Retreat Layout share #2

16 March 2007

...and this time...a wonderful class by the super talented Erica.... in Erica's gorgeous style..... simple and elegant .... with a twist of fun.
I really enjoyed all the stamping in this class.... seeing as Im not a huge fan of stamping it really opened my eyes to the possiblilites...and I just adore my layouts.

I cant believe how much work I still needed to do on all my Retrreat layout....but Im slowly working through and getting everything finished.

I had a wonderful impromptu visit with Belinda today .... thoroughly enjoyed a chat over coffee....and I just wished that we could do it more often....but I know in the future we will. boy is 18 today...Ive hardly seen him yet....( he is with Alex)...but they will both be home tonight...for Pizza...and chocolate pudding..... nothing like melting the candles in the top of a chocolate pudding....(as is our tradition...he had his choice .... and pizza and pudding it

Mardi x


  1. These are gorgeous Mardi. I hardly ever stamp on my layouts.

  2. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS - is all I can say. You have done a beautiful job of these layouts Mardi, and look how many you did in one weekend. I don't do that many in a month. Thanks so much for sharing these with us.

    xx Janelle

  3. Anonymous11:25 pm

    Wonderful layouts Mardi. I can see you acheived a lot at the retreat which is great. I bet you had lots of fun.

    Enjoy your week end :)

  4. Mardi all your projects are wonderful...and I hope the birthday by had a great day!
    Megan xx

  5. Mardi...i enjoyed every part of your visit yesterday. Thankyou so much for means alot!
    I even had a little tear when you Such a sook aren't i??
    I honestly could have tied you up and kept you there till June...seriously! :)
    I can't wait until i am back in Barmera..we'll have to make a monthly crop together.
    I loved, loved, loved your retreat LO's. They are all fantastic!
    Can't wait to catch up again soon.
    Luv Belinda

  6. Anonymous11:06 am

    Wow, I love all the layouts Mardi. They are all gorgeous and I can see the styles of the teachers but they still have that "Mardi-ness" about them LOL.

    A big Happy Birthday to Brent - I can't imagine having an 18 year old at my age but I guess when I'm 50 odd and Marnie is turning 18 you can help me out!

    I'm glad you were able to catch up with Belinda, it will be great for both of you when she is back living closer :-)