Im getting there...

16 September 2007

It seems to be one of those times at the moment...where there is so much happening...that I'm just chasing my tail...feeling swamped... wondering what it is I can chop free to create more space in my life... but in reality there is nothing.... because the things Id prepared to chop are necessities...and the things that are not necessary.... are the things that I love...the things that keep me I'm going to just keep juggling.

Well...after saying the results were in and fine....I got a dreaded call to return to the U/S was not clear... so I sweated on the visit...and was relieved to learn it is nothing too major....I have what looks like a cyst...probably the cause of the pain I experience.... and I was given two options.... have it aspirated and checked now...or bide a little time and check again in a few months... if its shrunk...Yay!....if not aspirate and check then......lets just say I'm using the power of positive thinking and I'm going to shrink the little bugger by November.

Mum and Dad are visiting for a couple of weeks.... Mum is a blessing...she cooks non-stop....the kids love it...I love it! ...Poor Dad must get sick to death of reading and watching TV... while Mum clangs and bangs away in the kitchen... the kids put in their daily orders....savoury toast...sausage rolls... cinnamon cake... scones... and so on and so on...
Briony had her Netball presentation night on Friday .... neither Ian nor I went...we dropped her and her friend off and went to collect her them afterwards....only to discover she had won the best and fairest for her team.... I am incredibly proud of her once again.

Mitch had his Football presentations last night.. and I was in bed when Ian brought him home...and left for work this morning before he was out of I haven't had the run-down yet.

We have some interesting times at work at the moment..... our uniforms contain some type of contaminant....and testing is ongoing to work out what the culprit is....the allergies range from anaphylaxis in some skin others (me included) nil reaction at all.... so SAAS have taken the action to re-call all uniforms.... and have all stations and ambulances cleaned professionally to eliminate all the we are all to be issued with interim blue uniforms until our green uniform can be re-sourced and made. So this Wednesday our station is cleaned...our old green uniforms bagged as hazardous waste...and we step out in blue....

We had a call from the builder last week to let us know they are ahead of schedule and making a start on our home.... months earlier than expected...Yippee!!
... so the block was pegged out and levelled this week.... and we were asked to go ahead and pick out our bricks and windows.... so everything was fine and dandy...we were driving around looking in new home areas... making sure our choice of bricks was what we still liked.
It was only then that I discovered I wasn't happy with our house plan anymore....I wanted the front different......eeek!... Ian was rapt.... he was so delighted that at this last minute I wanted a change.... but he did is the time back to the builder.... back to the draughtsman.... back to the council.... and I'm hoping the change has now all been made and re-approved (I haven't heard an update since Friday) .... if all has been through council again...then we can expect our footings to be dug on Thursday this week...
..oh...and the change you ask?..... I wanted the garage brought forward to the same level as the bedroom one gable.....and a mini verandah in the middle of the two gables....that's all.

I made the first little purchase for the house the other day....all the timber blinds.
Ian noticed a super saving on the ones we wanted in the newspaper....and even though we are months off needing them....a 40% saving was too much to pass this week.....9 timber blinds arrived...very exciting.

I also ordered some scrapbooking albums last week...and they arrived...and they are cool!!...only trouble is...they are full already...and I still have a pizza box full of layouts that didn't I need to order more albums already!!!....what do you do with all these layouts?....I'm thinking I might cull out some of the layouts I don't really like.... only my favourites will deserve a spot.

So while on the topic of layouts... I have been busy doesnt appear so just yet.. ... but I weally weally have been...truly!

