Sunday morning...

11 November 2007

... and I'm ready for bed...
Its been one of those nights at work where the timing of the jobs equated to very little sleep...not to mention the fact that at midnight... Mr 18 decided he may pay his Mum a visit at work.... and scared the living daylights out of her as he was sneaking past the windows.
My partner was out the door and after him...thinking he was a trespasser... and Mr 18 calmly saunters up... with a can of scotch and coke in his hand...a cheeky grin and a "Howdy Mum"... grrrr.

I had the pleasure on Friday night of doing Janelle's online class at the Scrapboxx (Janelle's layout is just amazing!! ...see it in the Boxx gallery)
I used this photo of the kids with their cousins.... well... I know its them.... I can recognise their My layout came together easily... even though I made a few adaptions .... (I reversed it...and turned it into a 12x12) ...but the basics are the same.
...and Briony also scrapped on Friday night....she took Janelle's class too...and I was so proud of her and her layout of Alex.
Its fun watching Briony choose her papers and colours...she has such different taste to me... and I have to remember to allow her to make choices and decisions...Im always hovering ready to adjust... or make suggestions....but she has a knack of fobbing me off...and just doing her own thing. Thats my girl!! Ohh...and how cute is Alex who had a new haircut last week...and now has a fringe.... she is my other gorgeous girl... This week it was my turn to set the Scrapboxx weekly challenge ... so I set a tricky one. My challenge was to scrap a layout about something newsworthy that is happening right now in your town...your state...your home... or anywhere for that matter.... just something that once scrapped will be a little reminder of this event in times to come....
So... I chose to scrap about the closure of Lake Bonney here in Barmera...and the fact that we must remember and promote that although it is blocked is still full of water...and still a great spot to visit..... we just need rain...and the drought to break and Lake Bonney can be restored again. I have been so amazed by the layouts that have been entered into the challenge this week...some of the topics are heart breaking... layouts about accidents...drought and bindees beads.... and Im so amazed the the Boxx girls jump at a challenge... no matter how difficult.
...another lovely thing that happened this week was Janelle's..... 'spread the love' challenge... which is to create a layout about someone special and to tell them how much they mean to you.... I think this is a wonderful idea.....and stay tuned for a few more layouts with this theme coming up....
Ohh...and the new Sketches Oz sketch is up... this time its the gorgeous and incredibly talented Jolene Pienaar ...and its such a fabulous sketch.... (in fact Jolene's sketch looks like a layout!)... I just loved what everyone did with this one...

..well thats it.... I need toothpicks for my I think Ill hit the sack for an hour or two.... x


  1. Anonymous10:07 am

    Oh Mardi, had such a belly laugh about your M18 story!! Loving all your work up there and Briony's LO - just awesome - we know where she gets her talent from *wink*. I have been meaning to do a set of LO's of my friends for awhile now, I need to get onto that one. Oh and Alex looks great with a fringe! TFS. xx

  2. roflmoa at Brent!
    Your layouts are all always. My favourite would have to be the lake closure one. I just love the photos...what a shame about our beautiful lake! Praying for rain that's for sure. Not only for our lake and our region but for our crops too!

  3. Hi Mardi,

    Oh I needed too see a bit of colour! These are all magic Mardi....great photos and beautiful layouts. Go Briony too - that a wonderful layout of Alex!

    Megan xx

  4. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Wasn't Janelles online class fabulous! I had a great time even though I missed most of it :D
    I love your interpritation of Janelles LO and Briony's is gorgeous as is her friend.
    Take care

  5. beautiful, gorgeous, funky LO's YET AGAIN...

    love ya!

  6. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Gorgeous work Mardi. And great 'newsworthy' challenge - I missed in in the threads (have not been online much at all lately) but will have to do that! I'm doing Janelle's class belatedly too.
    Congrats to Mitch re the licence - and well done Briony on the gorgeous LO!

  7. Lol at Brent. I would have jumped out of my skin!

    I love your layouts and boy that Briony! I wonder where she gets her talent!

    (You KNOW I'm being cheeky so don't even pretend you don't know!)

  8. Totally gorgeous layouts Mardi - loving all that colour - and Briony's looks fantastic too! Such a clever girl.... must take after her Mum!

    Hope you've managed to get a little shut-eye!

    Sheree xx

  9. Hi Mardi, I love all thes LO's Loving all the colour.

    I love the photo's too!

    Have a great week

    Lauren x

  10. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Hiya Mardi - lovin the layouts you and Briony created in the class, absolutely gorgeous work from the both of you.
    - Congrats as well on Mitch getting his P's!

    chat soon
    Julie xx