Easter he will be out and feeling much better.

Mitch is loving his life now that he can get behind the wheel..... Ian or I have been taking him driving each afternoon...and he is doing very well. We are so fortunate in the country that there are lots of quiet and traffic free roads to practice...and he is cautious and listens well... so we are proud of you Mitch.

I havent scrapped much in the last week or so.....but I did manage to finish this the other night...scrapped totally for fun..and a great record of what happens in our house on .....any given Saturday. The Cert IV is still depressingly looking like heaps of Im not talking about it!

Ohhh... and dont forget to check out these couple of sites..... both of them totally cool.....

Aussie Pub Calls

and a new fun challenge site...

Aussie Scrapjacked

Well after spending the entire day in bed...Im off to the shower and back to work....what a waste of a day ... working at night

Mardi xx


  1. Glad to hear that your dad is doing fine Mardi....thats great news!
    What a fun layout...I nearly ordered a page of those arrows the other day...I love the way you've used it.
    I would LURVEEEE to scrapbook tomorrow, but i'm afraid that i don;t think it's possible with two children...bugger! Next time. A coffee and a chat will be just as good.
    C u tomorrow if your not too tired. Let me know if you are and we can take a rain check.

  2. hi Mardi
    I do love that layout!!!
    And I am glad to hear your dads doing well:)

  3. This is a really cool layout my friend! Cool to scrap the everyday stuff. Or the "every-Saturday" stuff :)

  4. So glad to hear your dad is recovering well. Bet you can't wait to see him at Easter time.

    Love the concept behind your layout, great idea, and I love the design of it too.

    Take care, have a great weekend.

  5. Oh Mardi- so pleased that your Dad is doing well- parents can be as bigger worry as kids!!!!
    I love your latest LO- but I can so relate to no scrapping time- I think I have scrapped a grand total of 3 LOs since the retreat!!!

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  7. Glad to hear you Dad is doing well.

    Love the layout......

    Talk soon
    Cherie xx

  8. Sending you wishes for a quick and full recovery for your Dad!

  9. Hey Mardi,

    What a very cool layout! Love all the fun photos you have used Mardi.

    And good news regarding your Dad hey. Am so pleased things are looking good there.

    Megan xx

  10. So glad to hear yopur dad is doing well Mardi

    i love this LO what a great topic just might have to do something like this for something different

  11. Love the LO mardi :)
    Glad to hear you Dad is doing well :0

  12. good i dea for a lo!
    & great to hear ur dad is going great guns.
    Have a great week!