Beautiful SA....

14 November 2007 really is a lovely spot.... and it wasnt until I was scrapping this layout for the Scrapboxx Bom...that I realised that we have covered almost every inch.... we have lived.. holidayed ...or driven through almost every region.... and SA never disappoints ....its a great state mate!...and this was my other Scrapboxx layout was the 'Back to basics' layout and scrapped under $5.00 ..... (and dont say 'it looks like it' ...this layout reminds me of the Barmera field days..... because.....this was a pupil free day at school....Mum and Dad were visiting....and they took Briony and Hannah along for the day....this photo was taken just before they left.. you can probably tell.... my fingers are typing...but my brain isn't engaged this is it for tonight...M x

ohh....I probably should mention for my own record.....Mitch is doing work experience this week with a Painter .... he thinks once he gets to the good jobs he will probably like it....what we have tried to explain is.... that he is probably doing exactly what the job entails anyway....this may be as good as it gets. Life is tough.....and then they enter the work force...and a real shock hits.


  1. Now is there an "inside" to the SA layout? Show me more! I agree - SA IS a great state mate! And I've only see a little corner of it.

    I think your $5 layout is AWESOME!

  2. Wow, l love your SA layout - wish I could see this state with my own eyes!

  3. Anonymous9:20 pm

    Yep SA is pretty awesome LOL...though I think we need a theme park here...what do you think?
    LOL at Mitch...yes they do get a shock when they enter the workforce.
    Is this it! LOL
    Love your under $5 LO to Mardi.
    Take care

  4. I adore your back to basics layout - I commented on it already in the gallery. LOL at Mitch's view of the painting job. I'm still waiting to get to the "good jobs", lol. It's only been 25 years!

  5. Both your layouts look fantastic Mardi! My Dad's side of the family comes from SA so I've seen a teensy bit but I'd love to spend some time there to see more... we'll get there one day...

    Have a great night!

    Sheree xx

  6. Mardi the layouts are just incredible...and that top photo especially stands out.

    Maybe we should all have a retreat at your place......!

    Megan xx

  7. just love your SA LO Mardi