How spoilt am I ?? ...

25 June 2007

I just have to share this... I was the extremely lucky winner of Tammy's blog competition....I made a comment on her 100th post...and was the lucky name drawn out of the hat... I almost wet myself when next time I checked in...there was Tammys DD holding the lucky winner on a slip of paper...and it said....'Mardi' ...OMG says Mardi !!! I supplied Tammy with these photos of me in my scrap room (because selfishly I wanted something scrapped for me... blow the kids...I scrap them all the and I just LOVE what Tammy has done for me.... the colours are perfect...the papers are perfect...Tammys style is wonderful.....and I cant wait for it to actually arrive so that I can proudly display it on my scrap room wall... Tammy when you read this...please absolutley thrilled I am... it is my first ever layout scrapped by someone else... and I ADORE it!!!
(it will most definatly NOT be stored in the back of a cupboard somewhere.. you wally)

...see how cool is it??

more mad ravings from me tomorrow... Mardi x


  1. Hi Mardi
    How lucky are you,Tammy has done a fantastic job on this lo well done.
    I just wanted to pop in & say thanks for leaving a comment on my blog & having a look It was very much appreciated!
    Would you believe I grew up in a little place on the central coast NSW called Mardi.I actually lived @ Mardi RD Mardi! that name & yours.
    Take care & Thanks again

  2. What a stunning LO, Tammy does beautiful work. And isn't just the biggest thrill having a LO scrapped for you by a scrapper that you admire? ;)

  3. wow, lucky girl, that is an awesome LO!

  4. Wow this is just beautiful!! Tammy - you've done a fantastic job!

    I love that photo of you in your scraproom, Mardi. I think I've seen it somewhere before. ;) lol

  5. Oh what a stunning layout Tammy has done for you. Just gorgeous.


  6. Oh what a great layout Mardi! Tammy has done a brilliant job, and that is a gorgeous photo of you too.

    Megan xx

  7. Hey - lucky you Mardi!! Tammy has created a gorgeous layout for you!

    Sheree xx