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26 June 2007

.... just thought Id have a share of a few things in my life at the moment.... just random things... in no particular order..... first off....this layout I scrapped last night to record Mitch's hot air balloon disaster....its not pretty to look at ...but it tells a story...and thats the important thing..right?
I loved that I could take the journalling straight from my blog..... (sorry the photo is so blurry...but you get the idea Im sure)

Then something that makes me seriously happy.... but I wont mention it again....

.....and then this morning at the post office.....this arrived!! Tammy...it is sooooooo perfect...I love it...and so I wanted to take this photo so you could see my appreciation... xx

Mmmm bags under eyes.... fabo self portrait Mardi...lol

...yesterday.... I felt creative.... but scrapping just want happening.....so made one of these cute little pin cushions.... so easy...and I found the instructions here.... ...and I finished off another bag.... Im a bit dissapointed with this one...I loved the fabric in the piece.... but Im not so keen on it as a bag.... but I slung it over my shoulder this morning and it did brighten me up a bit..... I have yet another bag in the pipeline now.... .... I have finished my second Jodi Piccoult book "Vanishing Act" ...and just borrowed my third...."My Sisters Keeper"...cant wait to get started.... Im loving reading at the moment.... its such a winter thing to do..

Im back off to the Naturopath today...Im as nervous as hell....I know she will berate me for falling off the rails...probably tell me I am now doomed...tell me Ive aged myself... destroyed my gut lining or something.... but anyway...I have to admit Ive been feeling very flat and achy..and its time I pulled my head in again and took care of myself....somehow thats always easier when Ive parted with a sinful amount of money...and been frightened into it by her.

Well...Ive procrastinated for long enough.... its time to get off the computer.... and get ready for the Naturopath...

Mardi x


  1. Anonymous12:47 pm

    I had to laugh about your fear of what the naturopath might say. That's what happens to me too....lol

    While mine is very friendly and easy to talk to she often points out how serious it is for me to follow her instructions to the letter and not get off the straight and narrow.

    Wishing you good luck. I hope your feeling much better ASAP :)

    I love the bag and pin cushion you made, both very cute and clever.

    I've got my issue of SC now and have been drooling over it a lot lately. Congrats once again for getting to be on the cover. Your layout looks wonderful.

    I love the layout that Tammy made for you, aren't you lucky. The colours she used are so pretty together and it's a terrific photo of you as well.

    Have a great day and keep warm. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

  2. You're a clever little thing aren't you?! Love the little pin cushion and bag - and the layout looks great too! Oh yeah - feel free to brag as much as you like about your SC cover!! LOL! Enjoy it - you deserve it! (Love your new layout on Sketches Oz today too - great colour combo - looks fantastic!) Good luck with the naturopath today!

    Sheree xx

  3. Anonymous12:58 pm

    OMG Mardi! How quick was the post...I only posted it yesterday morning LOL. I'm glad you like it and please excuse my chicken scrawl on the back (hence why I seldom hand journal LMAO) :D

    I lurve your bag you made...it looks fabbo! and your pin cushion is too cute :P I'd love to make some bags that would be handy for "stuff" IYKWIM.
    Take care
    Tammy X

  4. I only just read your previous update, and then bloglines told me you've done another one!! I can't keep up lol...

    Mardi. You can mention the cover as much as you want to. It's a HUGE thrill and extremely exciting. CONGRATULATIONS again!

    Your layouts...I just love them all. I love your use of colour, the way you can put something together and have it look just right. These are no exception...just inspiring.

    And good luck with the naturopath...hope she doesn't rouse too much!

    Megan xx

  5. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Love the title for your layout. Thanks for including the link for those pin cushions, I'm going to have a go at making one myself. Just to cute!
    Your lo on the SC cover deserves to be mentioned again. Congrats! Love the layout Tammy made for you, it's awesome. Lucky you!:)

  6. Anonymous4:50 pm

    mardi i am checking your blog so frequently that i feel like i am stalking you.lol. i just cant wait to see what you come up with next and of course you did not disappoint-i LOVE that bag!!! Lea

  7. That pincushion is too cute!!! I think I might have to make me one of those...

    Oh baby - keep talking about the SC cover. You deserve to keep talking! It's fantastic! I've got my own copy of it now with my famous friend's layout on the cover. :)

  8. Anonymous8:25 pm

    mardi, you will love my sisters keeper it is a fantastic book and the end..............well you will have to read it. talk about reading and books, tatum and i over at the boxx are starting a book club, come and join us........please!
    love your cover too by the way

  9. wow, you have been so busy Mardi! Adore that LO too! Just very 'cool' and perfect for your boy!

  10. Love your new blog banner....It has probably been there for ages and I just haven't noticed LOL!

    I love the new bag and cute little pincusion...gotta make me one of those!

    Mention the SC cover as often as you feel that you need to :)

    Have a happy Thursday! Tatum xx

  11. Anonymous4:02 pm

    Hi Mardi, just thought I'd pop by your blog and I wanted to tell you that I love all your layouts, especially loving TALK TO THE HAND. Thanks for sharing your layouts and the inspiration.