Let me share a few of the latest Scrapboxx layouts ....from the latest
Firstly my layout...from the photo swap with Nic.....I adored this photo of Georgina on the beach....and the colours went so well with the fancy pants range... (Im popping it in the mail this week Im assuming you are home now)
...and Nic scrapped for me.... and I totally LOVE it!!!! ....she has done a beautiful job on this layout of Briony... simply gorgeous!!1 (thanks once agian Nic...I adore it) ...and it was my turn this month to set the BOM topic....and so I chose "what I know today"...and wrote my journalling as a little message to the kids.... Ian was a little dissapopinted his face didnt appear on my layout too.... but I cant offer him any
...and the Craftymatters show and tell is up....and this is my contribution this month.... I just had to record this bird conversation...and the little ceramic bird was a perfect addition.... they are just too cute!!! ...oh and arent those little dolls just adorable too
...ok..just lastly...what else.... Brent and Alex are good.... Ian and Alex have birthdays coming up this week.... I have lots of photos for this post....Ill add them in from home... as Im updating this at work...cheeky huh!

Have a great week.... MArdi x


  1. Well hello there! long long time no {comment} haha..

    glad to hear that it was nothing too serious.. although thats serious enough. Theres nothing quite as good as mums home cooking ha! How bizarre about the uniforms!???
    wohoo about the housse ... hope everything goes through ok..... AND love the layouts that you scrapped


  2. Hey Mardi,

    I am sorry to hear you had to go through that phone call and a trip back to the doctors. Those calls and visits make you work up a sweat, don't they? I'll be hoping for some shrinkage for you in all the right spots!

    Your layouts, and the one Nic did are all so gorgeous. Such style and flair from you two lovelies.

    Enjoy your mum's cooking!

    Megan xx

  3. How scary it must have been to be called back to the doctor's! Glad it's not something worse than what it is!

    It certainly sounds busy at your place at the moment.... must be so nice to have your Mum & Dad there though. Good luck with the new house changes!

    Loving those layouts - gorgeous! I'm glad you scrapped the bird story - very funny...

    Have a great night, enjoy Idol and remember.... think shrink!!!

    Sheree xx

  4. Hi Mardi,
    Glad to hear that no matter how busy you get you will not sacrifice that things that make you happy, sanity is the most important thing us Mother's should nurture so looking after yourself in that respect is a must, never feel guilty about that. Sending lots of shrinking vibes your way and enjoy your Mum's cooked goodies, what a wonderful Lady she is. Sending some rain your way too, I hope you get it.
    Take care

  5. My beautiful friend Mardi. I am so glad to hear that evrything is fine!
    You always hated those green uniforms..didn't you? Your wish has now come true...for awhile i guess. Are the blue ones better? I hope
    Your layouts are all so scrummy...I love them all. exciting seeing your block...and the footings are going in soon..what! That's awesome! I'm going to have to drive past and have a peek.
    Well..i hope you slow down a little and take care of yourself...I bet it's a great help having your mum around to help out though!
    Well...I've said
    Take care.

  6. Wow it's all happening at the Winen's! Bet you're loving having your parents there. And how exciting to be starting on the house! Now make sure you don't make any more changes that will impact the windows! lol
    And I'm sending some positive shrinking vibes your way too. You can do it! :)

  7. Anonymous7:36 pm

    i can relate to the 'chasing the tail' feeling too at the moment! not really sure why- maybe its because its getting closer to the end of the year, and the silly season
    What a shame that you had to go back to the doctor, im sure that all will be well though for you.
    love your layouts, take it easy :)! and send your mum over to me when she has finished cooking up a storm at your place LOL!!

  8. Hi there!!
    always great to stop by and catch up on your news:) And as megan said..hope that you soon have shrinkage in all the right places:))))) your layotus (and Nics) are gorgeous and congrats to Briony on the netball award..Enjoy your visit with your mum and dad!!! And enjoy all that cooking

  9. Anonymous5:37 pm

    EEEEeeek! That must be a bit scary to get that phone call. Thinking of you and wishing and hoping and praying that you are in tip top shape. xxx
    Love your LOs as always. I hope to dear heaven you're not thinking of throwing any of those excess ones out? Just buy another album!!!
    And how exciting about the house!!! We are just starting to think about renovations now ... x

  10. Anonymous8:21 am

    Ooohhh Lucky girl having your Mum come and cook for you all!!! that would be super :0)

    Good luck with your shrinking vibes....take care ok

    LOVING the layouts as usual :0)