...taking the good with the bad...

27 September 2007

Gee...its been awhile since I updated... so Ill issue this warning.... "possibly...a big post ahead" ... its not a dead cert big post...as I'm not sure what mood I'm in yet.... but it possibly is.

Let me start with some good...some very good!!
*I was so very very lucky to take part in a photo swap with my friend Janelle ... this honestly was the best fun... and to open my email inbox and see this!! ... just makes me smile...lots!! I am chuffed to have my very own Janelle Wind original ...with all its little touches...scallops...flowers...and stripes and dots...oh...and I love that she scrapped out of her comfort zone and created a 12x12 for me. (thanks so much xx)

....so I scrapped for Janelle....and my first layout used some stitched felt and fabric flowers...I had this brainwave...and had to try it.... I think they looked pretty funky with this gorgeous photo of Miss E.
...and just because I'm hopeless...and always scrap everything twice....I did this layout too (well actually I did this one first)....I loved these photos of Miss E with the cute little goat..and had a bit of fun with a transparency over the top... Photo swaps are just the best fun.... I was initially nervous...I thought...what if I cant scrap the photo....what if I don't do a good enough job... but you know what....I felt totally at ease scrapping these....no pressure at all.. so thanks so much Janelle...you made it fun!

* Last night was parent teacher night at Brionys campus.... I wasn't expecting any issues...and didn't really have any questions either.... but Briony and I toddled along.... had a look through her work portfolio...and then slipped her report card out of the envelope....we both nearly fell of our chairs....straight A's. I'm so proud of my girl.... I cant believe it...but I'm very proud!!

*This week was my turn to set the Scrapboxx weekly challenge and I challenged everyone to use paint on their layouts... it didn't matter how...just to get it out...and get messy with it...I'm absolutely rapt at the amount of layouts in the gallery...and its going to be a toughie to pick...anyway...here is my example layout...I used a roughly brushed blob of red paint...and added some hand drawn flowers while the paint was wet... (another brainwave I just had to try...lol)

ok...now a few bads...

*Dad and Mum have left...they stayed with us two weeks and left on Monday....Mum cooked up a storm while they were here....the kids loved it...we all did... on Monday...Briony arrived home form school.... "ohhh well...no more delicious food cooking smells...just our crusty old house" ...so Mum if you read this....you are missed more than you realise.... we have run out savoury toast...the plum cakes all gone....and I ate the last of the meat pie and quiche on tuesday... Mitch mentioned "I guess we are back to toast after school now!"

*the lake has been blocked....I think it was Tuesday they officially blocked it....so I guess its now got to rain or Lake Bonney will just be a stinking dead fish mud hole.

* if you went to work and locked your keys in your car ...would you arrange something as soon as possible....and if your employer then asked if you would stay on and work overtime.... would you at least make an effort while there was still daylight to get into your car and unlock it?.....or would you wait until 11pm...and ring your parents ...asking them to join up the RAA and get someone sent out .... costing $150.00 for something that could have cost nothing if you had let your dad know earlier? Mmm..I wonder...teenagers...grrrrr.

*oh and if you hired some dvd's...and then couldn't be bothered taking them back...opting to pay a late fee instead...would you take them back when the late fee was $10.00...or a day later when it was $20.00 ...or even at $30.00...or perhaps you'd wait until it was at $40.00 and by then you could have bought the damn movies!!!

*which leads me to another scrapboxx challenge ... the 'that's life challenges' based on the book by Nic Howard....I havent got the book yet...but Id love it...it sounds wonderful!! It doesn't matter for the challenge though as the challenges are set in the forum (here)

..... this month we had to scrap two layouts.... this first one is of a conversation that occurred during the week....

Brent "Granny can I ask you a question?" "what is in that peanut paste jar on the sink?...because I stuck my finger in it and took a big scoop...and it made me sick all day"

Granny "It was the fat I drained off the roast meat Brent"

...and this second one is of some of the things that are happening now....but may not forever... and reads... "100% frustrating - I'm not quite sure whats the most annoying but its probably the continual cold showers you leave us...closely followed by your dirty room...the mountain of towels on your bedroom floor and the way you roar out of our driveway in your car..leaving black skid marks"
I thought Id do something a little different and scrap all my 'that's life challenge' layouts in 12x6 ...just for something different...and they are quick...messy and fun..

