quick update..

20 June 2007

before I go back to work in the morning... I just wanted to quickly upload the photos of my CJ that has finally winged its way home....
This was my 'Boxx of sweeties' Circle Journal from the Scrapboxx and I am absolutly thrilled to have it home..... everyone has done such a beautiful job with their entries.... I couldnt be happier....Im not sure how many of you pop in here.... but THANKYOU so much for putting so much effort and heart into it.
I have one other CJ somewhere out there..... and hopefully one day it may find its way back too.

Today was the very first Kim Archer live online class.... obviously it is far from Kims first class....but it was the maiden voyage in the new classroom....and the it all worked so perfectly....the layout is just gorgeous (gives me warm fuzzies thinking about it)...and I cant wait to see everyone elses.

I joined into the online recipe swap doing the rounds lately...and I have received some of the most amazing.....scrumptious recipes.... I even cooked one tonight (thanks Tracey...yummy curry...even without the tomato soup...yep...I clean missed it...lol....so I m making it again with ALL the ingrediants next week...lol)..... and have plans for another tomorrow night (Kim G...pasta)...and then into next week.... plus Briony has some delicious slice and biccies planned... I initially wasnt going to bother...and Im soooooooooo dang glad I did.

Well...Im off to bed....I have ached terribly the last few days..... panadol bad kinda aching...but nothing more comes....I wake feeling just the same...no head cold... no nothing...what the ?? is going on??

ohh..and before I go....CONGRATULATIONS to the new DT at Memory Bugs ... it has fiinally been annonced...and I was sooooooo excited to see some familiar names...and some new faces....I had the best year and thoroughly enjoyed my time..... and want to just thank Bree and Rob for giving me such a wonderful oppurtunity. I have no doubt the new DT girls are going to love their experiance too...... looking forward to popping in and seeing all your gorgeous work...

Okaly dokely...it really is time to go....mardi


  1. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Hi Mardi...oh I lurve your CJ. Looks very yummy!!! and I bet your glad to see it IRL.
    Good on you for getting the cooking bug :D
    Take care
    Tammy X X X

  2. Hi Mardi,
    Oh buggar about forgetting the tomato soup but you will really love it when you make it with it in. LOL. Thanks for including me in the swap, it is fun getting other peoples fav and quick recipes. Hope you don't get anything out of the aches.
    Take care and stay warm

  3. Love the cj Mardi.
    Hoping your aching comes to nothing and goes away again as mysteriously as it has appeared.
    Oh, and you can email me at that addy. Or at kathielink@ozemaildotcomdotau

  4. So loved doing my pages in your cj Mardi.

    Hope that the aches don't amount to anything either.

  5. Your CJ entry looks fabulous Mardi. And with all your aches and pains it wounds as though you need a bit of a rest love. Come over for those puddings and coffee and put your feet up :-)

    Megan xx

  6. so glad you got one of your CJ's back....hope the other one pops up in your mailbox really soon

    hope you are feeling better soon

  7. Anonymous7:06 pm

    HUGE congrats on the SC cover Mardi! I am so proud of you! (In a proud friend way!!!). The CJ looks great. Hope you're feeling better. BTW, I just emailed you one of my recipes!!! x