Sketches and Scrapjacks....

1 May 2007

Its been posted.... Sketches Oz ..that is! ....the very first sketch by this incredibly talented girl has been posted up this morning...and there are some amazing sketch interpretation layouts by the DT as well..... it was a little like Christmas..... scrolling down and watching each sketch appear.... so without further is my effort.... ..... journalling reads.... "you all have them....those little things that make you individual. The faces you pull...the looks you give.....those little quirks"

OMGoodness.. during the time it has taken to me to complete this post..... another little announcement has been made on the Scrapjacked blog... I have the absolute pleasure and thrill of being the 'Jackee' this month. I'm not sure if the girls realise how chuffed I was to be asked...and I just love the concept..... its so much fun to 'scrapjack' someone work.... featured layout is a Multi photo layout...telling a story about our Easter this year...
Have a great day.......Mwah....Mardi xx


  1. Well firstly, your sketches layout looks great and I LOVE the idea of all the little quirks and looks from your kids. And secondly..congrats on the scrapjack thing!!! I might just enter this one:) It wil be fun to scrapjack one of your creations:))

  2. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Oh wow Mardi, huge congrats from me!! you are goin' places! Love your LO, hope I can find time to do it now. Not sure I'm off to Sydney - so we'll see. TFS

  3. WTG Mardi!!!!...
    can't wait to Scrapjack your LO..
    Cause it's Gorgeous!!! :O)

  4. CONGRATULATIONS on being scrapjacked!! THAT IS WONDERFUL. I am off to check it all out right now - I will have to scrapjack you now my friend.

    xxxx Janelle

  5. I loved logging in and checking out all our LOs on the sketches site this morning. It was fun, wasn't it.
    Congrats on the scrapjack thing. I might have to join in. LOL, like I didn't have enough projects on the go at the moment!

  6. YOU are a bloody legend Mardi!! These are both fantastic!! Must have a look at the Scrapjack site too - love what you do Mardi :-)

  7. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Yippee fir the first day of the Sketches Oz blog. Wasn't it amazing to see all the gorgeous interpretations of the sketch. Fan-tAs-tic!!& Woohoo!! Congratulations Mardi on being picked at this months Scrapjackee :D How exciting and I'm really looking forward to having a go at scraplifting your LO.

  8. Wow Mardi you are on a roll with these pages. Both just fab. Congrats on being this months jackee. I love your work and will enjoying jacking your page.

  9. VERY cool layouts!! Love the look of the "newspaper" in your Easter layout.

  10. Congrats Mardi on being scrapjacked..........well deserved

    Talk soon
    Cherie xx

  11. Mardi how cool to be scrapjacked! You deserve it. You already have so many fans! And your sketches layout looks fantastic! Love those pics lol.

  12. It was a pleasure to jack your layout Mardi - I had a lot of fun with it.
    Petrina :)

  13. I was SO stoked when I saw it was you who was getting jacked!
    Congrats on you girl!!

  14. Loooove that sketch layout Mardi - very clean yet still so very fun, gorgeous work chicky!!!!
    Congrats too on being 'jackee' for Scrapjacked. I always love seeing your work, so will have to go and check it out for sure.

  15. Woohoo Mardi, you so deserve to be a "jackee", your work is beautiful.

    Love the sketch layout too, totally gorgeous.

  16. love hte quirks LO...great idea...and it will bring many a giggle from years to come....

    congrats on all your achievements of late...

    Im going to try and give the scrapjacked challenge a go....