My Blog...the snob!

8 May 2007

Well apparently my Blog has turned into a bit of a snob!!
It is not allowing comments from everyone who visits...for some reason its become selective....and so...Ive checked its settings... spoken to it firmly...and threatened a spanking....I hope it is behaving itself again really soon.
In the meantime....I always love a chat at:

Well.....whats been happening here over the weekend? .... it seems so busy busy at the moment...

*Briony babe is unwell..... she felt unwell Saturday afternoon (after her magnificent game of Netball where she shot 20 proud of her!)...... and went to bed early.... she then spent all day Sunday and Monday on the couch.....and is still home laying there today..... she feels nauseous...with a sore back and neck....hopefully she is feeling better tomorrow...this is so not like her. She has watched every DVD in the cabinet .... and as Im sitting here I can here Kath and Kim from the loungeroom..... Kaths doing her assesment piece for her floral art course...she is stressed and Kel is offering her a little afternoon delight...

* Brent and Alex spent the weekend in Adelaide...and then celebrated their one year anniversary last night.... with dinner at Macca's.

*Mitch camped with a mate overnight at the lake. Ian dropped them both out there on Saturday evening...and collected them on Sunday. They fished and generally had a good time... I had to throw the frypan away though...I couldnt get it clean...somehow they had charcoaled it...beyond

Well..... the washing machine is calling..... have a great day....and dont forget to have a look at the Sketches Oz .....and Scrapjacked sites.... they are a great way to kick off some inspiration.

Mardi x


  1. Hope Briony is feeling better real soon.....

    Take care and talk soon
    Cherie xx

  2. Hi gorgeous,
    Been busy this way as well. Hope Briony feels better soon!!
    Sounds like Mitch and his mate had a good time, had a chuckle at Brent and Alex having their 1 year anniversary at Maccas..thats so cute!!
    You are another one thats hard to scraplift!!! Have a great week sweetie
    Love n Hugz

  3. I've noticed that people have been complaining about not being able to comment. I don't seem to have any problems though. Maybe it's something to do with whether you're on new blogger or not?
    Hope Briony is feeling back to her old self soon. Congrats to Brent and Alex for their year together. Dinner at Maccas hmmm? LOL.

  4. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Hmmmmmm lets give it a try.

  5. Anonymous12:23 pm


    Hope you got the email and realised I still loved you but your blog didnt love me lol!

    Hope your baby girl netball star is feeling better very soon.

  6. Mardi I'm pleased to hear there are lots of good things happening in your part of the world, and that you have sorted your Blog out!

    Megan xx

  7. Hope Briony is feeling heaps better by now Mardi, sounds like she played an awesome game though!!
    Had to have a little chuckle at the frypan, don't know how many I've had to do the same thing to after one of hubby's camping trips.

  8. okay im hoping this has worked...or Mardi i will need you to come chat to my blogger...

  9. My blog has been rejecting people too Mardi so it's not just yours! Woohoo for Briony, 20 goals. Dinner at amccas, very romantic :)!
    Enjoy the rest of the week! Tatum xx