WooHoo for Mitch...

8 November 2007

...he is officially a P plater.....he got his license today!!
Very proud of you Mitch !! ...a little nervous about having another of my babies roaring down the road without me being able to scream in their ear "slow down"... "look out...truck coming"...."watch the road!!....watch the road!!" ...but still very proud that you got them.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS MITCH!!! Well done on getting your P's!

    Mardi, I believe brandy or whiskey is good for calming the nerves lol....

    Megan xx

  2. CONGRATULATIONS MITCH on getting your P's

    Cherie xx

  3. Anonymous11:02 pm

    LOL... I'd be pulling my hair out.

    Congrats Mitch!

  4. Anonymous2:54 pm

    ****congrats Mitch***
    It is a scary time for us mums to loosen the apron strings a bit isn't it :D

  5. Anonymous10:30 am

    Congratulations Mitch.

    I bet your feeling on top of the world with confidence. Drive safe and have a great week :)

    From Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx.


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