Have I been creative?...

27 July 2007

..not really!

Its so difficult catching up on everything since Ive been home....holidays are the BEST... the aftermath is never so much fun.
I still have mountains of washing...tax papers to sort... coats that need to be at the dry cleaners.... scrap deadlines... study that I'm a mile behind with.... and just the general everyday things that are building up..... but I know Ill catch up... I always do..... so if I owe you an email or think I haven't visited your blog in a while..... Ill get there....

...so just when I feel like a particularly slack blogger... Ive been nominated as a.....

read all about it here... its a wonderful idea...all about spreading the love.... and it is my honour to now pass on this award to five more 'Rockin Girl Bloggers'.... its a hard choice... but the award goes to the following gorgeous bloggers....

Janelle Wind

Yvette Adams

Belinda Venables

Jane Fitchett

Sheree Forcier

...so let me now run through an update of what Ive been to in the creative department...

Lots and lots of wonderful things happening at Kimarcher.com ... there is.. (I think) two...new classes uploaded.... as well as some others still running which means Kim works very hard to keep the ideas new and fresh.

I will have some more layout shares from there soon!....and that reminds me...I have the most gorgeous felt folio kit waiting to finish... (well start actually...lol).... I must make that a priority...

The Scrapboxx newsletter came out while I was on holidays..... they announced this weird South Aussie girl had made a spot on their amazing DT.... gee I hope she does ok!!
Her very first project was a page for a cupcake album that was a prize during the recent cybercrop.... it must almost be time for another newsletter....

Sketches Oz has a wonderful sketch this time...from Mel Diener and this is my interpretation.... (I'm so cranky with photographing white layouts though.....they always look like the dog has slept on them.... dirty hues across the bottom.... thanks Janelle for your suggestions though.. it did help.)
...and also at Sketches Oz this layout using Rasberry products..... there are some amazing layouts created from these products..... I really loved the layout by Sheree using the exact same products as me...you should see the amazing work Sheree did with a craft knife... phew!
...and I also adored the layout by Kathie particularly when you know that Australia Post in their wisdom crushed her Rasberry parcel into her domestic letterbox ...totally ruining everything inside..... somehow Kathie has managed to work that to her advantage ad create a stunning layout!! Next...but by no means last is my layout for CraftyMatters .... this month Jane allowed us a free rein...to create with whatever product we desired from the range..... and I really LOVED the bright and funky layout that was the result (are we allowed to love our own creations?...oh well tough!... I do!!) This layout used some gorgeous black ceramic photo corners... letter tiles (l.o.v.e) and a pink ceramic heart.... and its a pretty cute photo of Alex and I too don't you think?

And finally...this layout in the latest Scrapbooking Memories.... it was such a simple layout... nothing special about the photos...and yet its cool to capture a day in pictures....

...well that's probably about enough .... I have to get cracking on this disgustingly untidy house.... off to the Tax Agent this afternoon...then out to Dinner and a show at the local theatre.... does that sound classy?...well actually I think its 'the umbilical brothers' or something.... so probably not that classy....lol...but should be fun!
Have a wonderful day....
Mardi x


  1. Well, you are a rockin' girl blogger, so it's deserved.
    Yeah, that is the worst thing about holidays - the piles of stuff waiting for you when you return. You'll catch up. Just do it slowly.
    Love that layout for Crafty matters. Very bright and totally gorgeous!
    Grrr about Australia Post. I'm still amazed that they could scrunch up a big envelope so small. LOL. You have to laugh. He must have taken classes in origami or something.

  2. Yes I agree with Kathie - you ARE a rockin' blogger!

    I know you've got lots to deal with after your holiday, but it's so nice to have you back sharing your gorgeous work with us Mardi. You were certainly missed!

    Love these ones....just fantastic!

    Megan xx

  3. Me? A rockin' blogger girl too? Awwww....thanks so much Mardi! I have to say though that you totally deserve the title!!! And OMG I TOTALLY LOVE THAT CRAFTY MATTERS LAYOUT!!! The colours, the design - EVERYTHING!!! Of course I love the others too - awesome work as always!

    Sounds like you've got a great evening planned after you get through your busy day - have fun and have a great weekend too!

    Sheree xx

  4. Thank you Mardi, I graciously accept this award. :) lol

    These layouts are awesome. I love the colours in the Crafty Matters one. And the design. Actually, I love everything about your stuff. :)

    Have a fantastic night out tonight! Sounds like fun! Even if it's not classy, lol.