I'm sure I had something else to blog about....but it escapes me now.... so Ill catch you all later... I'm heading away this weekend... to a family reunion in Robe...so it should be fun.



  1. Ohhh a family reunion - I hope you have a great time Mardi!

    Now first of all, your layouts for Janelle are sensational, as is the one she did for you! Such bright and beautiful pages. And SUCH GOOD LOOKING subjects in all of them!

    A huge congratulations to Briony for straight A's!!! That is a monumental achievement, and one I am sure she is pleased with!

    What a bugger that your mum and dad have now left and you are all running out of food....can you beg them to come back??

    Megan xx

  2. Yay an update! ;)

    LOl - with the carkeys story, I thought you were talking about you locking them in your car. I only realised at the end of the story that you were the "parent". lol

    I love all your layouts! 12x6 sure is different. I've seen Donna Hooper do a few of these but that's about it! They look very cool! Love the Mardi/Janelle layouts too!

  3. WTG Briony! What a fantastic achievement.
    Love your layouts as always - those funky flowers are right up my alley. And I love the 6x12 format. I've got it in mind to try. As soon as I get a chance to find my scrapping stuff and actually five minutes to do anything in, lol
    Oh, and what a great giggle I got about the fat from the roast. Boys! I can see I'm gonna have my hands full in 15 or so years.

  4. Anonymous8:49 pm

    LOVE ALL those Los miss mardi- love the paint idea

    congrats to Briony, what a great result :)

  5. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Hi Mardi,
    Oh I just love the LO that Janelle did for you! Just gorgeous. The LO[s] you did for Janelle are fabulous!! It's not so nerve racking once you get your stash out is it *wink* I love the 12 X 6 size. Something different and you have scrapped them beautifully.
    Congrats to Brionys straight A's *YOU ROCK GIRL* whoop, whoop!!
    I went to Robe once as a kid. I don't remember anything except for a giant stick insect sitting on our hotel windowsill PMSLOL!!
    And the poor lake, such a sad state we have come to with this darn drought - time for an indian rain dance I think - rain, rain, rain!!
    Have fun in Robe Mardi.
    Tammy X

  6. Anonymous9:23 am

    Oh Mardi!!! your life is so NOT boring I'll give you that.LOL I love, love your LO's you are one talented chic! Hope you have a lovely weekend. xx

  7. Hi Mardi
    have a fun time at the reunion. Congrats to Briony on her brilliant efforts at school.Loving those 12inx6in layouts and your work for Janelle was great!!

  8. Anonymous11:34 am

    Oh, how odd to think that the frustrations I have with younger kids won't go away - they'll just evolve into new ones!!! LOL
    And ROFL at the fat in the jar ... bleuch.
    Well done Briony on the grades!
    Enjoy your reunion.

  9. hey Mardi!

    wohoo Briony........ tell her to send some of that my way hahha. Love the layouts - FLOWERS really cool.. and oh my gosh that conversation of brent made me feeel sick ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lol......



  10. Anonymous9:24 am

    Both you and Janelle are wonderful scrappers. I love all the layouts you both make.

    Janelle did a wonderful job of scrapping your photo didn't she. It looks fantastic, what a great addition to your album Mardi.

    The photo of you and Briony together is perfect. I really have to get more photos of Amanda and I together.

    I love the layouts you made for Janelle. Your so clever and always use just the right colours and designs. Those flowers are just soooo cute. I wish I thought of making things like that for my layouts. I really need to learn how to be more creative:)

    BIG congrats to Briony for getting A's on her report card. That's excellent news and what a wonderful surprise if you didn't expect it.

    I'd better go now, lots to do and so little time.....lol:)

    Have a great week end and stay safe. Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx