Im so lucky....

30 April 2007 many things have been falling into place the last week or so....and yet Im worried....and I have no idea about what!!
I wake feeling worried.... and I lay there trying to work out what it is...but its nothing specific....just a whole collection of random little worries..... its bugging me!! .... I feel so excited and energised and yet Im tetchy and stressed all at once.....grrrr

...anyway here's our random news ...

*Brent finally has a job!!....infact he was offered two on the same day.... I felt so sorry for him having to make a choice and then make the "sorry for the offer....but I cant" phonecall....but thats life.

.....anyway the new job sounds perfect. It is right here locally....far less travel then his previous jobs.....and although it doesnt sound full time at the moment.... it does sound like consistent hours so that is good....oh...and what it is you ask?...... he will be a gas cylinder delivery man..

*Its been raining....heaps of rain too ...its absolutley fantastic and I hope it continues all week.....I have clothes in every stage of wet.... all dangling on the clothes line...scrunched....sopping...and I dont care!! ....its glorious...and living in an irrigation reliant community it can only lift the spirit of everyone.

*Im reading a fabulous book at the moment....Ken Follets 'Whiteout'.....I have read all of Kens books that I have been able to find...and so I was thrilled to bits to come across one I hadnt read before..... his 'pillars of the earth' was an all time favourite of mine.

*Im not scrapping at all...... I dont know brain is just elsewhere at the moment.

*I need to buy myself an external hard computer is chocked with photos...runs at snail pace...and I have a little pile of old photos belonging to my Grandma that I have promised to scan and return to her.

*Im loving Big Brother again...I used to be embarrassed about being a reality TV why!...who cares...Im a sucker for it and thats ok!

*Briony played her first game of netball for the season, she is now playing in the Riverland competition due to her lots and lots of travel involved...blahhh...and she travels in one direction and Mitch travels to footy in we have lots of juggling in front of us..... anyway they had a win... unfortunatly I wasnt able to be there to watch as I was at work...but hopefully next week.

*My lost circle journal has been found!! ... I am so so so so grateful that someone re-addressed it back to the sender and it resurfaced...... so I will really looking forward to getting it home..... my other one is still waiting to come home too..... fingers crossed on that one as well.

*I am on an organisiation spree in the home.... I want it clutter free.... I started on my desk and it is now looking very orgainised...Im also looking at systems to keep it organinsed...better filing...better routines.... and Im feeling meal planning has been a complete success...and has made meal times easy peasy....which reminds me...I better get off here and plan the weekly meals before I hit the shops this morning.

*I am back on my healthy eating and exercise ... yep..I know...I fall off all the time...but at least Im jumping back on again.

*ohh...and while I was cleaning up my desk the other night I noticed a message on the answering was an old message ..... which actually was from when the kids and I were away last week...anyway when I listened to it I freaked out!! did Mitch and Briony!..... it was a male voice....husky and whispering... asking what we were doing...and then telling us 'I am watching you' ...Ian just laughed at it and said its kids mucking around... but it has given me the heebie jeebies.... and now everytime I mention it Ian gets furious.." are not going on about that again are you?" ... but I cant get the horrible voice out of my head..... and I know it was nothing....I know its probably someone we know mucking around...or kids pranking.....but its a horrible thing to listen too when you have an overactive imagination like I

*Ok last thing..... in my quset for a clutter free and orgainised home I have decided I need a new look!! .... I want a decorating theme.... a 'look' about my home.... but here lies a problem....I like two diffrent ends of the decorating scale.....I love clean...sleek...white...uncluttered..... but I also love...old....collections... bits and pieces..... and particularly bits and pieces that were from my this old tin full of old embriodery threads..... how do I meld all of this together...... I have a home full of timber antique (some more so than others) furniture....and now I wish it was all white.... and I can tell you now...there is no way Ian will allow me to put paint on anything...especially after all the hours we have spent stripping it off lots of our furnitute what have you done? ...what is your look? .... how did you achieve it affordably? you know of any fabulous blogs or websites?

...what is the look Im after?

..... or if you are like me and have no idea.... Ill let you know my progress....

