Have you ever wondered to yourself....

27 July 2007

...exactly how many things could I find to divert my attention from cleaning the house?
Mmmmm...well let me tell you...Lots!

.... like as Im cleanng my scrap mess at the end of the table.....I suddenly had a thought.... like a light bulb going off... "I wonder if I could scrap a layout from ONLY the scraps on the table"

.... I mean....isnt this challenge FAR more interesting than the mountain of cleaning festering around me!

.... so now...every single scrap of paper suddenly has potential..... and in about 45 minutes I have scrapped this layout....almost totally from the scraps on my deak ( I have to be honest.... the alpha stickers were not on my desk...but they are a pack with only a few remaining...so that seemed ok....I had to work a title from limited choice... ) ...I even used some rejected photos that I had printed in the wrong size.... its about the story afterall...it doesnt matter that the photos arent great.
I feel good about this layout.... it was fun.... I was scrapping with scraps... and I had also managed to avoid my cleaning for another 45 minutes....lol

Id wonder if anyone else would like to take my 'avoiding the cleaning challenge' .... all you have to do is scrap a layout entirely from the scraps on your desk (with minor exceptions of course).... its fun...and if you do Id love you to share it with me... winens5@bigpond.com ... a RAK is on offer...

Mardi x


  1. Wow Mardi - that is THE BEST diversion from housework ever!! I love your idea and am about to go avoid the dishes and mess and see what I can do with the scraps on my table too - thanks for the inspiration!!
    x Janelle

  2. LOL. So much more fun than cleaning. Unfortunately, as I scrap on the dining table, I never have a table full of scraps. I have to clean up at the end of each and every scrapping session. Groan. But I might just challenge myself to create using only scraps of paper and open containers. Hmmm.

  3. Well Mardi, I took your challenge and have a LO that I love. Thank you SOOO much for the distraction - now if only the dishes would do themselves. hmmm. My LO is on its way to you in an email. x Janelle

  4. Well that's the kind of housework I like!! What a great idea! Your layout looks fantastic! I would've taken up your challenge but just cleaned up my desk the other day...hmmm... maybe I'll cheat and use my scrap paper box anyway....

    Sheree xx

  5. Well I am so pleased that you didn't do the housework and did something fun instead Mardi! And I love the layout - you work magic with those fingers!

    Megan xx

  6. ROFL
    I am still giggling at your title. If those were about the only letters you had left, I'm glad you had some photos to go with your "is it a cow?" title!

    Your layout is fantastic! I'm amazed with what you can do with scraps and 45mins!

  7. WOW..great idea Mardi! I'll be trying this when i scrap next for sure. Great layout too!
    I wonder if i know that South Aussie chick who got the Scrapboxx gig..lol.
    I'm off to check out the link to the 'Rocking girl bloggers' to see what it's all about! xx
    Have a great weekend, i wish we could catch up...never mind, soon!

  8. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Good idea Mardi... lets see how I go :)

  9. mmmmmmmmmmm you should see my desk!!! this challenge would see me sitting there for the next hundred years scrapping I think LOL
    Might give it a go if I get a chance though!

    Sounds like you had the best holiday.

    Nic xxx

  10. How much fun is that?! Love the layout and I love a good challenge! Much more fun that cleaning which I should also do!!

  11. LOL! Gorgeous Mardi! I wish I had read this yesterday as I cleaned my table last night! I will do your challenge next time it gets messy though!

  12. awesome mardi....love that you scrapped rather than cleaned...lol love what you have done here this looks fab...

  13. LOL Mardi - I'm always looking for new ways to distract myself from all the housework round here ;)
    My desk is swamped with plenty of scraps at the moment - great excuse to have a go at the challenge.