holidays are over....

27 April 2007

...well this is it..... my little break is over......back to work bright and early in the morning.... and that study is waiting for me too...Yeehaaa!...not!

So on to much brighter things...... I was asked by the lovely Kim Archer to be a part of her recent online class 'step back in time' and create a layout ...... let me tell you...this was an absolute hoot......I had kept almost 10 years of journals full of newspaper clippings, clothing tags, countdown top 10's and trillions of lists....... lists of movies I had seen, drive-in movies Id seen, books I read, friends I knew in all different places, boys I liked.... you name it...Id kept it.
So I chose the year 1980...and read through my journals...... and my journalling came directly from snippets I found.....

....some of the journalling is as follows......
The year was 1980..... I was in Year 10 at Bordertown High School and I was 15 years old.

I had an after school job at ‘Rodda Sales and Hire’ a variety store…. I can still remember spending my first pay on a purple velour ‘Blues Union’ jumper….Mmmm nice!
I worked every day in the week leading up to Christmas and earned $190.00 ….Gee..I felt rich!!

I was very lucky this year to go on the school trip to Falls Creek at the snow.. it was a highlight of the year. I wrote in my journal that Mum bought me a ‘Sturt ski jacket and a maroon Beanie and scarf.

Dad and Mum bought a yacht named ‘ZOT’ it had 5 berths for sleeping and a kitchen facility … this was defiantly a major excitement.

My favourite food was Mum’s homemade Pizza without Pineapple.

I took part in the school musical ‘Joseph and his Technicolor Dream coat’. We had many after school and weekend practices and I would stay at my friend Tina’s place in town.

I turned 15 in July and my parents gave me a ‘Puma bag’ (these were the coolest!! School bags…everyone had them…and now I did too)...I also got a ‘fawn windcheater’ and a writing pad.

I loved to read….and interestingly I kept lists of what I read … I particularly loved Dolly magazine… but also read Tidal Wave, Airport 77, Lord of the Flies, The Fire ants, Grizzly and The Machine Gunners.

I loved Art…and was involved with the Tatiara Palette Painters…I exhibited some oil paintings and sold one of a sunset for $38.00.

I also entered a black and white portrait weaving into the Bordertown show…winning second place…. Prize money .50 cents!!

We all loved to hang out at ‘Bills’ pizza and pinball parlour.

I had a thing for John English and Bobby Driessen and have posters and clippings all through my journals – this actually surprised me….as I can’t remember loving either of them that much.

I wrote the Countdown Top 11 in my journal every week… this one is from 30th March 1980

10- Walking on the moon
9- Blame it on the boogie
8- Coward of the county
7- Do that to me one more time
6- Rock with you
5- Dreaming my dreams with you
4- I got you
3- He’s my number one
2- Another brick in the wall
1- Crazy little thing called love

I loved to go to the Drive In with friends. During the year I watched Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Kramer versus Kramer, Can’t stop the Music, 10 and Invasion for outer space. Most of these were with my friend Tina and we would meet up with other friends there and sit in cars or on the lawn at the front.

I had my hair shoulder length and natural…pulled back at the sides with plastic combs. I loved Agree shampoo….and would often leave the conditioner in so I could smell the scent all day.
What a fabulous Year!!

...thats it for tonight... have a great weekend...

Mardi x


  1. Anonymous8:23 pm

    look at that 'i got you' was number 4:)
    what a great year. countdown, Dolly mag, cant stop the music- i loved that film !
    what a great Layout Mardi- you are so lucky you were a good journaller back then

  2. oh wow were so clever to have written all that information down...and now you have a wonderful LO/and memory captured in time...


  3. Anonymous7:56 am

    Wow! Thanks for that trip down memory lane. I had a Sturt jumper and scarf and beanie........ Have a few friends who grew up in the same area and are a couple of years older than you. Wonder if you know them. Small world!

  4. Mardi this is great - I think it's so cool you had kept all these things! What a treasure trove of goodies.

    Gee your break went quickly...I hope you can get back in the swing of things.

    Megan xx

  5. Anonymous10:17 am

    OMGoodness, I can't believe how organised you were, how great that you kept all those memories. And how funny that a lot of us did the same stuff and you are taking us down memory lane. Cool LO! Court.

  6. Anonymous7:15 am

    GORGEOUS work Mardi!!! love it as you know. LOVED reading all your lucky that you kept all your journaling back then :0)


  7. WOW Mardi, how fantastic, makes me so wish I kept a journal....
    Great memories and a great layout.

    Cherie xx

    ps. I did your tag.

  8. What an awesome thing to have! I really wish I had kept journals back then. I had to chuckle several times reading through those recollections. A Puma bag, ah yes! I had one too.
    Sturt? As in the football club? Oh, you would never have caught me wearing that. I was a Port Adelaide girl.

  9. Anonymous5:06 pm

    I love it Mardi and can relate to just about everything in your journalling! LOL here at the trip down memory lane....

    I can really see that Briony takes after you too. At first glance I thought it was her!

    Take care, I'm glad you had a good holiday. They go way too quickly hey?


  10. Anonymous11:04 pm

    MSLOL Mardi. That was such a hoot to read all that 1980's trivia. It actually doesn't seem so long ago, and now here we are with children the same age *sigh*
    Thank you for the trip down memory lane :D

  11. Anonymous7:36 am

    I visited the other day but couldn't comment, but I loved reading this tag and it brought back lots of memories! Great LO by the way and I liked reading your tags too.