Mardi x

oh...and dont forget that tonight is the deadline for the Sketches Oz DT comp...get your sketches in !!


  1. I love reading your blog Mardi, all that info packed into the one post :)
    Hope your head clears and you get back to scrapping soon :)
    Hope you figure out the weird message maker too

  2. Hi there Mardi:)
    Always love reading your blog. Good luck with all your decorating and I hope you find a style you love! I understand about feeling funny about that weird phone message. I would too. BUT Ian is right - it would have been kids mucking around! And thank you for your lvoely layout in the last class! LOVED it, as you know. LOVED reading your journaling and seeing your photos:)

  3. Oh and PS...thats great that Brent has a new job:)))

  4. Hey Mardi!

    Lots going on in your place isn't there? Hey, here's some trivia for you....Ned's sister was married to Ken Follett's son! They divorced after 10 years but still run a highly successful business together in the UK. Unlike you though, I've never read one of his books!

    I hope you stop worrying soon Mardi - I'm sure there are good things on the horizon for you and no need to stress so much! :-)

    Megan xx

  5. Hi there my friend - WOW you have so much going on at the moment don't you! No wonder you have a feeling of worry - so much happening and so much to juggle. I hope things settle down for you soon. Maybe that weird message is what is bugging your subconscience (sp?) but I am sure it is just someone mucking around BUT not very funny either.

    I am totally in the same boat as you with decorating too - I have just added pieces of white and pretty here and there and grouped y collections of antiques into smaller areas and groups - I am a LONG way from where I want to be but that is where I am heading at the moment. Please let me know if you find a secret...

    Yay about Brents job too - that must be a relief for you all.

    Thinking of you my friend xx Janelle

  6. Hi Mardi, wow lots has been happening with you. Glad Brent has a new job, Hope it all goes well for him.
    Take care

  7. I too love reading your blog Mardi. Makes me dizzy just reading about all that is going on with you and yours.

    Great news about the lost CJ. Still no word on the other one yet.

  8. Anonymous12:23 am

    Hey Mardi, that voice would creep me out too. I am a modern sleek kind of gal (and I aint talkin about my body either, lets not go there)LOL my answer to that is my scrapbooking holds all my treasures and I too want white furniture but daren't go there - oh no siree. So I keep all my little treasures and colours and odds and bits in my scrapping corner. Look forward to hear more about your decluttering adventures.

  9. Hi Mardi,
    Sounds like you've got some great things going on (always a nice feeling!) Sorry you're feeling anxious about them though. Try a hot bath! That's what I do to soak away the day's stresses.
    Good luck with finding a way to mesh the old with the new. I don't know if you've heard of Mark Cutler but he's got some great ideas if you want to check it out
    I've checked out the Sketches Oz site and will definitely be back! Wished I lived there so I could try out for the DT. Oh well...

    Cheers from across the water,

  10. Sorry, the URL didn't copy well. Try this:


  11. Ah! I know about the PC clogged with photos. I have only 10% space remaining on my huuuuge hard drive and I've been going through flattening all my photos (I'm a shocker with photoshopping them and leaving all the layers in place - so my photos are all ginormous!) so that I can move them across onto a hard drive and free up some room.
    Hope your anxiety abates soon. There's nothing worse than that unsettled feeling. But it probably has something to do with that wierd phone call. Was it a Friday or Saturday night? I've had that disturbing sort of call late at nights on the weekends. I think people overindulge and then think it'll be fun to ring random numbers and play pranks. Yay for the cj :D

  12. OMG about the weird voice an the answering machine, just hang up calls give me the heebie jeebies and I know that they are just telemarketers with the autocall, so that would freak me out big time!

    Goodluck with the decorating... sure what to suggest, Steph Devlin has some great links on her blog where you might be able to get some inspiration though!

    Hope that your mind stops worrying and sleep comes a bit more easily...I am with you on that one ATM!

    Congrats to Brent on the new job!

    Have a great week! Tatum xx

  13. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    I love searching houses for sale on for decor ideas, you can see what works and what doesn't, and be nosey at the same time (thats just me). just think you could BE Big Brother!