4 May 2007

Wow .... I cant believe the Scrapjacks that the Scrapjack girls have created using my layout as inspiration... I was gob smacked at how fantastic they look much better than my original!!
....... so make sure you pop on over to Aussie Scrapjacked and see their fabulous layouts.....and then once you are all inspired.....have a go yourself......I really want to see what everyone comes up with.....please...pretty

....well a really really quick update.....

* Brent is loving his job...... Mr Elgas leaps out of bed every morning.....and doesnt want to finish at night.... he said he is dissapointed when the day is over ...and cant wait for the next thats good.
* I finally purchased a 250gig external hard drive....Im just waiting for it to arrive....and my computer will hopefully thank me eternally.
*I am working in the school canteen all day today....helping out a I better get organised.... or else Ill be rocking up in my flanny pj's.
*No more freaky phone calls thank goodness..... Ian is still cranky everytime I mention
Have a great day.....and dont forget to have a go at the Scrapjack..... just for me...
Mardi x
ohhh...and an oldie...but one I still SM this month.....


  1. Your layout for scrapjacked is Awesome! I loved having a go at lifting it.

  2. Hey Marty!

    Glad you're not getting any more of those prank calls!

    Good to hear that Brent is enjoying his job too; it's fantastic he has so much enthusiasm for it.

    Megan xx

  3. Oooooohhhhhhhh forgot....

    GREAT LAYOUTS!!! You are too clever!

  4. Prank calls? How annoying are they? You know you can get telstra to trace them for three months for free. If they start up again, I'd suggest doing this.

    Gorgeous work btw.

  5. Hi chick,
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your LO for Scrapjacked!
    I had fun lifting it and even used Easter pics of Jye for it.
    Glad your prank calls have stopped..probably just some dumb kid.
    Cool that Brent likes his job. :)

  6. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Yay! Faster computer!!!
    Glad things are goingwell for Brent.
    Missing you - will email to catch up.

  7. Wow Mardi, I'm so excited for you to be scrapjacked, that is just awesome!

    Glad the prank calls stopped!

    Love that LO in the mag, gorgeous!

  8. wow I love that layout for scrapjacked!!! I will def give it a go!
    love your blog too, have added it to my favs!

  9. Awesome layouts Mardi. Loving the sketch oz website too.:)
    Glad Brent is loving his job. It is great to see the enthusiasim. :) Take care