...results are in...

9 September 2007

...and all ok...phew!

I phoned on Friday and Brionys blood tests were all clear.....so big relief with that...and my Mammo was marked 'no action'...and although my Ultrasound wasnt back...Im assuming it would have been fine also... and I have also started to finally feel better too....Im guessing it was a type of virus....as Ive still got a slight earache but nothing else.... I really feel for anyone who came down with a dose of flu this year...as I have been well all season until this last few weeks.....with a widdle teeny tiny virus....and I felt terrible...I far rather be on the otherside of sickness....

ok...what else is happening...

Briony has gone to Adelaide for a friends birthday party this weekend...what a huge treat....a weekend in Adelaide...shopping... ice skating... and goodness knows what else... she left on Friday ...around lunchtime and will be home tonight.
...and Ive just a quick add up on my phone...Ive had 16 messages.... like this one...
"Heya Mum what ya doin? We were just testing out massage chairs in harry(Harris Scarfe) lol xx love ya tonnes"
....and this one... "I bought some boots xx luv ya"
...good to see Imelda has her priorities right....cant pass up a good shoe bargain!

Mitch played in his football grandfinal yesterday and we travelled to Paruna to watch...unfortunatly they lost...sadly they played really poorly...and didnt even look like winning....so it would have been disspoiting for them after such a good year.
Mitch travelled to and from the footy on the bus with his club mates...and then stayed overnight at the footy club....so I havent seen him yet (Im at work) ...Im guessing it would have been a big night at the club... and I can only trust that he does the right thing and behaves himself.

Alex also went to Adelaide this weekend...with her sister to watch a band playing...so Brent spent the weekend with the boys.....he came over to the footy with Ian and I.... promptly left us like we were strangers and caught a lift home later with a mate.... he then called in home with two different mates in tow....to pick up his wallet... mentioned something about the police doing a check on him to make sure he wasnt an underage drinker..... and left for a party..... at 2am...he arrived home... made a bed up for his mate to sleep on... and informed me Mitch was fine and having a good time.... and that he was going to be in the paper....he'd had his photo taken for the social pages of the newspaper... Mmmm great Brent... I can hardly wait.

Mum and Dad will have arrived at our place today.....they have been travelling around for the last 4-5 months and will stay with us for a couple of weeks before heading home again....so Im looking forward to a bit of Mums cooking....I hope she has been honing her skills and is itching to cook.

and just finally... a little bit of action on our new home at last..... they have pegged the block to be levelled in the next week....and told us that they are ahead of schedule and to choose our bricks and windows... so yippeee!!....Im still not getting my hopes to high....I have a feeling they may start and then pause....but its a start at least.

Mardi x


  1. It's a wonderful start Mardi - building your own home always comes with headaches, but is sooooo worth it in the end hey?

    Briony has sent you some lovely messages...it's nice to stay in touch while she's away and know she is having a good time.

    Don't forget to share Brent's social page picture with us all when it comes out!

    Megan xx

  2. Glad to hear you both got good results back, must be a load off your mind!
    Glad to her Briony has her priorities right.........lol
    Sorry Mitch's team didn't win...
    Enjoy the time with your Mum and Dad....
    Take care and have a great week,
    Cherie xx

  3. Hi Mardi! I'm so happy to hear that both your results are all clear and that you're starting to feel a lot better!
    Sounds like the kids have all been out and about having a great time. Nice that Briony takes the time to send you a few messages while she's away!
    Have a lovely time with your Mum & Dad - always nice to have them around....

    Have a great week!
    Sheree xx

  4. glad the resuls were A'OK for both of you...
    ohhhhh pegging out the block...UNREAL..thats a good sign...so is picking bricks and windows....NOICE...

  5. Anonymous6:49 am

    thats a relief to hear good news about all your tests
    sounds like you have had a very busy weekend :)

  6. YAY on getting the all clear back on both your tests Mardi.
    Glad to read your feeling well again - winter was so bad this year with so much sickness going round - am hanging for summer.
    Sending goodluck vibes that the building stays ahead of schedule for you.

    chat soon
    Julie H xx

  7. Anonymous12:49 pm

    So glad your resilts were both clear. Phew! That would be a releif :)
    Gee wizz your family are a very busy lot :D
    WOOHOO on being able to choose your bricks and windows...how exciting!! :D
    Hey Mardi when they start the brick work you should visit the brickies and ask them if you can lay your own brick (I did that when I was a kid at my Aunties house - although they builtit themselves) But wouldn't be exciting in years to come to be able to say I put "that" brick there ;) (Even if the brickie does all the work and you just plonk it down and he can tap it into place IYKWIM)
    Anyway HaVe Fun!!!!
    Tammy X

  8. YAY on the house action!!!!!! You will be in your new home before you know it! :)
    And YAY to the results!